Sunday, January 13, 2019

HOA Installation - Mecum Auctions - Wine Tasting

Auburndale, FL (Hi 77   Lo 54)                         GROUP CHAT OPEN TO EVERYONE

This week was very busy and this blog will be photo intensive. (Click photo's to enlarge).

Tuesday was the Home Owners Association (HOA) installation for new officers. The meal was catered from Cracker Barrel and it was really good. The choice was chicken or beef, mash potatoes, and carrots, with different desserts. Bob and Marty were the incoming members and Sandi and Lee were voted for another two year term.
Joyce is also a member of the HOA, Bob, Sandi, Lee and Marty

We had a great attendance so a quorum was achieved for voting on different issues.

Friday we went to the Mecum Auction. It's the biggest in the nation and it's so much fun. We went last year. Click here to see what we did. 

Last year we went on a Tuesday and they were auctioning off Road art, signs and gas tanks from the past, not very many people were there and not a lot going on. This year it was totally different. Lots of people, a lot of movement with cars going to auction. There was a band of drummers going up and down the main road and even Hulk Hogan was there auctioning off a truck for charity.
We took this picture from a TV commercial.

We sat fairly close to the auctioneers and the sales for a few minutes after we arrived.

We watched this car being auctioned off. The bidding was wild and it had the attention of everyone. It sold for $2,000,000.  What a deal!

My favorite car

The bid went up to $160,000 but didn't hit the reserve so it's still for sale.

This is a really neat set. The colors are beautiful.

Several rows of cars for sale. Some tents held the sold cars to be picked up after the show.

My love is with older cars, like this one.

The best place to eat and it's always crowded.

Sitting outside was also an option to eat.

1950 Plymouth my very first car.

Another boat and truck outfit.

There's also bikes, motorcycles and even a Motor home this year.

Crowds picked up and we went higher in the stadium to watch it all.

Big screens to watch it all.

Kodak truck, it was so cool.

Auctioneer was standing on the desk.

We're only 25 minutes from the place of the auction, it took 2 hours to get back home from so much traffic.

Saturday was the wine tasting in the clubhouse.  I did it last year but changed a few things to make it smoother. It was so much fun. No one got drunk, a lot of food to eat and I hope everyone will come next year. The flu is starting to go around so we had some cancellations. Wine was brought in from the snowbirds and the rest were from Florida. Amazing how many winery's are near us.

Jim, Ed, Lessie, Anna, friends of ours we met while RV'ing for six years.


We visited with our friends at a local restaurant before they left for Tampa. It was so great being with them and be a part of the wine tasting. Thanks everyone for coming.
Anna, Ed, Lessie and Jim

I end this blog with a sunset outside our door. It was a great week.

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Welcome to 2019 - Movie - New Years

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It took awhile to get used to no one around when the family left. It didn't take long to take down the decorations and get the house back in shape. I did some major cleaning in the second bedroom closet and changed out the thread area for crocheting. There's now a bookshelf to hold all the thread instead of the cloth shelves. It's a lot better. We also got the utility shed all cleaned out and put a lot of stuff in the trash. (Cardboard boxes were taking over).

On Monday we decided to go to the movie VICE, I wasn't fond of it, in fact I fell asleep. Jim loved it and if you like history of what goes on in the government it's a good one. It's all about Dick Chaney. The best part was at the very end after the credits.
New years eve we did our usual watching TV and the neighbors shooting off fireworks for hours. They finally quit about 12:15. Every hour from 8:00 they'd shoot off a few then quit. It was right outside our living room windows and the sparks are always a concern if they'd land on our roof. We finally settled down after 1am.  Happy New Year 2019.

New year's day was just working around the house and watching the parade. I'm glad to get back to normal the rest of the week. We have a meeting on Wednesday for the community, free coffee and donuts helps get people out and have a good time socializing. The snowbirds are here and a lot of new people in the park.

I'm working on the community directory so getting signups for photos for the end of the month. We're hoping for a good turnout so we can look up who people are when we see them walking or driving around the community.

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Summer Solstice to Winter 2018

Auburndale, FL

This is a special blog to show how the solstice looks from our dock at Lake Juliana Landings.

Starting at June 20, 2018

July 21, 2018 one month

August 19, 2018

September 16, 2018

October 19, 2018

November 21, 2018

December 25, 2018

As of Dec 31, 2018 it's moving back north with the time getting longer. This has been fun dodging rain and getting pretty sunsets once a month as close to the same date as the June solstice starting.

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Christmas with the Kids

Auburndale, FL  (Hi  72   Lo 66)     Group Chat

This blog starts with Christmas day. We had our little Christmas in the morning and relaxed most of the day waiting for the kids coming in from Illinois and we watched their progress on Google maps. The weather was great for the trip so no rain or snow for them.  They arrived about 8:30pm and I had chili ready for them. They were early enough that we had Christmas with them.  We all had a great time visiting.  (Click on the photos to enlarge).

Tuesday we had a downtime day. Letting everyone relax from the 2 day trip. We did go to Target to pick up Christmas lights, wrapping paper and decorations at half price for next year. I made a late afternoon chicken and dumpling dinner.

Jim, Kyle, Kendall, Angie and Frank

The boys went to the Orlando Magic basketball game in Orlando. We got some really good seats for them from our season ticket perks.

Wednesday, we were up  early and made the trip to Kennedy Space Center.
Traffic was terrible. We had a feeling we were in for a long day waiting in lines and we were correct. There were a lot of  people waiting to get on the bus.

We took the bus to the Vehicle Assembly Building. We didn't stop but went on to another building where there were lots of space vehicles to wonder through and also had a big dining area.

Seating for people to watch the launches.

The longest line was for the space simulator.

The line keeps going and going.

Most of our day was waiting in lines. We watched a quick movie about what it was like going into space then got in a space simulator which is close to the real thing. That's quite interesting.
We loved the Atlantis display.

Other interesting rockets around the complex.
The kids in a space rocket. 

Power behind the shuttles.

Cockpit of the earlier flights.

Moon rock

Moon Rover

We had a good time but standing can get to you after awhile. We were all glad to get back home.

Thursday was another long day and heavy traffic.  I 4 is the worst road in the USA for wrecks and today was no exception. We just missed a collision with a big dump truck and car. We took the boys to Universal for them to spend the day. We went to Wahlburgers in Downtown Orlando for lunch. We also walked around Disney Springs.  More people, people and more people. I have no idea where that many would come from but it's crowded. We're glad we can go back when it's not as crowded. The guys picked up the boys around 6:00 which took another couple hours. They had a grand time and we were so glad they came down.

I got a kick on how Jim and Frank walk, both with arms slightly outward. They have the same stride.

Jim found a buddy to read to.

Lego land was really busy.

Before they left this morning Frank made some pancakes. He's used to making enough for his kids.

Thank you guys for making the trip.

The selfie of all of us turned out great.