Friday, December 2, 2022

Weather - Racing

 Shiloh, IL (Hi 49   Lo 29)

Most of you know I'm a weather geek. This week was truly fun following the storms and the storm chasers from both north and south. Tornadoes in the south and snow in the north. I was glued to the TV, PC and phone watching everyone. It was Mother Nature on a rampage with both weather systems at the same time. It can't get any better. Along with the storms, I also keep up with the earthquakes. There's been a lot of swarming in Hawaii in the past couple months and sure enough lava erupted in Mauna Loa, on Monday. I watch all the weather on Youtube.  It's been an interesting week. 

The whole week I was pretty much a slug watching TV and crocheting. I have several items made for Christmas and still five more orders to go. The two collies are without patterns.  I just took the colors from the photos that sent. The only difference was the white or brown spot on the head. 

 Thursday hospice boss called and said not to come in they were having inspectors and it was a little on the busy side. One of the gals brought me a box of stuff to do and I had it done in an hour so she picked it up on Friday morning.  The Medicare rules are you have to have 5% workers as volunteers, so they brought me some of the work I would normally do on my work day. 

Friday was very special. Frank (son), asked me to go to the dirt races in the St Louis Dome called Gateway Dirt Nationals. This is for three days, Thursday thru Saturday. The dome is new since I lived here when Jim was in the military.  What a fun night!!!!  All around the "dome" they had the souvenirs, it was the same as you see at any race selling out of the trucks, but without the trucks. I forgot to take a picture.  When you go into the arena, you walk thru black curtains to get your first view.  (Click on pictures to enlarge). 

This is a 5/8 mile track, in a circle in dirt. Oh my! I thought we'd be really caked in mud, but the dirt was like very thin powder and it settled everywhere but you don't feel it like an outdoor track. I went to Peavy in June for the World of Outlaws dirt racing and we were caked in dirt, but this wasn't that way. They had the lake models and modified cars which altogether were probably 70 cars. Super great racing and a fight broke out. There were cars upside down, sideways and hits that weren't called for. The kind of racing we saw in NASCAR way back in the 60's.  Here's a few shots and one video so you can hear how loud it was but not overbearing. The video is from a drone above them. It was fun watching that too the way they maneuvered it around the track. 

The good drivers could handle the curves, but the not so good drivers went into each other or spun out. 
They would get up  each other and up and over they go. No one was hurt. 
Dee and Frank
Kenny Wallace, famous NASCAR driver number 36
The dirt made it look like fog. There's a car upside down in this photo. 
Several would be pulled out by wrecker. 
I love racing of all kinds, motorcycle, NASCAR and Sprints. My favorite is the Sprints and they had a Sprint car showing,  so I had Frank take my picture and I also bought a replica.

We got home before 10:00. They waste no time getting the cars on and off the track and clean up wrecks. I'm hoping to do that again. They have races on Friday nights in  Alton, IL that we'll go to this summer. I love the dirt tracks in the Midwest.   

I'm sorry if I bored those that don't like racing, but I'll be looking back to the blog in the future. I just know it. 

Saturday, November 26, 2022

Thanksgiving with Sis

 Troy, MO (Hi 53  Lo  45)

I left for my sisters on Wednesday to spend the Thanksgiving weekend.  It was heavy traffic but no accidents. I went by the airport and there was at least a couple mile long wait to get there and a line going out of the airport. I'm glad I wasn't flying. 

I took my crocheting with me so I can get a manger scene done, it was a relaxing couple days just sitting back and visiting, watching TV and doing my thing. 

Thursday's dinner was outstanding. Herm (sister's hubby) makes the best dressing ever and we had a huge turkey, with mash potatoes and green beans. Sis made her famous graham cracker pudding and added a sweet potato pie. Yum  (Click on the photos to enlarge). 

Neither of us wanted to get out to shop on Friday. I don't need anything and the only thing sis wanted is wine. A new Total Wine store opened on Saturday so that's when we got out to get some wine and a few items. 

I'm not sure yet when I'll head back home. I work at hospice on Thursday so it will be before then. This is a short blog, but it was a great time with sis and her hubby and all is quiet.

Friday, November 18, 2022

First Snow - Artemis Launch - NY Blizzard

 Shiloh, IL (Hi 31  Lo 18)  Sunny and cold 19 in AM

I looked back to last week to see what the post was all about. It seems like that was months ago not just a week.

Most of this blog will be for memories and what's happened this week rather just what I've done which is basically nothing but crocheting. I made 12 mice that have catnip in them for cats to play with and another pink elephant. I also made a tiny panda.  I'm so glad to have something to make. I still have more orders to do, so I'm happy. It's too cold to get out and no where to go anyway. (Click on photos to enlarge). 

