Friday, May 18, 2018

Rainy Season has Started - Monthly and very Special Lunch

Auburndale, FL (Hi  82    Lo 69)

Saturday: we planned on going to a craft fair, but when we were leaving it started raining. It's getting into the rainy season in Florida. They're usually quick strong downpours and the craft fair was outside in a central park. We went to a carport sale of our neighbors instead. Then we went home and I crocheted. Rains are a little different in Florida. It can be raining on the one side of street and the sun is shining and not raining on the other side. Some showers are so quick it's like a downpour then gone in seconds. It's a good idea to never leave your windows open if you go in the store even for a minute.

Monday: we started our first series of doctors appointments for the year. If we're lucky we'll not have to go back for another year to any of them. This time it was dermatology. We both checked out ok, just a couple freezing on some spots and good till next year. That's good news.

Wednesday: we had our monthly luncheon with only gals. We went to Millers Ale House in Celebration.  The food was good and it was timed that we all got it at same time. (Click on the pictures to enlarge).

My three fish tacos. I had to take one home.

The gals that attended. There were 25 of us.

Just as we were ready to leave a big rain storm hit, waited a few minutes and it was gone with bright sunshine.

Thursday: we took Verner for his 97th birthday to Cherry Pockets in Lake Wales. Donna went with us. It's a rustic place in the middle of nowhere. We were there in 2013 but they've upgraded quite a bit.

Jim, Donna, Verner

Jim with his dessert. 

Donna looks like she's had enough.  Our desserts were huge.

Verner ate the WHOLE thing.

We had a great time visiting and again hit a rain storm on the way home with lightning just ahead of us. It was gone by the time we got back to the community.  Happy Birthday, Verner, it's really on June 23, but he's leaving to go north and won't here.

I'm still crocheting and this little bear was done in the thread type that makes necklaces. It's too hard to work with for what I do, but it came out cute.

Friday morning we had a visitor in the canal. The resident alligator was back and stayed on the bank for quite awhile. It's the younger one from last year and it's grown quite bit. We haven't seen the bigger ones lately.

We have a day trip planned for Saturday, so stick around we'll post all about it next week.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Cinco de Mayo - Lunch with Friends - Military Mats

Auburndale, FL  (Hi  93  Lo 66)

Saturday was Cinco de Mayo and we had a party at the clubhouse. Marty and his wife Jean were chairman and did a wonderful job on tacos with all the trimmings plus Mexican cookies.


Cindy talking with the tickets takers, Sandy and Dan

They even did a Mexican hat dance.

We had a great time and thanks to Marty for being chairman.

Sunday we had lunch with RV'ing friends Harry and Jessica from Avon Park. We go down to see them every once awhile and this time they came up to us.

We went to a pub that you get flight of six drinks. We tried different ones. We also had wings which were excellent. We'd like to go back on a Friday night to have exotic meats, like kangroo, or Elk etc.

We visited most of the afternoon and said our goodbye's till next fall when they're done with summer travels. They have a fifth wheel.

I don't normally tell anything that bothers me with some political things. This topic is dear to me and I feel there's no publicity on the subject. We were in the military 26 years and it's sad to see how the military is being treated.

We make grocery bag mats to send to the military. We found a lady that makes boxes of supplies for the military that don't have access to the base exchanges. They're not even given soap, deodorant, socks, nothing. It's up the the families or friends to get supplies to them of any kind. They do get food but that's it.  Kathy started a group that gets donations from companies and packs the essentials for our military. Any military person can sign up and get a box. If you'd like to help or know more about this wonderful organization please click here.  

We are making mats to send overseas. They're used in foxholes, beside their beds, in showers, sandy areas in Afghanistan or where ever needed to stay cleaner. Our community helped with mats, toiletries, and some money.

Linda, Donna and Dee with  a couple mats.

Linda with Kathy

Listening to Kathy on what's going on with the military.

We went out to lunch then to the Christmas Store in Altamonte Springs.

This store is like Bed Bath and Beyond except a lot better prices and more selections. We left and got into the Orlando traffic. It was a grand day and thanks Donna and Linda for going with me. We learned a lot.

This weekend is Mother's Day. There's another busy week coming up so stayed tuned. Please think of what you can do to help our military. 

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Flea Market - Boat Ride on Lake - Golfcart Update

Auburndale, FL  (Hi 89  Lo 65)

Saturday we went to the flea market. Jim is playing darts with me and wanted his own set. There's a place that has a board to practice different weights of darts. He found a set he liked and tried them out on Monday night. He loves them. He's set now to play and beat the rest of us.  We love the flea market this time of year. It's not crowded and all the vendors are there. In about a month there won't be nearly as many vendors. It's really hot and not many buyers.

The update on the golf cart from last week. We got it back on Monday, it was a corroded cable. It's been running great and so handy to go all over the  community without taking the car. I could walk to everything I do but mosquitoes are so bad here after dark there wouldn't be anything left of me to get back home.

Our neighbor has a pontoon boat. He's taken us around the lake a couple times. We had another couple neighbors and we went out again this week for a sunset cruise around the lake. Here's a few pictures.

Our resident alligator was watching us before we left.

A bunch of buzzards having dinner at the far the side of the lake.

I love dead trees. Both of these were fine before hurricane Irma.

The house we see from our place that's still waiting for roofers from the hurricane Irma.
Looking toward our place on the canal.

We were invited John and Shirley's house for a party  to meet their grandson, Aaron from England. It was a fun time and while we were there one of the guests brought in a quilt that someone made for him. John and Shirley are holding it up.

 The quilt belongs to Vern, he's 97 next month.  Molly and Kathy are beside him.

Art, Linda, Aaron and Jan

Dan, Sandi and Donna

Besides the normal weekly activities I'm still crocheting orders for people.

The back patio is already getting hot. There's still no high humidity but that's coming soon.

It's been another great week. What will we get into for next week?