Friday, February 23, 2024

Warm Week - Keeping Up - Budding Trees

 Shalimar, FL (Hi  71   Lo  43)

This week was pretty normal and only a few changes along the way. 

Sunday I played cards in the afternoon. That's the slowest day and I'm glad to have something going on besides crocheting and watching TV,  that's for evenings. What card game, hand and foot. What else? lol 

Monday was President's day but that didn't pertain to anything around here except no mail. I had Wii bowling, then hurry to dementia class. Our leader was sick so they setup the class on line and I looked for Teepa Snow got one we wanted to see and had an hour and half learning from her. If you want to know anything about Dementia that's the person to learn from, she's on I had time to get some dinner then the nightly 31 card game. I learn what's going on around the campus from the other gals that play. 

Tuesday was crafts, which I'm still working on the diamond art bunnies. I almost have that done. I decided to setup the table and ordered a backlight for diamond art. It sure makes a difference, but no way to plug it in without the PC, so ordered a charger. There's always something to get, guess it's a new thing, don't put everything you need in whatever you buy.  I'll continue working on the picture. I have something to do on the table when this picture is done. Stay tuned to more on projects.  After diamond art was over, I stayed for meditation.  I always enjoy that time.

Wednesday was different. It's the third week from my last massage so after Wii bowling I went to my massage/chiropractor. The person I've been seeing for almost a year has changed to doing rehab only, so I was placed with someone else.  It wasn't a good massage so I asked to be with someone else next month. They have three gals that I can pick from so there's hope one of them will be as good as the one I had. 

Thursday was crochet group time. I helped a gal with a pattern and stayed a couple hours working on my gnomes. I also got my hair cut. It wasn't really long, but I hate it when it gets long around my ears. I'm hoping to get a two week plan going so it's the same length all the time. 

Friday I didn't have anything to do. I thought I'd just stay in jammies, but that didn't happen. The gal I met at the craft fair come here to give me her thread that if you brush it it looks like fur. I'm going to make a few dogs for the craft fair that's in August. I'm really excited. While I'm on that subject, if anyone that's been following me with my crochet items, what is your favorite item that you'd buy. My list is holiday gnomes, like the beer head gnome for St Pat's day, see picture in yesterday's blog.  Next is a bunny gnome with ears for Easter. etc. Cardinals, turtles, butterflies and lady bugs on tiny clothespins with magnets for the refrigerator. If you think of something else that would sell, let me know.  The day ended up cleaning up the apartment and laundry. I also got my Hello fresh meals so sorted them out and getting ready to make them up tomorrow and Monday. 

Saturday  I took pictures of the tree beside me with the buds. I think it's a  Crape Myrtle. (Click on the photos to enlarge).

It's now Saturday. First on the list is helping a neighbor with his computer. Then I'm meeting another neighbor to setup meals to order for next week. I'll work on the diamond art and see what else comes up during the day.  I'm having trouble keeping up with the days. I'm either behind a day or ahead. I'm glad my phone tells me what day it is along with the time. 

Saturday, February 17, 2024

New Phone - Super Bowl - Meals - Craft Show

 Shalimar, FL  (Hi 55  Lo 39)

I got my new  phone Pixel 7 on Monday. I hate changing phones but this one was so easy, just plug the cord to both the new and old one and it took off with copying files and everything was in new phone in minutes. I had to setup a few apps, but I already knew how to do that. I was very proud that I did it all by myself without asking the kids, or anyone here. whew, that was easy. 

Super bowl was Sunday and we had several gals bring food and we went to the lounge to watch the game. I got too bored after the halftime show so went back home. I kept up with the score only because our older son was rooting for the 49ers and I knew he would be upset if they lost. I still haven't heard from him. lol 

I get HelloFresh meals every other week and another gal started getting them. She can't stand  to  make them for very long so I started making them for her. That's two gals I'm making meals. They don't take long, and it's worth a few extra minutes to help them out. That way I can sample what they buy to see if I want to get them. I did all the meals on Monday which I will probably do every week. 

Tuesday I worked on the diamond art almost all day with only a couple hours out for meditation. I also worked on it Friday afternoon.  It's slow going, placing each bead in a little square takes time. 

Monday and Wednesday was Wii bowling which I had pretty good scores. I can only get better, hopefully. On Wednesday I went to the other village for hand and foot card game. That's so much fun. I didn't go to the Valentine's dance at the commons. I'd much rather play cards. 

Thursday I went to crochet in building six. I made Ivy and pearl plant for the gal that wanted it for sorority. She was very pleased with it. (Click on the photos to enlarge).