The big thing this week was snow, lots of snow in Buffalo, NY area and at this writing it's still coming down. The last report at 10:30pm is 77 inches Orchard Park, NY.  This is off the TV but shows just how much snow is on the ground in NY.  
If you know me you know I watch storm chasers. Well, believe it or not there's several people chasing the storms in New York. Why? for money basically. Youtubers  make lots of money by being on the road in a blizzard. Ok, I have to admit, it's fun watching them and so far only one that I've seen got stuck and had to have help getting out. The last time he was out last week, he didn't have a shovel or gloves. This time he has both, smart thinking. 
We had measurable snow of seven inches on Saturday night.  It was a total surprise, no one mentioned we get snow and then to have that much took us all by surprise.  You can't tell the depth from the first picture, but the second picture is from our son's deck and you can see how much it piled up. 

Monday I went to dentist to get my permanent crown put on a front tooth. It's been cracked for a very long time and the dentist said I better get it fixed before it breaks the rest of the tooth in half. I thought I'd take a picture, so funny looking having a partial tooth. It would have made a good Halloween idea. 

The biggest news this week was the Artemis I, the moon rocket. It's the first in a series so it's unmanned.  I spent four hours watching it on NASA channel and hoping it would go up. I have a soft spot with the NASA program, I worked for them for a couple years. The best job I've ever had hands down. I know how they feel with the excitement of a launch. It was iffy for awhile but it got off the ground. I wanted to be sure to have a record of it like I did with the space launches in my past years journals.   There's plenty of video on youtube, I took a video from the TV but it doesn't want to download here. 

I went to work at hospice and taught a couple computer things. I wasn't there very long. When I get in the car I do other errands that need to be done so got everything caught up including getting gas. I won't have to do it over Thanksgiving to go to my sister.  

I got all my Christmas shopping done last month and found out when I went back to the items where I ordered them everyone of them was $3 to $4 higher. I'm so glad I'm all done now to get a big box shipped. 

Friday, November 11, 2022

High School Craft Fair - Visit with Sis - Pizza Party

 Shiloh, IL  (Hi  42  Lo 27)  Winter is heading this way

Sunday, we'll start with the O'Fallon High School craft fair. It's where I learned and got my start in doing my own craft fairs. This one has grown from just a few tables way back in the early 90's to 400 tables and waiting lists today. It's amazing what people come up with for crafts and it's a blast going through the high school hallways and gyms, wrestling rooms, band etc and seeing so many different projects. Here's some of my favorites. (Click on the photos to enlarge)

                                                This table is loaded with Lego figures. 
                                            There were lots of people and a lot of sales

                                                I found this guy with his helpers 

                                            This is the closest to what I make only mine are 1/4 the size

                                            Family trees. Great idea. 

After three hours of checking things out, the only thing I bought was lunch. I'll continue making my little "critters".  Here's what I accomplished this week. 

Monday and Tuesday I went to my sisters. She's moved back to Missouri from Florida and I helped with unpacking and took down a queen bed and put up two twins in her bedroom. Now when I go over I have a bed instead of sleeping on the air mattress in the living room taking up space. We went shopping for her winter clothes and boots since she'll be here in winters. It's always fun spending someone else's money.
                                            Doris and Dee
I came home Tuesday afternoon to get ready for a pizza party with the hospice gals. We also added wine tasting. We had a lot of laughs and a good time for a couple hours.

                                            Nancy, Chrissy, and Jody with our wine and pizza.  
We've had wonderful weather at 75 to 78 degrees. I've taken advantage of it and getting some errands done. Still have more to do but no hurry. Today (Friday) it's in the 40's and dropping to 20's by tomorrow night. I hate winter and cold weather. 

Thursday I went to hospice but only got in a couple hours then came home to crochet. 
Friday I stayed warm and had our North Carolina friends on zoom. A great way to end the week. 

Friday, November 4, 2022

Warm Weather - Fast Week

 Shiloh, IL (Hi 79   Lo  59)  Note: Tornado outbreak in Texas

I didn't have anything on the calendar for this week, but I stayed busy all week. Yep, you guessed it Crocheting!  I now have more orders to do because what people saw from hospice then someone else wants it.  

The first three days while I crocheted I watched Youtube classes and interesting topics. It's better then any TV show although I did catch up on Survivor and Ghosts. 

