Saturday, September 26, 2020

Cleaned Golfcart - Jim's Birthday- Eye Check

 Auburndale, FL (Hi 88  Lo  75)

Thank you to everyone that helped with the ant problem. I used the Terro drops and haven't seen one ant this week. I hope it's finally over. 

It was cooler for two days so I decided to tackle the golfcart. It had spider webs all over it and when I dropped the sides,  there were mud daubers and wasp nest and lots of spiders in it. It took two hours to get it cleaned up. I need to use it more, or at least spray it down and wash it once in awhile. I don't use it much, no place to go and too hot to just ride around. We have a few more weeks to get out of the high 80's or 90's. 

Tuesday was Jim's birthday, the big 70. He says he feels it and was bumming. I know it's just a number, but it means you're older and starting another decade. He wanted a steak so we went to Longhorn Steakhouse in Lakeland. 

He ate the WHOLE thing. 
With Ice cream and whip cream for dessert
And carrot cake later in the evening. 
He thanks everyone for the birthday wishes on Facebook. He gets steak on his birthday and I get lobster on mine.  I love the Longhorn because I get appetizers with HOT soup which is so abnormal at restaurants. It was excellent lobster/shrimp soup. I also added two shrimp skewers, and a sweet potato. Perfect. I forgot to take a picture. 

Wednesday I had my eye appointment. It was very safe because of Covid. They checked temperature and signed papers outside to be sure your ok before going in the facility. I didn't wait long and had the first part with questions with an assistant then the doctor came in once my eyes were dilated. Jim waited in the car because I can't drive. Every doctor I've seen say with blue eyes the dilation won't let you see as well as other color eyes. I passed, only a very small change in lenses for reading. 

The rest of the week was volunteering at hospice and crocheting. I'm also making a new website for all my "critters".  The weeks are flying for the first time. I guess I'm not bored like normal. 

I decided to take Saturday to clean out our junk drawers. It's amazing how much I threw away. We now have nice organized drawers. 

Thank you to all the readers, it's good to know someone is out there. I sure don't see many people. We do have a chatroom if anyone would like to come in for just a quick chat. We talk about anything and usually only 4 of us. Just click on guest or facebook and we'll see you. We're there every day about 8:30 eastern time.  Chat Room

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Finally Some Sun - Surprise Intruder

 Auburndale, FL (Hi 89  Lo 76)

We had rain from Sally most of the week. Some of the bands going thru were heavy but we didn't have any leaky windows, looks like the problem is fixed for the time being. Our lake is really high. You can see the dock across from us is almost under water. Our retaining pond hasn't gone down much either. It's higher now then when we had the hurricane go thru a couple years ago.  (Click on the pictures to enlarge).  

The last couple of days we finally have sun. It's still humid but no rain. We're suppose to have some drier air coming in this week. 

I worked three days this week at Hospice. I'm still getting files scanned into the computer. It's a great job and I'm loving it. It's quieter lately because we can't be around each other without masks. I miss the laughter and fun we had in the past. I hope that changes over time. 

I'm still working on crocheting but need some projects to do. I'm asking if anyone wants a Christmas present for someone (or yourself) or a Christmas stocking stuffer, let me know. I can try to make anything "critter" that you have in mind. If you have a dog, send me a pic and I'll try to make one like it. Almost all my critters are $5.  Some of the bigger items are $10 or less. Here's pictures of what I've made in the past. They're cuter in person than a photo. lol  Most shipping is $4.35. I hate making something and have it sitting around.  Here's the pictures. 

We had a surprise going to bed Friday night. I saw something black on the night stand by the bed and as I got closer the "object" went to my pillow then Jim's pillow, then on the blind on the window. It was a big frog. How or when he got in I have no idea. Jim, my hero caught it and put it outside. Jim had a frog jump on his head while in the RV years ago. We're glad we saw it ahead of time before getting to sleep and have it jump on us. 

Budd suggested on last weeks blog to use Terro drops for ants. We got it and now watching them eat and go. I hope it works we're tired of the little critters. So, we've had "water bugs, or roaches", lots of blind mosquitoes, a lizard, ants and a frog and that's inside the house. Outside is the alligators, more frogs, big and baby ones and spiders,  and lots of lizards. The joy of living in Florida. 

Jim wanted the St. Louis stadium puzzle and it took six weeks to get it done. I didn't work on it all the time like normal since I got vertigo for two weeks and the movement of the eyes would put me in a tail spin.  The puzzle is going up on the wall in our second bedroom. I had to work on it sideways, it didn't fit my table. 
The rest of the week wasn't anything to write about. We'll see what's ahead for the next week.

Saturday, September 12, 2020

First Doctor Appointment on Zoom - Rain Bands - Invasion

Auburndale, FL (Hi  90  Lo 76)      

 It was a three day weekend last week so we didn't get out at all. I crocheted and have almost the full set for an aquarium done. 

Stingray, crab and coral

The whole group with clownfish and jellyfish

Jim had a doctor's appointment with VA this week and did it on zoom. It was smooth got all the info he needed. It was very convenient and maybe more of that will be done in the future. If you're not needed to see a doctor but go over meds or ask questions, it's a good thing. 

