Saturday, March 6, 2021

Bits and Pieces of Info - Puzzles - Where are Friends

 Auburndale, FL  (Hi 70  Lo  54)

I haven't mentioned the website of the "Critters" I make in awhile. I do orders and not make things ahead of time. I don't have the space to keep them and not knowing what will sell I'd rather just hear what people want and do it to order. If you want a dog we'll work out details by getting a picture so I have colors. Everyone has a favorite animal. I do the amigurumi items so they're seldom over five inches tall. 

The website click here. The prices are on the right side after clicking on the picture. (If the prices aren't there let me know). 

Another piece of info we have a chatroom that anyone can join. It's mainly for the "seniors", but we have a good time chatting about what's going on with our lives. The chatroom was started June 2007 and some of us are still together every evening from 8:30 eastern till we get tired or 11:30 whichever comes first. 

Click here for chatroom. 

This week went as usual. Monday and Friday was spent at Hospice with Friday evening on zoom with North Carolina friends. 

Tuesday was my massage and chiropractor appointment. I'm trying to keep my neck moving from arthritis. 

Wednesday Ed and Lessie came over to finish up a puzzle and have lunch at Big Tom's in Lakeland. I think this is beyond a mouthful. Jim says it's a wonderful half pound burger. (Click on the photos to enlarge). 

While there we stopped in at Lighthouse Ministries thrift store and picked up more puzzles. I have enough for awhile. This is the one we finished in 6 hours. It was harder then we expected with 750 pieces. 

Puzzles I picked up for the future. The bottom left is reunion of penguins. That's going to be a challenge. 
I've had some time to just think lately which probably isn't a good thing. Have you ever wondered where the people  you've met in your life are located and how they're doing? Those you went to school with,  or worked with, and in our case on the road while full time RV'ers? I'm thankful for Facebook or MeWe to keep up with people when they post, but what about all the others. It would be interesting to hear what's happened in their lives and how they are doing health wise. Maybe that's what brought it on. AGE. lol 

This week will be filled with fun and pictures. My sister and I are going to do sister time and taking off from the hubbies. What are we going to get into, stay tuned. 

Saturday, February 27, 2021

Lunch - Strawberries - Visit

 Auburndale, FL  ( Hi 90   Lo 67)

This was a slower week. I did a lot of crocheting to pass the time and of course started another puzzle. I did work at hospice Monday and Friday in the computer room. They're hoping to start up patient visits soon. 

Wednesday I went with three other gals  to Culver's for lunch. We play cards together and we wanted to get out and do something together. It was a good meal then went back and played hand and foot for the rest of the afternoon. 

Saturday we met our RV'ing friend Lessie and Ed at Plant City for lunch across the street from the strawberry shortcake place. We wanted lunch before dessert. They forgot my meal and everyone else was done by the time I got mine. We had to find the waitress for my meal, she never did come back to check  on us. The food was mostly good, but doubt if we go back. It's under new management so maybe they were still learning everything. We went across the street to Parksdale Farms for the strawberry shortcake. It was very crowded. The line was wrapped around in three lines. Most wearing masks. 

Ed and Lessie with the ice cream strawberry boat. 
This little Ibis is brown and white. It's the first time we've seen one this color around here, they're mostly white only. 
The family of ducks and a basket full of a dozen eggs. It was for an order, The little mark on the front of the little duck is exactly how the real duck looks like. 

Sunday, February 21, 2021

Valentines Dinner - Cruise Cancelled - Flea Market - Mars

Auburndale, FL  (Hi 65   Lo 48)

 We decided at the last minute to go out for dinner for Valentines on Sunday. We had an Olive Garden gift card that we received last year. There were a lot of people when we got there but we went online to get on the list and didn't have to wait more then five minutes. That's a new thing which worked really well. It was great getting out and no cooking for the night. 

