Sunday, November 22, 2020

Nothing to Report Due to Covid

 Auburndale, FL (Hi 78 Lo 62)

It's been perfect weather with rain off and on, but it's sure been a quiet week. This blog will be very short today. 

I worked Monday and Friday at hospice and no one around. It was very quiet. Covid  has been on the rise so people have been staying in. The restaurants haven't closed, so we still go get meals or go in for meals for those that are staying open for dining in. We don't do it very often though. 

Friday night we had our zoom with the North Carolina friends catching up with them weekly has been a great weekly fun time. 

I've been crocheting all week to stay busy. I finished another nativity and another cow. No two items are alike. 

We're also seeing more and more birds in the canal and detention pond. The alligator came for a visit and I'm sure the Blue Heron was watching.  The alligator is to the right, see his snout?

                                            Sandhill cranes come about every week. 
Next week should be busier. We have plans for Thanksgiving. Stay safe. 

Saturday, November 14, 2020

Zoom - Hurricane Eta - Special Dinner - Critter - Visit

 Auburndale, FL (Hi 83  Lo 70)

Zoom has been our stable connection quite a few times this week. We did a zoom for rent negotiations and three of us got together to talk with the community owners. It's handy and less travel time for everyone concerned. Another zoom meeting with North Carolina friends was on Friday. Staying in touch is so important and also doing business has been great. 

We had hurricane Eta come our way after being in the Caribbean for several days. It was a Cat 1 by the time it got to the west coast of Florida. Tampa and St. Petersburg was hit with a lot of rain and wind damage was mainly from storm surge in the bay. We didn't get anything but bands of rain and wind was no more then 30mph. It was like a normal summer storm. We were suppose to go to Tampa for a Veterans Day meal but changed it to Thursday night instead. We were suppose to go to Texas de Brazil restaurant in March for our 50th wedding anniversary, but they closed it because of Covid. The vets got a 25% discount so it was good to take advantage of the discount and also get free dessert for our anniversary. 

They bring a skewer of meat to the table and slice off as much as you want of different meat varieties. The waiter and Jim.
I didn't participate in the meats, but the salad bar with different kinds of veggies I've never had was my meal. The cheeses were also very good and a variety. 

We were both quite satisfied and maybe make the restaurant a yearly place to eat. 

I put together the puzzle I started last month. I've been crocheting more then working on the puzzle. It's a pretty one and loaned from a neighbor so it goes back to her. 

Our son, Rick, bought a drumset. He played drums since he was very young all through school and college. It's so good to see him behind a set. This one won't bother the neighbors. It's all electronic. He's doing a great job and it's like he never missed a beat with so much time away from them. Good job Rick. If you want to hear click here
We've heard something under the house the past couple days. It's big, not just a rat. I heard it Saturday morning before getting up so went outside to check it out. It's a small squirrel. That's not good, they love chewing on wires. We'll call the pest control on Monday. 

We met with our friends, Lessie and Ed,  for lunch at Strawberry Hut in Plant City. They're leaving Florida before long and we wanted to see them before they take off. Lessie had some puzzles she picked up from a thrift store so I needed to get them, that will give me even more to do through the winter months in solitude from Covid. The Hut is about half way for both of us and the sandwiches are great. 

Lessie and Ed, thank you for meeting up with us. What a great day!
It's another week. Jim had dentist and his physical. Old age is creeping in, but nothing beyond a tooth being filled and the blood work was almost perfect. He's good to go for another year. 

Saturday, November 7, 2020

Elections - Glasses - Zoom - Critters

 Auburndale, FL (Hi 83  Lo  74)

We started the week with the time change. I hate that one hour change for meals and bedtime. I'm glad it only takes a couple days to adjust. 

The weather has been perfect this week, we're out of the 90's, at least for now. This whole week has been about elections. I never talk about politics on the blog. I'm only saying, IT'S OVER!  

I got my new glasses on Wednesday and they're fine. I'm finally done with all medical till December when I do the six month blood check. 

I'm all for zoom meetings and this week I had a zoom with friends in North Carolina. I still stay in touch with the kids, Jessica and Tyler, of the company I left in 2010. They're great kids and hopefully they'll come down to Florida for a visit as soon as Covid is over. Friday we had another zoom with North Carolina friends and RV'ing friends. It's great to see each other and catch up. 

I'm still working on Christmas orders for a few people and this is what I've been doing for the last month till now.                Cockatiels            


                                            Three cows
                                            Tortoise,  Blue Fairy Penguin, Flamingo, and Nativity Set. 

There's not much happening this week. Next week will be really busy. It seems to come in waves, either have a lot to do or nothing. 

Saturday, October 31, 2020

Haircut - Sister Visit - Cool Down

 Auburndale, FL (Hi 86  Lo 70)

I finally got a haircut this week. I haven't been to a salon since March but Jim has been doing a great job with clippers. I decided to let it grow long for the winter so it needed more of a trim that he can't do.  

My sister, Doris,  is here from Missouri for the winter so we made a date for Thursday to get together in Sebring. It's an hour for me and her, a good middle destination. We shopped at Bed, Bath and Beyond, then to Michaels and lunch at the Bistro that we like so well. 

Doris and I at the Bistro

Doris got a chicken salad and I got the quiche with salad and fruit. We both loved it. 

