Saturday, January 25, 2020

Memorial for Peggy - Visits

Auburndale, FL (Hi  69  Lo  54)

On Sunday we had a memorial for a friend in the park, Peggy. There were a few of us that planned and worked getting ready for a big turnout from the park and other of their friends. Peggy was a very special person, no one will take her place. RIP Peggy we hope you enjoyed it from above. (Click on the pictures to enlarge).
Our group, Diane, Sandi, Cindy, Joyce, Diane, Dee, Mary Lou, Linda and Donna

Tables setup in memory

It was her birthday so we had a cake.

We had 194 in attendance.

On Wednesday our RV'ing friends met us in Plant City for Cuban sandwiches then on to Strawberry shortcake in Parksdale Farms in Plant City. That's the first for the year and I'm sure we'll be there a couple more times before summer ends. It was in the 50's so we had coats/jackets on because of the cold wind.

Jim Lessie and Dee

Thursday I went to Sebring to meet with sis. We did some shopping  looking for clothes for the cruise and summer. Lots on sale. It's the in-between seasons for clothes.

Saturday we went to the movie 1917. It's up for award and we're trying to see all the movies that are nominated for the Oscars. It sure is a good movie and slightly different then any other war movie. Two thumbs up from us.

After the movie we found another fish market. I'm impressed with the selection and will be going back. They even got the bones out, they did a lot better then our other place.

We were watching some cruise ships on webcam and I happened to check the maps for all ships. This was mind boggling. It would seem there wouldn't be enough room for all of them in the waterways. Very interesting.

The rest of the week was foot doctor appointment, which the foot is healing well. My Christmas present from Jim for maids was a success. Playing cards with friends was another evening of fun. I don't sit still very long.
That's it for this week. There's another busy week coming up.

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Wine Tasting and Tampa RV Show

Auburndale, FL (Hi 80 Lo 61)

Saturday was the annual wine tasting at the clubhouse. It's my favorite event. I was on a cruise before the cruise so Patti helped with the details. We had several that signed up but didn't attend.  We had a great time and lots of different wines. Everyone comes with a bottle or two of wine. Those from the north bring their home state wine. If there's a couple one sits at the table explaining wine and pouring a shot glass for a sample. The other person walks around socializing and taking samples. Then they trade places. There's some wonderful wines and several from Michigan that are really good. Thank you everyone that attended. See you next year.

Our RV'ing friends Lessie and Anna come every year to be with us. (Click on the picture to enlarge).

The second big event this week was the Tampa RV show. I went with Lessie and Ed on Thursday, thinking the crowds would be less. I would hate to go on Saturday it was very crowded.  We used to go about every year when we were searching for our RV then again when we traveled we got supplies that's hard to find. It opened at 10:00 and parking lots were filling up fast. I wanted to check Class C's, B+, and small MH's. I also wanted to see how they updated them. I noticed no more carpets, yeah!  I thought they'd have residential refrigerators but they didn't, only a couple of them. Just an update for readers that don't know us, we were in an RV for six and half years. We went to all 48 states and had a wonderful time.
People at the show.

Bagpipe players

This restaurant is in a tent and has a good variety of food so we stood in line for some lunch.

View while eating.

We walked six miles for the day in 84 degree weather. It's the first time in a long time it wasn't cold and rainy. In fact I can't remember having such a great day.

Our little alligator was outside our window most of the week. He doesn't bother anyone or anything.

Saturday, January 11, 2020

January 2020 Cruise to Cocoa Cay and Nassau

Auburndale, FL (Hi 78  Lo  68)

This week was a cruise in the Bahama's with a gal from the community. I left Jim at home to defend for himself. Linda wanted someone to take a four day cruise to Coco Cay and Nassau. Just the perfect getaway. It's also the cruise we're taking the whole family in June so it was a good chance to learn what was there for the kids.

Monday we took a couple buses from the community and after two hours we were at the Cape Canaveral Port. It's a smaller port and quite organized. We were on the ship in no time. I only took a backpack and small carry-on for paperwork. (Click on the pictures to enlarge)
Dee & Linda

The day was hectic just trying to find everything. Our room and food is at one end of the ship and the entertainment was at the other end. It's almost like the other Royal Caribbean ships we've been on in the past. The highlight was the Spacex launch from the Cape in the evening. There were a lot of people that stood on the 13th deck to watch. It was awesome and we could see it for over five minutes.  That was great!
The liftoff.

We could see where we are on the TV in our room.

A view or two of the ship plus music from the 70's dancing on the catwalk.

Tuesday the second day was at Coco Cay. It's the private island for the Royal Caribbean ships. It's really neat and lots to do, but be prepared to pay. The food is free and very good. They take it from the ship. Good feast. We took the glass bottom boat tour which was excellent. The guy that told about the sea life was so good at explaining it all and brought up some sea creatures. There were fish and stingray we saw at the bottom of the boat. I'd highly recommend that tour. There's so many other things to do. Swimming with the pigs was another excursion, Parasailing, sightseeing to other islands etc. Here's info of excursions and prices for ideas. 

A few pictures of Coco Cay. Even with Iguanas. This one was hard to see.

Tallest water slide in the country.

Perfect Day

Coco Cay     Walking across the walkway into the park.

Lots of activities with excursions.

When I got home Jim took a picture on our location on Coco Cay.

Wednesday we were in Nassau. We had a great breakfast then went into town. It was a long walk from the pier.  We've done some walking this week.
We came upon a parade with a band and lots of people with wigs and long black robes. A lady on the sidewalk told us it was in honor or something about the judges from the islands of Bahamas. They do a parade once a year.

We went to the Straw Market which is popular with cruisers. It's a flea market on triple steroids. It's mind boggling and very different. If you get to go, drop in.

We spent almost four hours in town. One famous place is Senior Frogs. There's a lot going on in the bar. It's so much fun to watch the kids dancing and having so much fun.

The seats are cute.

Funny Named drinks.

Love it with all kinds ships in port.

Entertainment was

This guy was Joel Mason. He was really good.

The excursion was sunset cruise at 4:00. We went along the island with big homes and Yachts. We had a great sunset, but I would have rather been on open water. The sun went down behind homes and boats.

Views going back to the ship.

We left the port at 9pm.

Thursday was a day at sea. The ship stayed in one position all day. It was windy and the ship rocked more then the previous days. We had a great time on the ship just resting up from the week. We loved deck 14.

This ship also has the flowrider. We watched awhile, then roamed around.

Bungy jumping with video glasses.

Miniature golfing

Statues on the deck of the sports deck.

White caps means wind and it was cooler then normal. No swimming this trip and most of the time outside we wore a jacket.

We had our group get together for happy hour.

We went to the ice show and there was a very long line. We were sure we wouldn't get in, but we did. It was a fantastic show. 

Linda and I at dinner.

The cruise is over. I'll be back in June. We had a full moon on our last night. It was beautiful.

To see all the pictures click here.