We're getting rain bands from tropical storm Sally. We'll get rain then sun back then  to rain etc. 

In-between bands we saw a big double rainbow. It's in the west and the rains are coming in from the east. 

Here's a good one. We all need a laugh. We had soup and sandwiches last night and Jim puts crackers in tomato soup. He crunched them all up and noticed ants in the soup. We checked the crackers and sure enough there were tons of ants in the package. He looked at the soup and said "Protein", and ate it anyway. We saw a show on Survivor, eating ants for protein so Jim figured he'd be the strong guy and eat it too. We got a big laugh out of it. We've been having problems off and on with tons of ants in the kitchen so going thru the cupboards we found a whole lot more. I got the little sweeper to get them all. I took everything out of the cabinets and counters and sprayed really well. I cleaned it up this morning, put back the boxes and found more ants in the second bathroom. We're calling the bug guys on Monday. This is getting overwhelming. I have used all kinds of bait but so far nothing has worked, so it's time for the big guns and get some help.

Saturday, September 5, 2020

Finally Back to Normal -

 Auburndale, FL (Hi 98  Lo 80)

The days just keep going with the heat and humidity. I'm so glad we have AC and don't have to get out very often. We're both settling to a different routine since March. We're keeping ourselves busy since the Covid19 started. 

I'm back to normal, finally after three weeks of dealing with vertigo. I went to the doctor one last time on Friday to be sure all is good and no further problems. There's no way of telling when a person will get it or what triggers vertigo, just glad it's gone and with two kinds of meds to keep on hand, I hope to never get it again. 

I played hand a foot (card game) a couple times this week and met a new person that moved into the community in July. I have been crocheting and making critters for an aquarium with different things. The crab is first and next week I should have quite a few fish made. 

My order for the backdrop on the village has finally arrived. It took 7 weeks to get here, of course, from China. It's really pretty and worth the wait. Gives the set a lot of character. 

The only other picture worth posting, our favorite little alligator was watching me through the kitchen window.  You can see his eyes and nose. He tried to hide, but I was on to him or her.  

Since the virus is still going on we're staying in and watching a lot of TV. I did work at hospice two days on the computer office work, but nothing else going on. I hope everyone is staying busy. 

Saturday, August 29, 2020

Doctor - Teaching Quilling - Bar - Netflix

  Auburndale, FL (Hi  90 Lo  77)  Heat index 101

A followup from last week on the Vertigo problem. I got an appointment to see the doctor on Monday. I was still spinning and feeling miserable. He prescribed pills for both the nausea and the spinning. The one pill for nausea made me really sleepy so I slept most of the afternoon. The spinning reduced quite a bit by evening so I got to sit up and watch TV Monday evening. I went back to the doctor on Thursday feeling a lot better and I can move my head more. I'm to take baby steps and use the pills only when needed. I'm up getting meals again and not doing any quick movement especially to the left or right. One suggestion the doctor gave me if I start to spin look straight ahead, do no eye movement at all and it will help with the spinning, so far that's working. 

On to something more interesting. A friend, Linda, came over for an afternoon to learn Quilling. I learned it while in Avon park during our RV travels. It's curling paper and there's a lot of designs to make. It's basically for cards and wall hangings. We had a great time and this is what she made.



We've been wanting to get our wet bar changed to a dry bar. We never use the sink and we needed more room for our drinks so our maintenance guy came over to change it out for us. 

Taking off the front doors. 

All the booze is out. 

This is the before the sink was taken out. 

Covering up the sink part. 

The new top. I love the color. 

All done. Jim's liquor on the right and my wine and few bottles of liquor is on the left. The black box is the wine cooler. I always have cooled wine on hand. 

We're both happy with the results. More room to make drinks. 

Jim started his bridge work with the dentist this week. It's good to get that started and not wait any longer for the Covid to go away. 

I spent all day Friday on a Netflix series "Connected". It's very informative on how we're connected to each other and the universe. It's well worth the time to see it, nothing else to do at the moment. 

Sunday, August 23, 2020

Vertigo Round Two - Car Shocks

 Auburndale, FL (Hi 92  Lo 76)

This has been an interesting week. I worked Monday, nothing new, just careful on who we talk to and with a mask. I'm still working with files scanning into the computer. 

Tuesday was the interesting day. I got up a little to quickly and put myself in a tilt-a-whirl with warp speed. Immediately, I couldn't walk, stand, even sit on the side of the bed. I had vertigo in 2013, it didn't last but four hours. This time it was rougher and stronger. I couldn't move at all without getting sick. The spinning was extreme. Jim was ready to call 911 to see if there was anything we could do. He looked up one solution on the internet, which calmed the spinning down enough that I could roll over and get some sleep. 

Steps for Epley maneuver

  1. Steps to determine affected side:
    1. Sit on bed so that if you lie down, your head hangs slightly over the end of the bed.
    2. Turn head to the right and lie back quickly.
    3. Wait 1 minute.
    4. If you feel dizzy, then the right ear is your affected ear.
    5. If no dizziness occurs, sit up.
    6. Wait 1 minute.