While I was there crocheting, I finished the gnome that's for St. Patrick day. I'll do a bunch for the craft fair coming in August. I have lots of ideas for other gnomes.
Saturday was special. It was a rainy day but I took the bus to Destin to the community center for the areas craft show with 55 vendors. There were mostly jewelry, but several things I had never seen. I met a women that does yarn and bigger things that I do with thread. She tried a little dog but didn't like doing anything that small. I still haven't seen anyone making what I make. 
The lady that makes these clothes takes cloth and instead of quilts she makes clothes. Very interesting. 

IF I was going to buy something this is what I would buy. It's outdoor fake plants with all kinds of gnomes, fairies and little stuff in them. 

We left in a couple hours and went to Cracker Barrel for lunch. It rained all day long. I got home about 1:30 and went to play hand and foot in Village 2 for the rest of the afternoon. I then went to social hour at 4:00.  It was a full day of fun. I did all the other things I do daily just didn't post it, zooms and cards every night. 

Friday, February 9, 2024

Movie - Table - Snow/Rain

Shalimar, FL  (Hi 69   Lo 62)

I've added something to do on Sunday's with another easier hand and foot card game. It's going to be a challenge at times with getting 4 people, but we'll cancel if we have to.  It's so busy here gals have a hard time keeping up.

Monday was a typical day with Wii bowling, cards in the evening and GBM support group late evening. 

Tuesday was a bit of a change up. I do Tiktok every Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  At noon I went with one of the gals to see the movie "The Chosen". It's getting great reviews and the show is on TV, but season four was started at the theater. It was full price which took us by surprise. It was good and the actors were excellent. It's worth watching if you haven't seen the first 3 seasons on TV watch them first. 

Wednesday morning I got my refinished table back. One of the managers does refinishing as a hobby and we were both happy to find each other. I wanted my table done and she wanted to do one. Mine was given to me when Jim died and I didn't have anything for the apartment. It's real wood and is very old. I love it. The color matches everything else in the living room. The before and after pictures. 

I love it when something like this falls into place. 
I had Wii bowling in the afternoon then got a bite to eat and played cards (hand knee and foot) till 4:00 got something to eat then to the normal every night cards. Busy day!

Thursday after the Tiktok assistance, I went to crochet group and we had a birthday party for a couple gals. Both in mid to late 80's. What a great group.  We had a good time and I have out of the ordinary order for crochet project. Stay tuned, I'll have it on the next blog, hopefully. 

Friday I was reminded by someone  on our nightly chat about oil change in the car. I thought about it beginning of January, but forgot when I should get one and since I seldom drive it, I figured I had time. I was told that when a car sits long periods of time like mine I should change oil every six months or 3,000 miles whichever comes first. I got it done today so that's over for while. My Hellofresh meals came in, so got that sorted and ready to make. I'm also making meals for another gal here. This should be fun. 

Saturday, A totally me day. I wanted to work on diamond art, and a few computer projects plus sorting out safety eyes for my critters, crochet and play guitar. 

I did watch storm chasers in the mountains helping people out of snow drifts and bad road conditions, then to Illinois and Wisconsin with tornadoes. It's going to be active this weekend, so I'll be watching closely with all the severe storms that may be brewing. That's what happens with El Nino. The rains in California will help with the drought, but sure is havoc in the meantime. I have my tickets for the June NASCAR race in  Madison, IL.  I'll be with older and younger son all in one trip. See ya next week. 

Friday, February 2, 2024

Settling in - Great News

 Shalimar, FL   (Hi  65  Lo 52)

Ever wonder what happened to people you've met in your life? I had a day that's all I thought about. I was reading a blog where one of the fulltime rv'ers went off the road and bought a place. I often wonder where some of those folks are located which led me down the rabbit hole on thinking of so many people I've met and how they're doing. 

This week I felt more settled in then the past couple months.  It's almost one year that I've arrived here and it was a great decision. I'm busy, taken care of and have people to talk to.  

I have a partial routine now with Wii bowling on Monday and Wednesday.  Wednesday is hand, knee and foot for three hours in the afternoon. Tuesday is Diamond Art, then meditation.  Thursday is crochet group and shuffleboard . Friday is catch up day from what I don't do during the week and I've added one hour in the gym. Saturday is find something to do or crocheting and guitar. Sunday is hand and foot the easy way and teaching people the game. Every night is chats and zooms with different groups and people.

Then there is the odd stuff that pops up and the planned things can be cancelled. Wednesday I had my massage and chiropractor appointment. My hip has been hurting but between the two it's now back in place and I'm not in pain. I can't live without either of them, keeping neck and hip from hurting is a big deal. 

Thursday is the great news. My six month doctor appointment and this is the second time I've met with the  doctor. I'm quite impressed with him. He's very knowledgeable and won't hold anything back, either bad or good.  My blood work is excellent and I'm more in the younger age bracket than my real age. His words "I'm great for my age and a lot more energetic".  Good to know. I do have an ear infection starting, so meds for that for five days.

