Saturday, December 16, 2023

Parties - Tree Judging - Time Out

 Shalimar, FL   (Hi  64  Low 42)

This week was busy and a couple days I had two things at the same time. I had to make decisions but took the one I wanted to do most. That doesn't happen every week, but very close time schedules at times. 

Monday and Wednesday were the last days of WII bowling for this season. It will start back up in middle of January. I'll go down once in awhile and still play either alone or with someone. There's a couple people that want to be on the teams, but there's a waiting list. I'll grab them and see if they'll play.  The village Christmas party was Monday evening with the DJ, Bobby D. He's really good and gets everyone dancing.  We had a meal and before the whole thing started we did trivia. That was something different. 

Here's a few photos of the Christmas dinner and party. I think a total was 150 people attended. 

Click on the photos to enlarge. 

My village One table
The usual activities was diamond art, shuffleboard, meditation, cards almost every night. I took a couple nights off for other things on zoom. 

Thursday night was judging of the tree contest. There's judges from Englin AFB and Hurlburt AFB that volunteer to come judge all the trees in the six villages. They come in groups (4 to 6) and take notes about our trees.  Left to right, village 1 (ours)  v2, v3, v4, v6, v5. If you want to see more photos, they're on facebook,  Bob Hope Village
                                     We had lots of food, drinks and a good village one turn out. 

The different judges as they came in to talk to us and judge the tree. 

This little girl was trying to play with T-Bone, Jim's service dog. 

Judge was talking to Mickie
Dee, Vicki, and Debbie
All week someone is walking around putting in cards in our outside mail box. I've been collecting those and the kids sent their gifts this week.  

I finished the last nativity set and delivered it on Friday morning. I still have more orders but not for Christmas. 
I'm taking a break. This weekend isn't as hectic and next week is more time in-between the activities. The 25th will be simple, staying here and eating in our own lounge. I have housework to do and then I'm getting out a puzzle. I haven't had one going since I moved here. I'll also practice more on the guitar. I haven't given it up, just doing less time with it.  I have a big list of to-do's in 2024. 

Son, Frank went on Saturday to lay the wreath at Jim's grave in Jefferson Barracks, MO.  It's great of him to do that. Thank you so much. 

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