Saturday, January 15, 2022

Guitar - Dog - First Measurable Snow - Future Plans

 Shiloh, IL (Hi 34   Lo 25)   First big snow

I need to keep up the blog, if it's just to tell the temp. I go back thru the blogs a lot to check what temps we had for what week. Since this is my first time in Illinois I may need it for next year, plus it gives me an idea what I do here in the winter. 

People are asking how I'm doing with the guitar. Frank came over last Monday because my thumb was in such pain I couldn't crochet or do anything with the left hand. I was holding the guitar wrong and putting pressure on the thumb muscle so with his help got that changed. I also wasn't bringing my hand around enough to get pressure on the strings. He loosened the strings out of tune so it wasn't so hard. Now I'm practicing  the new movements and trying to learn the notes of each string. Chords will take awhile, old fingers don't want to curve or move or press.  This is going to take awhile. 

Our son and wife go to Campbellsville University in KY when there's events with grandson. He's on the volleyball varsity team on a scholarship so they go down to see him play. That's why I have their dog for the weekend. It's my first time babysitting and he's a very smart Jack Russel terrier. It's been interesting to say the least. He's an older dog and learned to go to back door quickly when he wants out. He always wants attention, which is fine, belly rubs is his favorite.  Friday evening was fine, but by morning we had two inches of snow and wet paws a cleanup was needed. I was lucky to just stand on the patio and let his do his thing. The snow stopped about noon so shouldn't get any more accumulation. We may get ice instead toward evening and thru the night when temperatures drop.


I'm the type of person that needs future plans. I'm on widow zoom Monday and Friday and one of the gals wants to setup a meeting for a few of us. I now am planning a ten hour trip to Wisconsin. I can stop at our youngest son on the way up which is the half way point. I'm also planning a Florida trip in July. It gives me something to look forward too.

Friday, January 7, 2022

Guitar Bought - Snow - Crocheting

 Shiloh, IL (Hi 22   Lo 9)   Snow, cold, winter is now here

I'm starting out the new year with thanks to everyone that reads the blog. I'll write this year when I do something of interest. Covid is still around and I don't get out unless there's a good reason.  I go to the military base once a month for groceries and massage once a month, otherwise I stay in the apartment. 

I was looking for an apartment back in Florida this week but doors are closing every time I think I may have something. It's looking like I'll be staying in Illinois and I'll work with that. All that's against being here is the cold. I can stay in the apartment to stay warm. I'll go to the community center when covid is over and do things with other people. I'm hoping to find someone that plays hand and foot and not just couples. That's the plan. I'll go places in the summer and when I do I'll post where and what I do. 

Tuesday I went with Frank to buy a guitar. He plays and know about guitars. I didn't want to pay a big price in case I can't learn it. I have a bit of arthritis in the wrist and not sure if I can handle it. But I really do want to learn it. I have the 60's music on Sirius quite often and I can play with music if I can learn it. So far it's not easy. I know I have to get the fingers toughened up to learn it. I'm having trouble with the pressure on the strings, like anyone else starting out. I'm not giving up, at least not for awhile.  Click on the photos to enlarge. 

We had our first snow on Thursday. It was only an inch but it's cold and it's now winter. I know I'll not get out while it's single digits. No reason. I don't even get the mail, which is only junk mail and I don't need it. It's supposed to warm up this week to 40, if it does I'll see if anything comes in that needs attention.  There's three fountains in our two big ponds. There's ice around them which is pretty. I'm surprised they're running. 

That's ice around the outside of the fountain and in the middle. It's neat to watch it grow. 
The other two things I'm doing to pass time is a puzzle  and crocheting. I still have an order to complete so it's keeping me going. I'll start working on the craft fair in October and picking out some of the best sellers. At least it gives me something to do since I don't get out. I love this roadrunner. It's a lot bigger then my normal little critters.  Here's my website if anyone wants to order. Just email me. 

I'll write again when something comes up of interest or I need to look back to get info. 

Friday, December 31, 2021

Christmas Day - New Year 2022

 Shiloh, IL (Hi 63  Lo 56)

                HAPPY NEW YEAR 2022

Christmas day was full of fun and laughter. I went to Frank's (older son) about 9am and had a great egg casserole breakfast that Frank made. The grandkids, Kyle with wife Holly, Kendall, and Angie (Frank's wife) her mom Sherri opened gifts. They buy all thru the year so have a ton of gifts to open. They do one at a time which makes it fun to see what everyone gets.  (Click on photos to enlarge)

                                        I made pillows from Jim's shirts. The boys loved them. That was hard to do without a lot of tears. They were made with lots of love. 
                                                Holly, Kyle and Kendall In their Christmas jammies.
We decided to watch a movie on Netflix, Don't Look UP instead of going out to see one. That's a great movie, a spoof on politics. We then made ginger bread houses as a competition. I've always wanted to make one and glad I didn't buy one. It's not as easy as you'd think it would be. 
                                            Angie and Frank's turned out really cute
                                                       Kendall was my partner, we got it to stand for a few minutes before it all fell apart. 

This one was Kyle and Holly, they're the winners
After all the fun with the houses we loaded up and went to the Chinese buffet restaurant. They had a special for Christmas and the food was great. We had a good visit then I said goodbye and went on home. It was a wonderful day and so glad not to be alone. 

I got some really great gifts. 