The first thing we did Monday was cancel our Rome cruise in November. We know we may be early, but there's all kinds of cancellations up to June for cruising and it's getting time to put down a payment for flights. It's too risky in not getting our down payment back if we wait. We KNOW there's no cruising for fall and we're not feeling comfortable with all that's happening. 

Lessie and Ed came over on Tuesday to work on puzzles. We also went puzzle shopping at the flea market and Goodwill on Thursday. At the flea market they give camel rides and there's wolves to see. It wasn't real crowded but a lot of people were roaming around. We did find a couple puzzles there. Pictures of the camel ride and veggie area. (Click on the pictures to enlarge). 

Both puzzles we've finished this week. They're called life, they look like they're coming off the frame. It's so neat. 

History was made again with Perseverance landing on Mars. This is the fifth time they've landed on Mars with  a land rover. It's funny we can get pictures from Mars but we can't get zoom from going out and stop or TV or WIFI to have continuous feed. Let's get priorities in order. 

I made a couple items for crochet orders this week, a rooster and hen. 

I haven't posted pictures from the dock lately. I've been walking down in the afternoons and it's so pretty. 

I'm staying busy and off the streets. See you next week. 

Saturday, February 13, 2021

Roof Leak Fixed - Visit -Vaccine - Dentist

 Auburndale, FL (Hi 84  Lo 68)

Monday: The week started with a fix to the water leak over the kitchen door. It's been leaking a little for several months and it's been worked on a couple times. There was a rusted screw and bad board so it's all fixed. We've had some hard rains today and the ceiling doesn't feel wet. Another problem solved. 

Tuesday: Jim had a doctors appointment on blood work, all is well. I had my chiropractor and massage. I always feel so good when I get back home. I go about every three weeks to keep the body from aching. I stopped at a carwash on the way back home. It took 45 minutes, but well worth it. The car looked new when they were done. 

Jim got a call from VA for the Covid vaccine and to be at the VA hospital in Tampa on Wednesday between 3:00 and 4:00. That was fast, he signed up last week. So he went to Tampa on Wednesday and waited in line about two hours in back and forth lines and was back home by 6:30. 

Wednesday and Thursday we had Ed and Lessie over from Tampa.  Lessie and I love puzzles so we started a puzzle on Wednesday and we finished it on Thursday morning. It took a total of 7 hours. It was a fun one. 

                                            Ed relaxing
                                            Lessie working on the puzzle.
We work well together on puzzles. I find pieces for her and she finds them for me.  We started a harder one on Thursday so we'll have one to work on  next week. 

Friday: I had an appointment with the dentist to take out the antibiotics and get the bottom tooth fixed. I had to be up by 7:30 to make it on time. He took an hour to repair and put a temporary filling in the crown. He only made a tiny hole for the root canal last month. Now it's back to the regular dentist to fill the hole for permanent filling. That's such a racket, you go to a general dentist they send you to surgeon for root canals, then back to general dentist. Talk about expensive!  It's also aggravating with so many appointments. We changed dentists because we were told it would all be done with the same person, but this one doesn't work on molars. I'm not sure why that's all happening, if anyone  knows the reasoning, make a comment or email us. I went to work at hospice after I left the dentist office. It was early and ended up working five hours. I was tired when I got home. How did I  work 8 and 10 hour days. I'm so glad I'm retired, that makes for a very long day but I love it. It just won't happen everyday.  Friday night we had our friend zoom meeting and got caught up with North Carolina storms and life. 

I'm staying put for the weekend to get several crochet orders done. 

Here's a few of this weeks pictures. 
                                                    Sandhill Crane on on our lawn. 

                                            A couple sunsets this week. 

They're putting in a lake barrier so the lake doesn't come into the yards when we have a lot of rain. I'm taking the picture from our back canal. 

Saturday, February 6, 2021

Pelicans - Movie - Puzzle Done

Auburndale, FL  (Hi 75   Lo  67)

We had a great time watching pelicans in the canal behind us on Monday. They don't visit our lake very often because of other bigger lakes around us. There was a group that would dive under water for food while another one would stand watch. There was also a Woodstork hanging around with them.

