Saturday, June 27, 2020

Father's Day

Auburndale, FL  (Hi  98  Lo 75)               

8:30 to 11:30pm  eastern time daily

Sunday was Father's Day.  We had to find something open with good steaks. Longhorn in Lakeland was open for seating. We decided to go before the rush so arrived at 4:00 (old people's time). There were cars everywhere but seating was spread out. The meal for both of us was outstanding. We'll be going there more often.

Monday and Wednesday I worked at hospice. I'm on a new project which will last several months, so I'll be busy. I'm still working with scanning in files so they can go paperless. I'm in an office alone so no need for mask. The Covid19 is increasing in a few states and ours is one of them. It seems the bars are the biggest thing with kids going and not distancing, so they've closed them again. 

Friday I had a prep for a crown. It's on the lower side so no shot in the roof of the mouth. On Saturday the temporary crown came off, so back to dentist on Monday to have it re-glued. I did put it back on so have to be careful in eating till Monday. 

I've been working on another puzzle, playing games on the computer and watching a lot of TV to pass the time. I did get my bus for the village. 
I finished my all time favorite puzzle. I bought it while we were fulltime rv'ing in a car show place somewhere in the midwest. I love what it represents. In our travels we've been to several of these places, a few places on the puzzle I wish we did see but this may help someone that wants to take a vacation to see "roadside" articles. Click the picture to enlarge for details. It's really neat. It took three days at 7 to 8 hours a day average.
Full view puzzle
Closer up for different areas

It's been a slow week. Like everyone else, I'm tired of not going anywhere or not having stores open. 

Saturday, June 20, 2020

A Week of Appointments - Visiting and GoodBye's

Auburndale, FL (Hi 90  Lo  79)

We're still in partial shutdown from  the Corona Virus (Covid 19) around the area and it seems to be spreading more lately. We're thinking with the riots and people going back to work without a vaccine it's going to stay that way. We were working on getting our cruises setup for next year,  but they've cancelled anything going out till at least September so we're holding off. The ports are still closed, we're hoping to still do the river boat cruise next May 2021.

This week we had more appointments. There's seldom anytime you make one appointment and not be going back, maybe a few times. I went to a new dentist which is closer for a cleaning. I thought I'd be done for the year, but now I need a crown on another tooth because the filling on it is OLD. I've heard that word quite a bit lately. I had a birthday, it's just a number, but it's getting closer to being very old. Ok, laugh.

Monday and Wednesday I worked at Hospice. I'm done with one of the big projects, but the boss says there's another one just about like it, Bring it on. I love going there for a lot of reasons. I'm still on the computer and all is great. I just wish we could visit more but that won't be for quite awhile.

Tuesday I went to a neighbors for some chat time. It's been almost three months that we've got together. It's really good to have some laughs.

Friday we went to Plant City for  Cuban Sandwiches. I'm sorry I didn't get pictures. I didn't even think about it. We met with Lessie and ED to say goodbye till October. Lessie taught me how to do the ancestry. The kids have been asking about it so I thought I'd try it. I worked all day Saturday on it. Now I'm hooked at least till I get bored with it.  Friday evening we got on zoom to chat with our friends in NC. We catch up for the week.
Cyndi and Gary, Dee, Jim, Jerry

I had my massage on Thursday with the chiropractor which is monthly. My massage gal is trying something new called cupping. She took a picture of my back with the cups and without. The red marks stayed for three days, but it sure has helped with stiffness and soreness. No more hurting when I roll over in bed or certain movements in the car. That's going to be a monthly treatment. It looks like a monster.

Just some other things this week. We had two pairs of Spoonbill birds. There were fishing for breakfast. There's an egret watching with a black bird in the background. (Click the photos to enlarge).

Two Mallard ducks joined the group. (To the left)

A Woodstork joined us Saturday night.

This is the time of year we get storms every night. It might not be here but pretty much all over the state of Florida they can pop up in minutes. I happened to get one of the clouds that gave us lots of rain with thunder and lightening.

