Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Midwest Travel Day 22 the End - Big Thanks to Many People

Auburndale, FL (Hi 92  Lo 74)

We didn't rush this morning leaving the hotel. We went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast and on the road by 9:24. The whole trip of three weeks has been fast, fun and perfect. We had a wonderful day today and the whole trip had NO RAIN!

Thanks to everyone:
Our first visit was our youngest son Rick and his son Jack.  It was great meeting Tammy and her two boys, Luke and Evan.  We also got to see Jack's mom Kendra.

Second was our Frank, his wife Angie, and the two boys, Kendall and Kyle

We had friends back home helping put our outside decorations in the house or utility shed. Hurricane Dorian looked like it was coming into Florida. We had furniture in the back patio and it was moved to the living room. We'll know next time if we leave in September we'll get things put away. Thanks goes to Linda, Cathy, Charlette and Wayne for their help. Mary Lou got our mail for us.

My sister, Doris and her hubby, Herm had us over the weekend of the second week. It was a good time. It's been awhile since we've seen them in Missouri. We had RV'er friends that met up with us at their place and we had a wonderful visit. Thank you Ken and Cindy for coming to see us.

Bill in Kentucky met us outside Lexington. We had a great dinner together and visit. We hope to see him again soon. On the way further east we stopped in with friends in Raleigh. We want to thank Gary and Cindy for putting us up for the night. We also met with Jerry at dinner. It's always great being with friends in North Carolina.

Our last stop was Sharon and Robin, Jim's sisters who live with Jimmie. We had a great visit and time spent was great.

Now we're home and start the normal living in our 55+ community, Lake Juliana Landings.

Miles today  308
Left 9:24
Arrive 3:00

Total miles for trip 3477
Gas anywhere from $2.15 to $2.45

Our packed car with the grandfather clock taking up most of the room.

I will now be posting weekly.

Monday, September 16, 2019

Midwest Travel Day 21 - Listing Restaurants

Savannah, GA (Hi 95  Lo 71)  The further we go the hotter it gets.

We were up by 7:00.  We packed and on to breakfast with Jimmie at 8:00. Jimmie found a great breakfast place, Ziggies. in Havelock. It's right outside the Cherry Point Marine base. He was right it was very good. We didn't have any rain today which is surprising because we thought we'd get the outer bands of the hurricane. It was bright and sunny. The traffic was fairly light, so no problems.

I have to put in this picture of Jimmie and one of the dogs they have, Teddy. When Jimmie picks him up and it's time for bed he curls his tail up and puts all four paws in the air. It's so cute.

Click on the next picture to enlarge it. There's cotton fields around this area and they're pretty. When I saw my first cotton field, it was just ready to pick and it looked like snow. It's so pretty.

I haven't mentioned places that we've eaten this trip. We'll be doing this trip maybe frequently so I'll list a few. Cracker Barrel, BoJangles, Wendy's, Portfino's Greek and Italian, Tumbleweed, Sixtyfour Wine & Kitchen, Chick Fil-a, Subway, St. Louis Village, The Blue Owl, Culvers, IHop, JR Cash Grill, Dinner Bell, Bob Evans, Billy Graham Diner, Abby Road, Briggs, Oceanana Fishing Pier, Ziggy's Cafe, Hooters. It seems all we do is eat and sleep.

We have just a few hours to go and we'll be home tomorrow afternoon.
Our notes:
Mileage 438
Left at 8:38
Arrived 4:38

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Last Day in Harlowe - Veggie Meal

Harlowe, NC (Hi 82  Lo 75)

Our last day with Jim's sisters. We didn't do a thing today but watch football, news and eating. Jimmie made the best veggie meal this morning. All kinds of veggies, crowder beans, cabbage, coleslaw, potatoes with onions, his famous okra, cooked apples, squash and corn on the cob and cornbread. We get to have this meal every time we come up to visit. It's my favorite all time meal, (besides lobster).  The bad thing, I forgot to take a picture.

We watched the movie Arctic, which is great on Amazon prime. I'm packing up and getting ready to leave early tomorrow morning.  Travel day coming up heading back home. We'll take two days.

We are lucky again with no rain bands or hurricane to go thru on the way home.

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Atlantic Beach

Harlowe, NC (Hi  85  Lo  76)

We got up at different times and just took it easy most of the morning. By noon we decided to go to the coast and get lunch and go on the beach. It's a fabulous day with just a breeze.  We ate at Oceanana Restaurant right on the beach. Their pier was half destroyed in last years hurricane. It was supposed to be replaced last week, but another hurricane came thru. They have a little bar setup about half way down the pier.
View from our seat at lunch.

When we finished eating we walked the pier and I took a picture of the restaurant.

Robin, Jim, Jimmie, and Sharon

We saw a little damage from last weeks hurricane, but not a lot.

These two birds posed for me. They were looking for handouts.