Christmas eve I was still in bed but awake and had a knock on the door. An older guy handed me this bouquet. What a surprise. It's from Rick  (younger son) and Tammy (his girlfriend). They smell so good and they're beautiful!  They called a few minutes later and we had a great visit on the phone, Thank you so much you two. 
This is other gifts I received.   

My motif in the living room is Indian. This pillow fits right in. 

I wanted to start a puzzle and get back to making them so I took down the Christmas decorations put them in the utility and laid out my next puzzle. I have several I can do. I'm also back to crocheting. I've given it some thought about maybe getting a guitar. If I can learn it I can play with Frank as he also plays. I'm doing a lot of youtube to learn the strings (names) and chords. I have never learned chords even though I played the piano for years. It's a thought and that's for 2022. This is the puzzle I did in two days. It was challenging enough to be fun and easy enough not to pull out my hair. 
Recap for 2021:  I reread the blog and picked out the highlights. We were suppose to go to Rome in November. It was canceled because of Covid, but Jim would have died before we went. I'm so glad that was canceled when we did. I had to take a lot of our plans from the calendar for 2022. It's all blank now.  God watches over us.  It was a very bad year from the middle of May to September. It's like a blur. If interested and your a new reader, just look on the right side of this blog and find blog archive. Start with May 2021 thru  September. 

I can't believe how much things have changed. I went from warm comfortable Florida to Illinois in a two day period. When Jim was diagnosed with Glioblastoma,  I knew there was no going back. I knew right away I couldn't afford the place in Florida and I couldn't mentally take staying there without Jim. It sold with almost everything in it. With the help of friends and my sister I moved what was essential to Illinois. Now that was a story in itself with movers what a nightmare. I look back and have no idea how I did it. Thank you to all for the prayers which was a big deal at the time. Thank you to Lessie, Ed and Doris for the support and lots of tears. I'm now in Illinois for good, maybe. 

On to 2022. It has to be better. The grief will get less so they tell me and a new life, new area and new health care is the new norm. I was going to make a new year's resolution, but knowing me, I'll drop it in a couple days so no use even thinking about it.  I have no idea what's ahead, but I'm close to our oldest son. I'll continue the blog as it's very useful to check back to it. It's also therapeutic. Several things will be nonexistent as cruising, traveling, and little things we used to do together. I'm hoping to get thru the winter with very little problems. I'm staying if it snows. I have zoom with other Glioblastoma widows which has been very helpful. I'll have puzzles, crocheting and maybe a guitar. I'll check with the city community center for meeting other people once winter is over (and covid under control).  
Follow on the blog. I'll continue to post. Happy New Year 2022. 

Addition:  I spent the evening until 11:00 ct with our son Frank and Angie and Sherri. It was great being with someone.  

Thursday, December 23, 2021

Merry Christmas - Jefferson Barracks - Our Lady of the Snows Shrine - Lights

To all my friends and family. I wish you a Happy New Year 2022

I never know what to put in the blog, but I'm very upfront on feelings and what's going on for two reasons, it may help someone else and it's a recall blog for when I re-read them later. This year's Christmas will be totally different without my love. Covid seems to be on the up rise again, or so says the media, I don't hear anything about it in town and with all the traffic for shopping and restaurants being packed I don't see a problem. I've stayed in this week except for a massage and chiropractor appointment on Monday. I have arthritis in neck and shoulders and both people keep me moving.  

I'm going to put in several pictures, you can click on them to enlarge.

Saturday we went to Jefferson Barracks to lay a wreath on Jim's grave. It was a day when volunteers were laying as many wreaths as possible. The traffic was slow and a lot but we didn't wait long, it seemed to move smoothly. 

Jim is located in a great area on a hill under four trees. I will be buried with him as it's planned now. 
                                            Looking up to the grave. 
                                            Looking down from his grave. You probably can't see it but there's a deer in front of the building to the right. 

                                            His view to the right. 
                                            Kendall held  few wreaths to place on other graves. 
We went to lunch nearby then went back home. It was a windy cloudy day but not real cold and no snow. 

Later in the evening a friend, Ruth, picked me up and we went to Our Lady of the Snows Shrine. I used to work there when we lived here in the 80's. It was dark and nothing looked familiar except a few markers. They do a great job of decorating. 

Full moon peaking in the middle

One of the buildings had artwork, decorated trees, wreaths and a Lego display. 

                                                All Legos

                                Lego city 

The displays were worthwhile to see. Lots of talent. 

We then went thru a neighborhood to see what lights people used. I posted the best picture.  People don't decorate like we did as a kid. The older folks can't do it anymore and the younger ones aren't interested. Another sign of the times. 
I've been on zoom four nights this week. I'm with the gals that have lost husbands from glioblastoma cancer of the brain, or their caretakers.We discussed what works and what doesn't. What we wished we'd do differently and giving out ideas. We laugh, we cry, we're all needing or giving support. It's the holidays and all of us are in this together. 

I talk about the weather, mainly to see it later when I wonder how cold it gets. I'm used to warm sunshine of Florida the past five years. We had frost this week and on Christmas day it's suppose to be 68. No wonder people have colds up here. It changes drastically in just a few hours or days. 
I'll blog next week about Christmas day. The full wrap up of 2021 will also be in the next blog. Stay tuned.  Thanks again for all the support from so many people.