I finished another puzzle. This is the state of North Carolina with lots of words on what things are in the state. Very neat to do and only took 36 hours to do it. I still have five more to go. I work them in between ancestry.

I hope everyone stays safe.

Saturday, June 13, 2020

Summer Rains - New Projects - TV Shows - Nature - Cruising

Auburndale, FL (Hi 88  Lo 80)

We're in the summer pattern of rains in the afternoon about 3:00 we have rain/storms everyday. It can be sunny and pouring rain at the same time. The temperatures drop about 10 degrees in very short time then the humidity goes up. It's Florida and it hasn't changed since we were here in the 70's.

I have been working on new projects. Someone had a cute crocheted nurse on Facebook. It didn't take long to make her.  I'll give her to the nurses station at hospice on Monday. The letters are Good Shepherd Hospice. I try to work at least two days a week sometimes three days when nothing is going on and I'm pacing the floor.

I also crocheted an eagle for the tree in village set.

The tree is in the bottom part. I'm adding people, kids, figures all the time. It will be a fun ongoing project. I'm also making more roads and even a ski slope. Fun stuff.

We're always looking for new shows on TV for daily and evening watch. I do puzzles, crocheting and computer games while watching if the show isn't something you have to watch every second. We watch series like a new one on Amazon Prime, Modern Love. Our son told us about it and we're glad we started watching, it's very good. There's so many new shows on Netflix. It's been fun checking out all the channels till they get normal TV shows and the people back on set. We're hooked on another season of ALONE, which is a great reality show, with people in the Artic staying totally alone for 100 days for one million dollars.  We'll continue finding interesting shows.

Speaking of interesting, we're watching a lot of animals and birds in the canal. Two of the alligators are lingering all week in the back of the house. A huge turtle has been close to the house. One turtle laid eggs in a yard in the community. We're hoping nothing gets them and they will hatch.

The Sandhill cranes have been in the back for a few days. They're really noisy and lets you know they're here. We also have mallards visiting lately.

Baby birds are growing up and finding food on their own this week. Nothing better then watching nature.

We had a day of talking to our travel agent to get the next cruise with the family setup. Last week we should have gone and it was cancelled so we're trying again for June 2021. We also have word that we can now plan our flights to Europe for May 2021. We're going to have a very busy summer next year, adding in the grandkids graduations in May. We're hoping cruising gets going soon. See you next week.

Sunday, June 7, 2020


Auburndale, FL

It's my 72nd birthday the new 52. It's just a number, right? Sometimes I feel 52 something 102, just like anyone getting closer to the 80 mark. If anyone wants a really good laugh about age please check out Ray Ramano Right around the corner.
It's well worth the time to check out.

Today was LOBSTA day!  Our regular Boston Lobsterfest wasn't open yet, so we went to Orlando.

It's a huge restaurant and laid out totally different then the one in Kissimmee. The buffet was different, you couldn't pick up your own food like we usually do, it's served to you. I went straight to the lobster and buttered shrimp.

I didn't see the crab legs so asked the waitress if they had any. She went and got eight of them for me. I forgot to take a picture of them, but this is the size when I Jim went back for two more lobsters.

Then another two after that.
Total eight crab legs and six lobsters.

Also Jim got me a cute RV for my village.

I also now have a tablet for the outside camera. My birthday was excellent!  Just another year older.

Saturday, June 6, 2020

Alligator Watch - Million Dollars - Outside Camera

Auburndale, FL (Hi 80  Lo 75)

Florida is becoming more open with stores and restaurants, gyms and bars. The main malls, churches  and small stores are still not open. We'll see how it goes thru the next few weeks.

We have the little alligator in the retention pond and in the canal daily. A couple people were fishing across the fence in the next property and it was chasing the bait they were throwing in the canal. It was fun watching him go in the direction they'd throw the line. They finally gave up and went to the dock to fish. The alligator didn't follow them. It's fun watching birds and alligators outside our windows.