We had leftovers for dinner and watched TV into the evening. We still have one more day to go. Stay tuned.

Friday, September 13, 2019

Famous Family Seafood Dinner

Harlowe, NC (Hi 90  Lo 75)

The whole household got up late this morning. After breakfast we just visited and sat around till later in the afternoon. Jim and I went out to get a sandwich and salad for lunch and did some shopping for the great seafood dinner later in the evening.

Sharon and Robin can make the biggest dinners, they learned from their mom. The extended family are fishermen and bring in shrimp and fish or scallops. We also had corn fritters and baked potatoes.
What a feast. (Click on the photos to enlarge).

Sharon, Robin, Jim

Mahi Mahi, flounder, scallops

Shrimp, other fixin's and yumyum sauce.

After dinner it's time to chill out. Jimmie, Sharon, Robin

Jimmie took out the "what is the side effects of this drug list" in the prescription bag.  Scary it's that bad and you're consuming it.

Not sure what we'll do tomorrow but planning on some sightseeing, IF no rain. See ya tomorrow.

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Midwest Travel Day 17 - Final Destination

Harlowe, NC (Hi 98  Lo  82) 

We had a great breakfast at our favorite place today, Briggs in Cary, NC. Jerry, Gary, Jim and I. We had a great time solving the world problems then went back to Gary's place for a few minutes. We packed the car and left for Harlowe, NC.

This is the final destination for this trip. We're now with Jim's sisters, Sharon and Robin. Sharon's boyfriend, Jimmie was at work when we got there, but we visited with the girls awhile and just relaxed.

The tropics have another couple storms brewing and one maybe a hurricane by Sunday. Here we go again. This one might come up the coast or to the Gulf of Mexico thru Florida. That's never a given, so we're watching the the weather closely. We're leaving Monday so we may get into a lot of rain.

I didn't get pictures of anything today. But we still have 3 days to go.

Notes for us:
Left 9:38
Mileage  149
Arrived 1:45

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Midwest Travel Day 16 - Billy Graham - Friends

Cary, NC (Hi 94  Lo  82)

We didn't hurry this morning, so had the breakfast at the hotel and then packed up to head to the Billy Graham Library about 14 miles from the hotel. They didn't open till 9.30. When we got there, it was packed with people and kids. We found out it's home school day at the library and all the kids from the surrounding area were there.

We were escorted into the rooms and didn't go thru the long lines. There were a few more people they took in front of school kids. It's laid out with different rooms and every room has a part of Billy Grahams preaching or life events. He was brought up on a farm so a cow gave the beginnings of his life. It was realistic, with moving it's mouth, head and ears. The kids loved it. (Click on the photo to enlarge).

Here's the photos of each area.

There were scriptures hanging from the ceilings.

Billy was on as many TV stations as possible to get the word of Christ out to every nation of the world.

The bookstore.

He's also buried on the grounds.

Billy and wife Ruth.

His house was moved to the grounds from his childhood days. These are pictures of the dining room, sitting room and  kitchen. The refrigerator still works.

We had lunch there then went on to the next destination, Cary, NC. It's a two and half hour drive and we took our time. We went to Cindy and Gary's our long time friends from the years we lived in the area before going fulltime in the RV.  We had dinner with them and also Jerry who met with us for dinner.
Jerry, Gary, Cindy

We're staying the night and we'll head out tomorrow morning for the last destination before going back home. Stay tuned.

Our notes:
Mileage 176
Left at 9:38
Arrive 3:30

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Midwest Travel Day 15 - Construction

Charlotte, NC  (Hi 98    Lo  82)  Hot and humid.

Travel day, we left at 9:38 and just took our time. There was a lot of truck traffic today. It seems Tuesday is delivery day for truckers, it was busy last week too. There's also a lot of construction looks like making new extra lanes being built and lots of stopping of traffic, luckily on the west bound side. (Click on the pictures to enlarge).
They were sitting still for 18 miles.

It was great seeing the mountains again and there's a few trees that are yellow or red. It's beautiful.

A higher peak above where we were, they're always a blue thru the Smokies.

I forgot about the tunnels.

It seems they always have a curve in them.

We're on the Western edge of Charlotte. We're back in the Holiday Inn Express and the lady at the front desk told us about J.R. Cash bar and grill restaurant. We decided to check it out. They're on the river front, but we couldn't get a seat next to the river without being outside and it's way to hot to be in that spot. It's a really nice restaurant and the food was delicious. We both got appetizers for dinner and that works great.
I had chicken nachos

Jim had big salad with ham, plus crab soup bowl.

The best part, I was checking drinks and saw this one listed. I had to have it since it was made with pomegranate. It's got a ring of sugar on the top.

OH boy, that put me out when we got back to the hotel. I slept about half hour. It's sure good!

Tomorrow we head for more fun.

Our notes:
Left at 9:38
Miles 342
Arrived 4:45