We also had a lot of Ibis, and a black one which we've never seen here before. 
It's been a colder winter then usual in Florida. It's really warm over 80 then a couple days later it's low 40's or some areas are 30's. We even had frost this week. It's back and forth.

Jim is a big James Bond fan. One of our local theaters showed the first Bond movie, Dr. No. He's seen it many times, including in a theater when he was 12 years old in 1962. He really enjoyed seeing it on the big screen again. He was the only one there, so no social distancing was required. We're not sure how theaters can stay open, but they're trying their best. 

I've been really busy going back and forth crocheting and working on puzzles. This one took a few weeks. I don't work all day on them as I have crocheting orders to get done. It's a nice break between the two hobbies. 

The week went fast. It's great having things to do and passing the time during Covid19. 

I have to mention how proud we are of our grandson:

Men's Volleyball  CU Athletics

Tiger volleyball adds Kendall Walter to signing class of 2021

CAMPBELLSVILLE, Ky. – It was a busy January both on and off the court for Campbellsville University men's volleyball as they announce their fourth signing of the month in Kendall Walter.

Walter is a 6-3 middle blocker from O'Fallon, Ill. as he committed to join the Tigers starting in the 2021-22 school year. At O'Fallon Township High School, Walter and his team finished as the two-time regional and conference champions.
Men's volleyball head coach Eric Snyder has a strong recent history in bringing in middle blockers from Illinois as Ramon Matos, a Chicago, Ill. native, came in for the 2019-20 year as he finished the shortened 2020 season as an All-American.
Away from volleyball, Walter plays basketball and he volunteers coaching youth volleyball and helping with his school's girls' team during the fall while being an honor roll student at O'Fallon Township.
Walter joins a deep 2021 recruiting class as he joins Andrew Steinmetz, John-Marcos Gonzalez, Antonio Cintron, Erik Malek, Niklas Held, and Moritz Frauendorf.

Saturday, January 30, 2021

Fun with Sis - Hawk - Commissary

 Auburndale, FL  (Hi 74  Lo 54)

Monday while working at hospice we had a visitor watching over the place. (Click on photos to enlarge). 

Tuesday my sister, Doris came up from Okeechobee. She hasn't been here since they arrived in October. The Covid is keeping her away, but it's been a year with Covid around and she wanted time with me. We had a great two days together. We went to Strawberry Hut for a Cuban sandwich then to Parksdale both in Plant City, FL for Strawberry shortcake. That's the second time for us so far. I'll go a couple more times I'm sure before spring. 

The veggies and fruit plus strawberries that they sell. 
Once we had lunch we went to Bed, Bath and Beyond to see what we really can't do without. We both love that store and I had a $10 coupon that was burning my pocket. I did get a set of sheets. Jim makes a super great tuna casserole so he was in charge of dinner. We had a wonderful visit and Wednesday she left about 2:00. We just chilled out and watched the birds and alligator in the lake. We did a mile walk about the park and said hi to those on golfcarts. 

Saturday we went to Tampa to try a BBQ restaurant with Lessie and Ed.  We had puzzles to exchange. We're passing them between us. She finds them in thrift stores. We went to the MacDill AFB commissary for the first time in a long time. It took an hour to get stuff and another hour to put it away. I separated chicken and hamburger to smaller portions. I think we're setup now for a couple months. It's always good going to the commissary. It's just a little far for us just to get groceries. 
C-17 Cargo coming in for a landing on base as we were leaving the commissary.
There's a plane on base that's called the Doomsday plane. Read about it here.  We think it's being worked on. 
Extra things this week. I made a couple BB8 from the Star Wars series. I'm working on another puzzle  and crocheting another Nativity set. 

Weather in Indiana taken by Beth a friend of mine. Outstanding photo. 
Just one of the sunsets this week behind us. 
It was a great week. something different and with other people. 

