Saturday, July 13, 2019

ELO Concert - Fast Week

Auburndale, FL  (Hi 88   Lo  77)                      CHAT ROOM

The highlight of this week was the ELO (Electric Light Orchestra) concert on Sunday night. We bought tickets several months ago. I saw the band years ago and was so moved from the music. I was hoping they would do it again and THEY DID!!  It's the best concert ever, to me.
Amelie Arena was packed!

We could barely see the stage but the video to the right was perfect.

Jeff Lynn

Lots of lasers

We got home a little after midnight but it was well worth it.

The rest of the week was normal activities. I had a luncheon meeting at hospice on Monday. I thought it was next week so I almost missed it. I went in half hour early just because I was bored, I'm glad I did. At least I got there for the topic of how to keep the senior citizens safe from falling and  dangerous environments.

Wednesday,  I went to the coffee meeting at the clubhouse. There's nothing going on but it's a nice social time with people in the park. It's free donuts and coffee and if there's anything important it's brought up.

Thursday was the monthly massage and chiropractor appointment.  I've been having massages every month since 1999. It's well worth it and the chiropractor keeps my hip back in place. I turned wrong in the golf cart a couple days ago and it slipped out of joint. Just a normal thing for me. I do a wrong move and it goes out.

This week went fast, guess I stayed busy enough to not be bored.

Friday, July 5, 2019

Five Days with Sister

Auburndale, FL (Hi 92  Lo  77)                       CHAT ROOM

My sister, Doris, is down in Florida for a few weeks from Missouri. She stayed with us for five days and we didn't sit still long. It's a two day trip so she used Monday to get rested up and adjust to our heat. She loves Florida so that didn't take long.

Monday, we went to Keel and Curley winery. We both bought a couple bottles of wine, and we got two free. Great wines and they also have beers. We had dinner at Ford's Garage, one of our go to places. The Ford outside the door with both of us.   (Click on the pictures to enlarge).

Tuesday, we stayed close to home but went to Lakeland to see the swans at Morton Lake. Read about how they came to Lakeland HERE 
The black swan is gorgeous.  None of them are afraid of people till you try to touch them, then they move.

There's several swans and some other birds and ducks. It's a great place to relax and watch.

Wednesday, we were up early and headed to Kennedy Space Center. The traffic was stop and go on I- 4. It took about two hours to get there. The crowd was nothing like it was in December. No waiting lines even for the tour bus was quick. When we were with the kids in December, the Government had shut down part of the activities. We got to see the launch pads and drove all around the VAB building along with the what we did before. It was so different and wonderful.
At the entrance

At the bus tour entrance.

The vehicle assembly building, back and front. There's a lot of activity inside and out.

Transporters that take the rockets to the launch pads.

Both tracks are gravel for the transporters.

More on the way to and from the launch pads.

The new Space X assembly is built horizontal instead of vertical. They move the rocket to the launching pad differently and it's closer.

The launch pad for Space X

This is minor but if you enlarge the picture there's a bird on each pole. It's as if they were watching over the complex.

Back at the Kennedy Center we went through the other complexes. The Atlantis was my favorite.

Control Center

If you're interested in more info on the Kennedy Center the blog from December has more info when we went with the kids.

We left about 4:00 to head to Patrick AFB for the night.  The traffic wasn't real bad and we made good time in getting our room and eat at the mess hall. We were too tired to walk around the riverside so went back to the room and crashed. It's really hot in the 90's and I had enough of being outside. We went to bed early.

Thursday, we thought we'd go to a few wineries, but came up with the idea of going around the base, walk a small section of the Indian river and the ocean, get breakfast at the mess hall. We didn't get up in time for the mess hall. It's the fourth of July and it closed early. We did talk to a couple people on the river edge working with a horseshoe crab it had been turned upside down and down a high bank so no one could get to it. We watched them work with it for awhile which they did get it back in the water and turned over and it took off. Nice to see that happen. We went to the Base Exchange thinking we could get breakfast. The food court was closed. The BX was open so we walked around that awhile then went on A1A for a nice drive down the coast. It took awhile to find somewhere to eat. Almost everything was closed for the holiday.
Very little traffic

I wanted to stop at the beach and pulled into a parking lot just to see the ocean. It happened to be a portion of the beach (Cordova beach) that allowed dogs. That's the first time either of us had seen so many dogs. The owners we forcing some of them in the water and one poodle was burnt. That pup was miserable.

This one had swimming suit on.

The water was quite warm.
We continued down A1A to Vero beach. There were cars everywhere along the road at any opening to the beach. The parking lots were full.  That's why no traffic on the road, they were already on the beach for the day. This is the one of the state parks. (Click to enlarge)

We turned west on 60 and headed back home. We arrived at 4:00 and drank some wine and chilled the rest of the evening.

Doris left on Friday morning to head to Okechobee to her winter place. She loves the lone time and has some friends that are in her park she has fun with.  What a great five days with her.

Just something to add, our neighbor has a very cool plant.  Not sure what it's called  but thought to be a lifesaver plant.