Today (Saturday) is our village meeting for discussing upcoming events or complaints. I can't  leave without a couple pictures.

This weeks crochet: Two dogs and bunny and kitty.

                                            This is the picture I was given for the dogs.

And what I made
One of the gals wanted a snowman. I decided to make one with tangled lights.
Tiger kitty for a gal
More happy customers.

A flag and a couple pictures were added to our village lounge. Thanks to Kathy, Vickie and Jim.
Another great week. Stay tuned for next week. Thank you to all my readers.

Saturday, January 27, 2024

New Chat - Very Active Week

 Shalimar, FL   ( Hi  71   Lo 55)   


Meeting ID: 725 1208 0635

Passcode: eD328y

I started my own zoom so we can talk and not just type. It's a continuation from the chat group of RV'ers in 2008. There's still a few of us that get together. I  hope you join us any evening about 7:30 pm Central.

I'm back to being busy and there were a couple days I had to choose between which event to do since they were at the same time. I'm loving all the choices I have with something to do.  

Monday:  United Way comes in almost monthly for projects for us. This time it was putting stickers on Veggie Straw bags. They tell who sponsors the bag. There were 700 of them and with just a few of us it took 20 minutes. Gives us gals something to do and helps with our "volunteer time", that goes on record for the end of the year recognition. 

One half hour later, I had WII bowling. It's the first game of a new season which lasts till April. I'm also on the league on Wednesdays. I'm hoping to be in the high 200's this time around, but at least I'm over 150 per game, so far. 

I had just enough time to get a bite to eat then go to a class for arthritis. It was informative telling how to keep from pain with different movements. It was  well worth going, I got some new ideas without taking pills.

I took a couple hours back home before going to cards which is nightly. Monday is the zoom get together with gals that had husbands die from GBM. We've all been on for at least a year so we've become close. It's good to have a couple hours and catch up.

Tuesday: I went to crafts to work on the diamond art. I was close to finishing it but actually did that on Friday afternoon in the lounge. While I was finishing it, a resident came in and wanted to buy it. No problem. I put it in a frame and she now has the gnomes. I still have four more to make so no problem. 

Wednesday: Wii bowling was at 10:00 and it went very well.  I had just enough time to get to Village 5 for hand, knee and foot. That takes a couple hours, but have time to get dinner and go to the card game in our village called 31. I always have chat every evening which is now on zoom.  The link is at the top.

Thursday:  A class on how to boost your immune system  was given and only two of us showed up. It was about how over the years our foods have changed so much and our systems are learning to cope with the toxics. I learned a lot, still not sure how to change it but to get apiece of land and grow my own food and water will be a problem unless you have an osmoses water system.

I  went from the class to sip and paint. This one was a bit different from the rest of the painting classes we've had in the past. It was acrylic paint thinned down, pour in a bottle, swirl around and empty we had several colors to choose from and the bottles turned out really pretty. We did the same thing with a little piece of canvas and did the same thing.  (Click on the photos to enlarge).

Friday:  I didn't go anywhere accept the lounge as I mentioned above. I waited on my HelloFresh meals to arrive which is usually around 11:00, but it didn't arrive. The monthly happy hour at the commons was at 3:00 but I didn't want to go and miss the delivery. I'm very glad I didn't. I saw the delivery guy next door and asked if he had the HelloFresh.  He said he didn't, but came back five minutes later and he had the box. I was so thankful to catch him or he would have had to come back, OR the box wouldn't have made it and I'd have to wait. The box has ice packs, but it was loaded on the truck at 7:30, that's a long day for meat to be in a truck.  All is good.

Saturday: I woke up to rain and it's supposed to rain all day. I'm doing taxes (before meeting with the tax people just to see how much I'll pay), finish crocheting an order and then go to happy hour in our lounge. 

Saturday, January 20, 2024

Snow up North - Woods - WIFI

 Shalimar, FL   (Hi  47  Lo  26)   Temps all over the place 

 The biggest conversation is the winter storms all over the country. The El Nino is in full effect so storms are different than most years. Wicked temps in the north and midwest have hit Florida and we're not as warm as other years. A lot of the residents put covers over the plants and some didn't. It makes a difference.  (click on the photos to enlarge). 

This used to be a beautiful elephant plant. It was huge!
We had one day at 62 degrees so I took that opportunity to walk thru the woods to throw the popcorn and cranberries garland that we had on our lounge Christmas tree. It's so peaceful and only little critters scamper around. It's a soul relaxing time and I love it. 

One of the residents wanted a small drawer cabinet so one of the guys (Jim) put it together in just a few hours. It's all about a community coming together doing a project. 