Saturday, January 23, 2021

Monthly Massage - Puzzle

 Auburndale, FL  (Hi  72  Lo 67)

We've had some cooler weather this month but starting to getting warm again. As usual it's also foggy at times. In the past while staying in Florida in the winters while in the RV,  the last of January and most of February there's fog in the mornings. One year we tried several times to do a hot air balloon ride and  had a foggy morning. If interested click here to see the blog about it. 

This is another quiet week, covid is still the topic of the week. People are standing in long lines, spending time on the phone just to get a time and day for vaccines. I feel so bad for the people in walkers and standing in lines. Some of the seniors are sleeping in their cars overnight in line for the next morning openings at vaccine locations. 

Tuesday was my monthly massage and chiropractor appointment. I'm not sure how I could function without either of them. I'm so glad to have found a team that work together to keep muscles and bones in place and working. 

I'm still crocheting and still have a couple orders to finish. I'm also working on puzzles and finished one that was very challenging. The funny thing to this one the pieces were a lot alike and I couldn't find an almost black one. When I got the whole puzzle done I was left with a black piece but didn't fit the hole that was open. With the help of a friend, I lifted the puzzle up in the air and found a piece on the other side that had light coming thru, it was smaller so I did the trade and it was finally complete. They're getting sneaky with puzzles now days, you're so sure the piece fits but it really doesn't. 

This puzzle is Multnomah Falls in Columbia River Gorge, Oregon
Jim got a Christmas present for a housekeeper for the year for me. I started that on Wednesday. I feel funny not doing my own cleaning, but sure is nice having everything cleaned and no back ache. I'm so spoiled. 

During the inauguration, Bernie Sanders was sitting with big coat and mittens. Someone made a great crochet impression of him. He's the meme for this week. It's well done.  That was fast crocheting and people can come up with something like this so fast.  
Jim decided to sit by the lake and listen and watch the birds. There was an airplane landing on the lake and taking off, it's a teaching seaplane that's a normal thing on the lake. He was so content. 
We had a couple sunsets that were pretty so I'll add that for the end of the blog. 

Saturday, January 16, 2021

Time for Strawberries and Visits -Mechum Auction

 Auburndale, FL (Hi 63  Lo  42)

Monday and Friday: I worked at hospice. I'm on a computer away from patients. We have masks on when we get close to each other in the office.  

Tuesday: My hair grows fast and I had an appointment for the 26th, but I went in as walk in to get it cut. It's a pixie cut and looks great. I'm learning I can't go six weeks at a time, it needs a cut a lot sooner. 

Wednesday We went to Mechum Auction in Kissimmee. It's the largest car auction in the USA. We went with Mike and Terri. We haven't seen them in awhile and they are in Florida for the winter. They wouldn't allow anyone in the action itself, but they had big screens around to sit and watch outside. We took rides in the Dodge Hellcat. Talk about fast, whew, so fast I didn't even get pictures. We went a couple years ago and it was changed a lot with Covid. We weren't allowed to sit in the cars at all this time. We left before rains started. It was a great fun day with friends. 

Thursday: We met with Lessie and Ed for lunch in Plant City at our favorite Cuban sandwich place (Strawberry Hut). We went to Parksdale Farms for our dessert of strawberry shortcake. The strawberries are just starting to get picked so they didn't pile it on like they will later next month. 

Ed and Lessie
Friday:  After work and dinner we had our weekly zoom meeting with our friends in North Carolina. It's been a good week. 

We have a new trail camera that's setup at the corner of the house aiming at the canal and retention pond. We got some cool pictures of a possum, nosing around the house. Look to the right corner of the photo. (Click the photo to enlarge). 

Our grandson got his learners permit this week. He also got his report card which was all A's. All three of our grandkids have high grades and doing very well in remote learning. 

Since it's been chilly, the alligator beside the neighbors was out sunning itself. There's been birds all around him and he never moves. 
Our sunset one night. This was taken by another neighbor. Sure is pretty with palm trees.