Saturday, June 29, 2019

Flea Market - Dentist - and More

Auburndale, FL (Hi 88   Lo 74)                          Chat Room

Saturday, it was hot and humid but I wanted to pick up some veggies at the flea market. It's been awhile since I've done that and it was packed with people. I had another gal with me and we had a car load of stuff. It's great having fresh veggies and fruits. Now to eat it before it goes bad. I'm hoping to go every couple weeks. The rest of the flea market has vendors but it was too hot to walk around and I didn't need anything. We had some shrimp in the freezer that needed to be cooked up. It can't get too old so, Jim did all the cleaning and we made a batch of two and half pounds of shrimp from North Carolina. Jim's family are shrimpers so it was fresh out of the ocean at the time of packing.

Tuesday we wanted to see Toy Story 4, but no seats. There was a lot of cars in the parking lot so we knew there were a lot of people just never figured it was  full for two time slots. We'll go another time. While we were out we picked up some food products at the bulk store and ordered our kitchen flooring. We don't like the porcelain flooring we put down, so we're going with the new cork and vinyl pieces that fits together. It will be here end of July. The porcelain isn't for mobile homes there's too much flexing in the flooring and it's really hard to clean.

Wednesday, I went to the torture chamber for a root canal. I haven't had one in quite awhile and either forgot the pain or this one was worse then it's ever been. I had two shots one in the roof of the mouth and one in the back of the mouth. The whole rest of the day it was really hurting, thanks to Iboprofen.  I slept through the night and the next day it didn't hurt except when trying to eat, but it wasn't bad. I'm hoping it doesn't act up. I don't get a crown fitting till the 8th and another week to wait to have it put in. I looked up on  on how a root canal is done. I sure wouldn't be able to do it. I couldn't see where the root is and how they find it.

I made some cute crocheted flip flop earrings and dolphins this week.

My sis is arriving tomorrow, so next weeks blog will be a big one with all kinds of activities.

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Movie - Birthday Party

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It's a slow week.  I played a game called Spinners on Saturday. Sunday we stayed around so Jim wouldn't miss a Father's day call from the boys. Monday I volunteered at hospice. There's 12 beds and 10 of them had someone in them. I visited with the family members with the comfort basket. It's full of goodies for people to snack. A lot of them fly in from another state and don't have access to something to eat right away. I try to bring a little cheer and everyone seems to appreciate a conversation.

Tuesday we decided to see Secret Life of Pets 2. This is a great family movie and lots of laughing. We both give it 2 thumbs up

Wednesday is the weekly meeting at the clubhouse. Basically it's for donuts and coffee and social with the people that's left in the park. I play hand and foot at noon but this week I skipped it.  Wednesday night we celebrated my birthday and Linda's.

That's always a fun time to get together with laughs and fun time.  Thanks gals.

Thursday I had an  ENT  appointment. I'm having trouble smelling. I didn't even know I couldn't till someone wanted me to smell something and I couldn't smell it. So now I'll be scheduled for a CAT scan. I'm waiting for a call for scheduling.

It's too hot to play shuffleboard, so gave that up for the summer.

Friday, June 14, 2019

Hurricane Preparedness - More Doctor Appointments - Sheriff Class

Auburndale, FL (H 85  L  75)                       CHAT ROOM 8:30pm EST

All week we've been collecting things for hurricanes. We had a "Connections Meeting" at hospice once a month and the topic this month was what to pack. There's even a battery pack with D batteries and paperclips to have ready to charge your phones. We ordered this little lamp that has five brightness levels that will be real handy it's a hurricane lamp without a flame. It's quite bright and you can hang it upside down to shine up a whole room. In our case, it's two rooms. (Click on the photos to enlarge).

I'm getting all the health lab reports back from the lab this week and all is well.  I'm very low in B12 so taking a vitamin once a day, but no changes for the other pills and doing fine. I don't go back for another year for all the labs and in six months for the A1C count. My eyes are perfect with no changes. That's great news. Still have a couple more appointments to go to finish out all the health stuff.  I ended the week with my monthly massage and chiropractor appointment, so all set.

We have some new ducks that have come to visit this week. They're black bellied whistling ducks. Not sure if they whistle, been quiet so far.

It's been raining every day and it's fun to watch the sheets of rain come across the lake.

Ducks were asleep  all over the yard when the rain comes, they all stand up and FACE the rain. They never move, just stand in one spot till the rain subsides. We love our view of the canal and all the ducks, birds, alligators, and turtles. Our alligator was around most of the week.

Thursday night we went to an assailant class at the sheriff's center. There were close to 100 people. The two officers told us what to do if a shooter came to a public place, school, college or church. We have to be prepared either with or without a concealed carry weapon. It was quite interesting and well worth the time. The stats were scary. It can happen anytime anywhere, are you prepared?

I've been doing a lot of crocheting and one thing that caught my eye was earphone pouches. So I made a few. Front and back

One for Halloween.

We went to Olive Garden for father's day.  They have a new dish for those that don't want to eat pasta. It's super good, has zucchini pasta (Zoodles), red peppers, mushrooms, broccoli,  shrimp or chicken, in a garlic basal sauce. That's now a go to place since Jim likes his pasta and I'm trying to stay away from it. (No carbs)  When I first get something from a restaurant I only eat half of it and bring the rest home. Helps to keep from getting "full".

See you next week.