I tried to learn tatting, but my neighbor showed me a great tatting project from her past. It's beautiful, and it's not something I want to do I'll stick with crocheting. 
Speaking of crocheting. I finished the 12 catnip mice and got it in the mail this week. 
My calendar is filling up. The WII bowling is coming back in season so that's two days a week. I have several crochet orders to get done and I'm thinking of a routine to the gym so get strength and movement. There's so much to do here. 

I helped a couple gals with phones and tablets which I learn too when I work with problems and setups. It also keeps me in the loop on what's new and how to handle upgrades.  We had out Tech WIFI guy bring us up to date on the WIFI in the complex. He's setting up all new lines for fiber optic and another company will be joining him to setup the WIFI 7, with more security and speed. Of course it will be more money, but for those of us that use the WIFI for streaming, that's great news. There were a lot of people at the meeting, which was good to see. 
Regan showing how the conduits are setup with the boxes to the apartments. 

On Wednesday, I went to a talk on Laughter is the best Medicine. She told us kids laugh around 300 times a day,  adults 17 1/2, how they got half I have no idea, maybe it's giggles. We need to laugh a lot more to help the soul, body and mind. It was very good. 

Thursday I went to VFW to see if I have all the benefits from the military concerning the Vietnam war and agent orange. I'm not qualified, Jim never put in for damage (there wasn't any) and he didn't have the kind of cancer that they are looking for on compensation. I tried, that's all that matters. 

Friday I had my sixth month blood work and I asked to be sure the A1C (diabetes) was included it wasn't. That's the reason I have it done, so tried to call the office and they're closed on Friday's. I'm going in Monday early get the paperwork and go to lab as a walk in to get it taken. I should have told the doctor to add it, but I thought it was normal, since all my paperwork says to watch the blood counts.  Just another sign to be sure you ask for what you need, it's not always a given they do it right. 

Saturday, January 13, 2024

Storms - Great Concert

 Shalimar, FL (Hi 54  Lo  37)

Sunday:  I went with a couple gals to VFW for breakfast. They do a great job and it's always good. I didn't eat again till evening.  I get up every once in awhile it time to go with them. Thank you girls!

It's been fairly quiet this week. I got little things done in the apartment and crocheted most of the down time. I have 4 more orders now and will work on the craft fair in August when I don't have anything else to do. 

Monday: Storms have been the big news in our area. There were several tornado touchdowns very close to me and of course I had the storm chasers on and watching the weather closely. We had lots of wind that blew over plants and a few branches down, but nothing major in the complex. 

Tuesday: I went to diamond art, there were a couple gals I sat with and then stayed for meditation. They're taking out carpet and putting in vinyl flooring so it's all messed up in the commons area. We're not in the same room as we normally are for meditation. It's hard to get to the activities for darts and shuffleboard for the next couple weeks. Less people roaming around too. 

Wednesday:  I had my monthly massage and chiropractor appointment. I wasn't in as much pain as I been, so it was a quick appointment.  When I got back I went to a concert by the Emerald Coast Music Alliance. They go to different states and perform for free. They've been to BHV for several years. They had a piano duo, drums, piano and bass, another was trumpet, French horn and Trumpet. They were very good and I'm glad I went (click on the photos to enlarge).  These three did bop music.

Trumpet player was outstanding. 

                                                                    These two did orchestra type music on the piano. 

These three did jazz
At the end they all played and we joined in with clapping. It was really pretty neat. 
I made kitties and cat nip toys. I need to make 12 toys and have seven done will work on this all weekend. 

I'm still making hello fresh meals. It's looking like I'm saving quite a bit each month by getting three of their meals a week and adding only two days of something I want to make. This one is pita with all kinds of veggies and with the seasonings they send, it was outstanding. 
Thursday:  The normal day of going to crochet group. We have a good time and most of the gals are making afghans, but a couple made neck warmers. I did learn how to connect two colors a different way, that will be handy for a lot of the critters I make.  From there I went to shuffleboard with Shelba and Connie. It's a fun time for us and gets them out of the apartment with something to do. 

Friday: We had a storm go thru with high winds and rain, but it didn't last long. I watched storm chasers all day Some are in the snow pulling people out and a few in the south chasing tornado potential. I stayed with the ones in the south. 

Saturday: I watched the snow and the storm chasers most of the afternoon. It felt good to not get up till 10:00 this morning. I don't do that everyday because I usually have a deadline to be somewhere by 10. I practiced WII bowling with one of the gals that just started on one of my teams. She's very good and I also needed the practice. When that was over I went over to social hour that's every Saturday night. We had 12 people tonight, even if it was a lot colder than normal. That brings me to another week. Next week is a bit busier. See you then. 

Warm Week - Keeping Up - Budding Trees

 Shalimar, FL (Hi  71   Lo  43) This week was pretty normal and only a few changes along the way.  Sunday I played cards in the afternoon. T...