I'm posting this for others or myself in the future if/when it happens again. We use the blog for a lot of info we've experienced. If anyone has suggestions or comments please email me. (  I'm still having trouble moving quickly or bending over. 

In the meantime, our car was scheduled for new shocks. Jim took the car in and brought back a loaner car. When we got the car back on Thursday he saw that they didn't restore the headlights. The plastic lenses on the lights are a mess and they were supposed to restore them. Jim took the car back and they said the tech wasn't able to restore them, and apologized for the "communication problem". They said we need new headlights, which they wanted to charge around $1,000. We're going to see if we can get them online and have our neighborhood service guy change them out, should be less than half that price. 

Our grandkids started school this week. They're both doing the online schooling. Kyle is in his senior year at Illinois State University.  

Kendall is in his senior year of high school. Rick our son is a photographer (hobby) and took several great pictures for his senior year. This is in St. Louis under the Eads bridge. 
 The next few days we'll be watching the two storms (maybe hurricanes) at the same time in the Gulf. Have a great week. 

Saturday, August 15, 2020

What is it? - Storms

 Auburndale, FL (Hi  90  Lo 75)

For a couple of weeks we keep smelling something in the refrigerator. We've cleaned it out twice and still can't find it. We're beginning to think it's the refrig itself. We're still trying to find it with another clean out  we  waited awhile and see if the smell goes away. It did, but still trying to find out what it is.  Jim decided to take everything out again today and only put in a few items at a time once the smell was gone. After three times of reloading we figured it has to be beans in a closed tight container. So, now they're gone and there's  no more smell. The problem is solved. Who would have thought it would be something closed so tightly and still smell. 

Our summer storms are here. A lot of them go around us, some just die out when they get to our area. We haven't had the rains we normally get this year, but the lightening sure has been bad. Thursday evening another big lightening storm and a bolt hit the park gates and blew out the water system pumps. It's the water we use for car washing and sprinkler system. We don't need the sprinkler system since it rains almost daily even though it's quick. I was going to clean up the golfcart today, but no water to use, except for the house water. 

I've been working on  puzzle nine and it was a hard one. I happened to think a puzzle is just like life. One piece/day at a time. It can't be put together by several pieces at once, it's one piece at a time. I finally finished the puzzle tonight.  It took 12 ten hour days to get 'er done.  This is a Thomas Kincaid puzzle and it's not easy. It's sure pretty when done.  Now I need to get back to crocheting for Christmas items. I have found all the patterns, just need to get it all started. 

I'm settling in to a new way of life without restaurants. I'm doing different recipes (thanks Google) which turn out really good. I notice people are more relaxed. At work it's a lot different with more laughing and overall being a lot more relaxed. It's a good thing. People are talking about getting to know their families better by being together. There's always a reason things happen.

Jim put together a collage of all our cars. I thought it's neat and worth keeping on the blog. (Click on the photo to enlarge).  I don't even remember a couple of them. 

Our visitors at the canal this week were Woodstorks, not just one, but four. I got a photo of 3 of them. 

Saturday, August 8, 2020

No Changes - Special Visit - Amazon Building

 Auburndale, FL  (Hi 96  Lo 78)

There's no change on what or where we can go because of the Covid19 virus. I hope when we read this post 10 years from now we'll laugh at all the stuff we couldn't do. I'm still making meals at night and going out for meals are very seldom. We're not using very much gas, because we don't go anywhere for days. We still can't meet at the clubhouse for games, or see people in the community unless it's six feet apart. But it's all good. 

Monday I finally got my crown on the tooth that was going bad five weeks ago. It takes awhile for the mold to be sent to Texas, they make it and then ship it back and wait for another opening to get into the dentist to have it put in place. It was good to get that done and it's fitting.  Jim's not having any problem with his tooth. I'm set to go till December when the cleaning is due. I'm done with doctors till December for the six month blood tests. 

Tuesday and Friday I volunteered at Hospice. I'm still working at least two days and sometimes more if I can. I'm with no hospice patients, just staying in the computer room in another section of the building. I'm glad to help out where I can. 

Wednesday we went to Zephyrhills to meet with Mike and Terry. We knew them while we were fulltime in the RV. They're still fulltime and came to Florida for awhile, at least till the virus if over. They'll travel from the home base when they can, but finding parks can be iffy at the moment. 

Terri and Mike

Thursday I had my much needed massage and chiropractor appointment. It was great after the massage my headache went away and when the chiropractor was done, my back was in place. Thursday night I played Hand and Foot game with cards with three other gals in the park. 

We've been watching the Amazon Distribution building for quite a few months. When we went by it this week we took a picture. It's so huge it's impossible to get it in one picture. 

It should be operating in the next couple months. There's going to be a lot of trucks going in and out both bringing in goods and then deliveries. We're one mile away. There's going to be a lot more traffic on I 4. 

I'll leave you with the sunset of the week. Red skies at night sailors delight.