The weather finally cooled down on Saturday. high 86 and going cooler on Sunday. The humidity is also down which makes it nice to get out. Our golfcart died again so they picked it up on Friday. I hope it's nothing serious. They just had it a few months ago for the plug receptacle. We should get it back next week. The snowbirds are filtering in, so they're very busy with golfcarts not working from sitting all summer. 

I'm still crocheting and going to volunteer at hospice twice a week. Next week is the elections, can't wait till they're over. We'll see what else happens, never know, it's 2020. 

Saturday, October 24, 2020

Webinar - Vote - Grand Prix

 Auburndale, FL  (Hi  85  Lo  75)

This was a very busy week. Tuesday, I had my massage and chiropractor appointments that are monthly, but this one was the last in the building I've been going to for five years. I'm staying with the same two people, but in two locations, as of now. That can change by the time I get ready to see them again. 

Tuesday afternoon I had a very good webinar on a topic of how to negotiate rent in the community. It was put on by the FMO ( Federation of Manufactured Home Owners in Florida) It was excellent and very informative on how to work with owners of mobile home parks. Our rent increase is coming up and I'm on the committee to work with the HOA. I'm happy with zoom and join in quite a bit for other organizations. There were over 100 people on this one. 

Speaking of zoom: there's a new video chat on Facebook that I tried out and love it. You can open it up for everyone on your friend list or do an invite for just a few. If you open it up, like my first time, you can have people pop in to say hi catch up on what's going on and then leave. I didn't realize the first time that's what happened and a couple of the RV'ers met the people in the park. It was cool to do and I may leave it open one day just to see who wants to say hi. If you see it, just answer the invite. 

Wednesday: I played the weekly hand and foot card game. We still can't do a lot at the clubhouse but small groups seems to be ok. 

Thursday: we had a big day getting errands done. The update on the glasses, they're right by prescription. So I made another appointment for next Tuesday for the doctor to recheck my eyes. It's the left eye lens that was updated and I can't see a thing out of it, the right eye is doing all the work. So that problem is still ongoing. We went to Kohl's to return a package to Amazon, free of charge. That's good to know if you need to do a return, and they even pack it for you. From Kohl's we went to vote. We had no idea what we'd find, but there was no line, went in signed up got the ballot scanned then left. I took in the mailed ballot and it was taken away and cancelled. I was going to use it to copy to the real ballot  but couldn't do it. At least I got my vote in. 

Monday and Friday I went to hospice to work. But the biggest day is

Saturday:  We had tickets for the  qualification day for the Indy Car Grand Prix in St. Petersburg in March, it was cancelled because of Covid and rescheduled.  The three day weekend brings in  200,000 people there were only 60,000 allowed to attend.   We picked up Lessie and Ed, our RV'ing friends that came back from traveling to attend the race. There was no rain and we had a really good time. We walked the whole track and saw several types of cars raced or they had practice. What a day! Pictures of what we saw during the day. Notice everyone (but a very few) are in masks. All doing social distancing. (Click on the photos to enlarge)

   Ed, Lessie, Jim and Dee on the shuttle bus from Tropicana Field to Mahaffey Theater to the race course.  

Photo taken from the TV news on what the track looks like. It's a gorgeous area. 

What a wonderful day with friends and a new racing experience. Now we'll wait and see if the race will be in March 2021 as scheduled. 

Saturday, October 17, 2020

Movies - Uber Eats - The Mind

 Auburndale, Fl  (Hi 86  Lo  76)

We decided to watch a couple classic movies, the Exorcist 1973 this week since nothing good is on TV. 

And The shining 1980


That brought back memories and was better then the TV that has gone downhill since the pandemic. 

Jim found a special going on with Uber eats for $30 off meals that they deliver, we took advantage. of Red Lobster meal. It was excellent. We were worried about the steam from the meals in the containers  when you get them home would be soggy, but what we ordered (soup and spaghetti) was super even the biscuits were ok. Speaking of meals carried out, has anyone else got take out and get home and it's missing something or the order isn't right?  I love Wendy's apple pecan salad. The salad dressing is great but when I got it home today, there was no salad dressing. I checked to be sure I got the salad but didn't think about the dressing and the pecans. The last time they didn't have our fries but I hadn't checked. The sandwiches are seldom right. One of us has usually has something wrong. I'm going to start checking every little item and hold up people behind me. I'm tired of not getting what we ordered. 

 The week was normal with two days volunteering at hospice and crocheting.

I've been thinking lately on all the people that  have come in our lives over the years. 

We were full time in an RV for almost seven years and met so many people. Thanks to Facebook we keep up with a lot of them, but others I wonder what happened to them. There's always someone that knows someone else while on the road. You meet up with them along the way. I found out this week that the couple that started us on our way in the RV living. He died last week. It takes your breath away, knowing someone that changed your life isn't around any longer. 

I got a tablet in June and it has already died, so I broke it open to see what it looks like. The camera is tiny and I looked up on on how you can take the camera out and set it up for other uses. Just think where you could put it for spying.  

I got my new glasses today and they're not quite right. I'll give them another couple days but when I move around a lot like cooking I get light headed and feel like I'm falling. Not sure what it is, but need to have it rechecked. I'm glad I have the old ones to fall back on. I'm fine sitting and crocheting but not moving around. 

Next week a lot going on so please come back next Sunday for tales of the Walter household.