The puzzle I started May 10 is now done. It was a challenge. It's a million dollars. The whole puzzle was different bills and some were upside down and sideways. It's a fun puzzle to do with 1000 pieces. Now to the next one. (Click on the photos to enlarge)
There's been damage to cars (keying) and little misplaced stuff in the yard. There was a golfcart stolen which was found the next day. Someone is being mischievous so we decided to get an outdoor camera. My birthday is tomorrow (Sunday),  so it's a gift. I've been wanting one for awhile to keep an eye on "stuff". It's also part of the house that has no windows and also who's at the door and a watch on the car and golfcart. Our windows are on the lake side not in front or side. We can also watch for critters.

We went out Friday to get groceries so decided to eat at our favorite BBQ place Smokey Bones.

A couple things we've noticed, is the menus are paper copies and tables are separated. There hasn't been very many people (which is a good thing) each time we've gone out. It's nice to have a meal fixed and brought to us nice and hot. What a concept! (haha)

I'm still working two and three days at hospice on the computer. The new program still has glitches, but learning how to cope with them. It's a fun project and feels good to be helping them. Now that the puzzle is done, I think I'll go back to crocheting. I'll put in a picture when I'm done with the next project.

Another thing we've been doing is still keeping up with our zoom chats with the NC friends. We're staying in touch with everyone thru zoom, the chatroom that is nightly and for anyone with texting. It's great.

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Hard to Say "NO" - Special Launch

Auburndale, FL  (Hi 92  Lo  73)

I'm starting out with something going on during the Covid 19 about getting groups together. At the moment we can't meet in groups and you have to stay six feet away from each other. It's something that you have to think about having groups meeting for cards, or any sports activities. I'm thinking on a smaller scale, the yearly craft fair. The past four years I've had a craft fair in the community. It's a lot of time and at times headaches, but it's my love and I was so excited to do it.  In the past couple months I've been getting calls from vendors wondering if I'm still having it this year. It's so hard to say no.  There's several things in life you just can't say no, helping others for one thing, I'm not a no person even though I want to at times. I'm sure there's others that think the same thing, but it's even harder now being under quarantine. I haven't seen anyone in the community except on a golfcart in passing.

I'm still working at hospice and I'm learning a new way of scanning files into the computer. It's great to get it done faster and it's quite challenging. I worked Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. I'll go back on Monday now that I've learned how to do it a different way and get caught up. 

The highlight of the week was going to Cape Canaveral for the Spacex launch. We took Lessie and Ed with us.  This was a planned two man launch to the space station.
Dee, Jim, Lessie, Ed

They met us here then we went on over to the Cape about 11:30. It's only a couple hours there but we hit traffic 18 miles out and it was stop and go all the way to US 1. The traffic was so bad we decided to stay on US 1 and not go over the bridge to A1A.  (Click on photos to enlarge).

We drove till we found a nice spot across from the VAB building in the distance. The 39A pad was just to the right. We ended up in Sharpes, right on the river side in a parking lot. It wasn't long before people were all around us and cars were parking on both sides of the road.

The tree to the left and looking left is the VAB (Vehicle Assembly building).

It rained a couple times while sitting waiting for the countdown. We took chairs and went on the other side of the road past the tree and waited for the launch at the 10 minute countdown. There were a LOT of people.

and there it was!  (See the light above the women in pink.

Watch the launch. I didn't let it run the whole time.

Then out of sight.

The roar was a minute later and it was loud. It was amazing. We're back into the space program. They're going to connect to the space station at 10:30 on Sunday morning. It's all on if you're interested to seeing the whole thing. We're so glad we went over. The trip home was stop and go traffic. We stopped to eat at Miller's Ale restaurant.

When we got home we had a downpour like a hurricane without wind. We found a bad leak in the bedroom window putting water all over the floor, so we'll be getting our maintenance guy out to put more caulking on the top. In the meantime when it rains, we have towels catching the water.
We're so glad we decided to go to the Cape. We knew since the first launch was scrubbed because of weather it was a chance it wouldn't go up again, but it did. It's quite a sight (and feeling) to watch a launch.