My sister has left Florida this week. She sold the house from the fear of last hurricane. it made her think twice of being so far away in the summers and there's usually small repairs to do when she gets back in the winter that drove her to thinking she's done with it all. Her place had four people interested and it sold in four days from arriving in middle of October. She'll be back in Missouri today and I'll go visit her this next week to get the stuff she has for me. I'm glad to have her here.  (I'm one hour and half from her). 

The weather has been perfect 79 high, no rain, a couple days of clouds but I'll take it for November. Today (Friday) they're expecting severe weather to the west of us. We may get some rain but hopefully most of it will be to the west. It's the cold artic air hitting the warm gulf air. It's not a good combination. The next two days I'll be watching storm chasers. I love those guys, I wish I was younger I'd go with a couple of them. 

Thursday I worked at hospice and did a ton of stuff. I machine stamped 500 mailings which only took 25 minutes, that was fun. I love working there. 

This is a short post. Sunday I'm going to the O'Fallon high school craft fair which is huge, beyond huge humongous. I'll report that next week.  Frank came over after work for a visit. It's always good to see him. 

I have to do a bit of a rant, it's not something I normally do, but this is really nuts. I had a ring Jim bought me special in Arizona from the Indian reservation and it had 4 stones. One stone fell out.  An Indian place in Hannibal fixed it for me (sent it to a specialist they have to take care of stones) They got it back and they sent it to me. That's been two weeks and I still don't have it. They didn't do a tracer on it, why I don't have any idea, but I'm really bumming. That ring is so special, maybe there's still hope, but for only being 2 hrs away I doubt if ever see it again. I'm highly upset. I just knew it was going to be a challenge and very risky. If you send anything, get the tracker number for it. 

Here's a couple pictures of this weeks projects. 

I just wish pictures would make things look better. 

Saturday, October 29, 2022

Day Trip with Gorgeous Trees - Dentist - Ground Breaking

 Shiloh, IL  (Hi 62  Lo 43)

This week was busy!  

Monday Ruth wanted to go to Grafton, IL. The trees are in full color  and with winds and rain on Tuesday we wanted to get there before it's all gone. We were hoping for sun, but that didn't happen so the brightness wasn't as good especially on photos. (Click the photos to enlarge). In person it was beautiful!

The Illinois river is just as dry as parts of the Mississippi. We need rain in this area it's been a dry summer. 

I've gone to Grafton a few times this summer and never noticed a cliff with markings on it. Very interesting. I hope you can read the sign, just click to enlarge it. There's huge caves in the cliffs but all closed off. 

While we were there we went to The Dock for lunch. They have the best food. We also got a surprise with having the river cruise ship in port, the American Queen. My sister and I were in Hannibal when the American Symphony ship was in port there. I've been lucky to see both of them. 

Setup for Halloween. At first glance it looked so real. 
There's still barges going up river, but in some areas they're dredging to get them through. This one was very long. 
We got back home mid afternoon. The temps were already dropping and it poured rain on Tuesday.  

Tuesday and Wednesday was with the dentist. I had a cleaning on Tuesday afternoon and it was a  drenching rain.  I have/had a front tooth that had a root canal many years ago and it was breaking. When they did the cleaning the dentist said if it breaks fully I'll be needing extensive work for a bridge. I decided to just get a crown and get it done Someone cancelled on Wednesday so back I went to get it all taken care of before it breaks. I thought it would be super painful like the first time, but it actually wasn't bad and no pain after it was done. There was a tiny cavity behind the one I was getting fixed so I got that done too. I'll go back mid November for the permanent crown and I'll be set for awhile, hopefully. 

Wednesday morning (before the dentist)  I went to the ground breaking for the new 55+ project going in on our property. I showed the pictures of the new villas last post but this is a huge four story building with lots of stuff for the seniors to do. I don't like the layout and my apartment is bigger. It's also more expensive than my place. 

                            The chef that made the lunch, which was excellent,  did an ice carving.                                                       It was a cat on a pumpkin.  
                                            The ground breaking was interesting. 
                                            Several people attended. 

Thursday  I worked at hospice for several hours. I did a couple word documents with columns that no one knew how to do. I'll have to do a teaching day at some point I'm sure. I got a lot of folders copied and did some mailings. I love all the stuff they have for me once a week. It's great being with the four gals I help out every week. 

Friday I wrapped all the Christmas gifts. I ordered last Sunday and everything was here by Tuesday morning. I can't believe it's all done. That's a great feeling. I cleaned the apartment up a bit and worked on the crochet project. It's about 60 today but still a cold wind. The hibernation has now started. I have nothing on the calendar except hospice on Thursdays. I'll probably get more days filled up as time goes on, but nice to just sit back and crochet, like an old lady someone said.  I had NC group zoom tonight and good to catch up with everyone.