Saturday, December 8, 2018

Back to Reality after a Great Cruise - Basketball Special Guests

Auburndale, FL   (Hi 80  Low 67)

When you're retired you forget what day it is, I thought it was Friday and I'm late with the blog because I was thinking I had one more day to get it done.  It's very hard coming back to reality after a cruise. I have to go back to cooking meals, and cleaning. It was nice sleeping in each morning which we never do on a cruise. Both of us would love to go back to back on cruises.

Tuesday, we thought of putting up Christmas lights, but neither of us were in the mood so we figured we'd drop it this year. We forgot all about Dominoes and Poker pool which we play weekly. 

Wednesday, we had the morning coffee for the week and got caught up on event dates. Jim had an appointment in Tampa VA for a CPAP machine. They've upgraded the machines so he went to a class and got a new machine. So far we're impressed with the VA and what's been done lately. For sickness and emergencies we have a local doctor.  He's using VA as a precaution and get ahead of anything that might go wrong.

In the evening a group of us went to Shirley's and gave her a quilt Donna made from all of us. The quilt blocks have our name of each of us embroidered. She's  moving back to England when the house is sold. We had a really good time, thank you Shirley.

Thursday, we decided to put up a few lights. This street is so dark and it was easy to do since we had the hooks already in place. It looks really nice. We added the wreath this year. Next year we'll start after Thanksgiving and do a bang up job on decorations.

Friday night we had a basketball game. It seems forever since we've gone to a game. It was Star Wars night. Some of the characters were around and going thru the stands.

This guy was doing some acting.

They were getting something to eat.

My favorite character, yes the little guy R2D2. The guy that controls it has made four of them.

This week was the memorial of President George W. Bush. I got this picture from the memorial on TV.  All the presidents and wives.

It's been a busy week. The sunset tonight is a great closer for this week.

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Royal Caribbean Cruise Day 7 and 8

Today was all about making appointments. We started with a very early breakfast at 7:30am. I was suppose to have an acupuncture appointment at 9:30am. I got there on time but the lady was super busy and we wanted to go to another event at 10:30, that wouldn't have worked. So we left and walked around the ship. There's still things we haven't seen or wanted to see again.

The captains question and answer session was at 10:30. We both wanted to ask questions and thought this would be a great time to see if we could get some answers. I forgot to get a picture of all four speakers. The officer in charge of the "hotel" all rooms and staff members, the ship engineer who was in charge of the engines, the captain, which is hilarious. He's a quick thinker and so much fun. Even has a motorcycle on board which he uses at times on the different decks. The last was the entertainment director. We met with the captain after the session. There were lots of questions and good ones. I wanted to know how many people in a month get medical care. It doesn't happen very often but like on our cruise a gal was taken the first night (3am)  and we had a seven minute stop at Nassau to drop her off. She's still in the hospital with colon problems. If you ever go on a cruise be sure to get the insurance, it can be very costly.

This is a fact sheet that was passed out to us. Talk about good info. Click the picture to enlarge.

We went to the flow rider for half an hour. The temperature is 90 and very humid so we didn't stay as long as we usually do.   This guy was doing very well.

This one not so much, drop roll and over.

We didn't have a lot of time so Jim wanted to do the zip line before lunch.

Off he goes

Now at the end

Next was the Abyss. It's an inside slide from deck 15 to deck 6. They teach you how to ride down on a mat.

Down down down

and he's landed.

At lunch in the main dining area they had all kinds of chocolate displays

On the way to the show there were people along the railing watching something below. It looked like birds on a telephone line.

At 2:30 we went to see the play grease. It was excellent.

After the show we had to hurry to the other end of the ship for cocktail hour with our group for instructions on leaving tomorrow. The ship is 1100 feet long, we did about five miles a day in walking from one end to the other. We had a room reserved just for us.

This is our whole group of "Charlie's Travels".

We left in time to get to dinner. The last night of the cruise is so much fun. All the staff get together and do a little parade around our tables.

 Nellie and Agus dancing

Right after dinner I had my last acupuncture. She took a longer time with me. I'm very impressed on the sessions. I'm walking a lot better and other little things that were a bother are now gone.  I'll find someone in our area and continue going.

We made it back to the room an hour before our luggage had to be outside our room door. We hurried and got that done then relaxed the rest of the evening.

DAY 8, Going home

We were up by 6:00 to get some breakfast. It's a busy time on the ship getting 6500 people off and luggage to the gangway. It was very smooth. There's sections all over the ship to go and you're given a tag number for your luggage which tells where to go at the port to pick it up. The customs wasn't bad and we were out of there in no time. We were at the bus by 8:00 we had to wait on a couple people so didn't get to leave till 8:30. We got home at 3:30.

This was our itinerary for the week that we made before we left. It's all on TV screen along with the balance of the trip on the seapass that you get at the beginning. We love cruising and it's always so sad when they're over. I would love a world cruise and take a few months to do one.

Friday, November 30, 2018

Royal Caribbean Cruise Day 6 Labadee

Click on the pictures to enlarge.

Last night was the first time we had a little rolling. It's nothing like former trips with big waves and you move a lot. This ship has more stabilizers I'm sure. At least the last couple nights we're sleeping really well.

The ship arrived at 9am in Labadee. It's a portion of the island that is owned by Royal Caribbean.  We thought we'd stay on the ship and take advantage of the more quiet time. We wouldn't have long lines and could get in the cabanas. It didn't happen that way. It was foggy and rainy so we weren't sure what the day would bring.

We decided to go see what was going on and also wanted to see a couple of our friends go on the zip line. It's a long one from the mountain top to the beach.

Shirley and Art

Labadee would have been a lot of fun if it hadn't rained. It was just misty at first then a full rain which everyone got drenched. Some went back to the ship right away, but we waited for the rain to subside a bit. We did get some pictures before going back. We also had lunch which was very good.
Local area dancers

The starting point of the zip line is on top of the mountain.

This is painted on the sidewalk

When we got back on the ship it quit raining awhile so here's more views.

We sat on the balcony till time to go to dinner. I took pictures of our table companions.
Raymond and Penny

Nellie is from another park but she's a friend of Charlie so she sat with us.

Ed and Barb

The show for the night was another water show but in a few minutes it started raining. We didn't think it was very good so we left.