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Storm Season - New App - Boredom

Auburndale, FL (Hi 95  Lo 72)

Monday started off with a severe storm. We've already had a threat from Arthur the first named storm of the season, and it's a few weeks before hurricane season starts. This could be a long summer with hurricanes, we'll see how that pans out. It's the time of year we get a storm or rain every day about the same time, 3:00pm. Some are so fast it drops rain then moves on. There's been times it can be sunny, drop a burst of rain while you're grocery shopping and sunny when you come out to load the car. It can also be sunny and rain at the same time, it's just Florida weather.

I worked at hospice on Tuesday, the rest of the week we were busy with yearly doctor appointments. We do all our physical stuff around my birthday in June. This year is quite different with wearing masks and no one else besides you in the doctors office. We both had our dermatology appointments, they check your temperature and ask a bunch of questions on where we've been and who we've been around if they've had the Covid 19 etc. We both failed in getting some skin frozen or biopsy done. Jim's eye appointment was Friday. I couldn't go or if I did I'd have to stay in the car which is too hot. He went alone and made it back with dilated eyes. I hope two people can go into the office in July when I have my appointment. I can't see to drive when I get my eyes dilated.

Friday was video chat with two different sessions. I talked to friends that we met in the RV'ing time of our lives. We had five of us on messenger video chat. It's so great hearing about everyone's life outside of the RV. We're all bored and ready to get out and about. Most of Florida is opening, but not some other states where the other people on video were located. We also did another video with our NC friends. It's our weekly meeting with everyone.

I did find something interesting and it's going to take awhile to get it done. I found a great app to take inventory of my thread. I have lots of thread and it's hard to know when I need more or what colors I need to buy. This app has everything. I need to do the input of each color but I can add and delete as I use it. That's going to be very useful. It's called stock and inventory. I can even add a picture and do a scan for the labels.

No pictures today, that's so unusual for me. I enjoy reading blogs and facebook updates from people we've known thru the years in the RV world. A lot of them have bought houses, but still post something. Thanks to everyone that does that, good to keep up and gives us something to do these days.

Saturday, May 16, 2020

Mother's Day - Scavenger Hunt

Auburndale, FL (Hi  87  Lo  73)

The week goes from Sunday to Saturday and last Sunday was Mother's Day. We didn't do anything special, we had gone out to eat on Saturday night. The kids called and we talked awhile. Most of the day I spent working on my third 1000 piece puzzle.

Monday and Tuesday I worked at hospice. I'm now ahead with scanning and some computer entry to let the other person catch up. Tuesday I also had a massage. I have a back spasm that keeps hurting so the extra massage was great to get it loosened up. The massage therapist is beside a great little diner. They have the best BBQ which I had and Jim had the Cheesesteak sandwich.

Wednesday was a fun day. We needed a bunch of groceries that the pickup said they didn't have so back to Walmart. I found almost everything and got two boxes of things I can't get most of the time, like brown rice. The shelves were almost empty. They stock every day, but most of the restaurants aren't open yet so people are still cooking at home. You can tell the comfort foods, macaroni, spaghetti sauce, all the carb foods. I still need a couple things but doesn't effect what I want to use for meals. We got the car washed which had tons of love bugs on it. Then to the Keel and Curley winery to pick up some more wine. I couldn't do any wine tasting, but still stocked up on wine.

Friday we had another video call from our friends in NC. It's great staying in contact with them.

Saturday the community had a scavenger hunt. We got cards with addresses and we marked the little flags outside the houses that you could see from the street without getting off your golfcarts or out of cars. They did Easter the same way only it was stuffed animals. It was so fun. We got to say hi to everyone passing each other and still be outside awhile.

This is our hiding place for the flag.

At 4:00 we all met to see who were the winners. We came in second, judged on the time spent and amount of flags found.

Our prize was a bag, catsup, pickle relish, mustard, paper plates and napkins, hot dogs and buns. We're ready to party.

The sunset for this week was so pretty, just wish photos would capture the real thing better.