Saturday, September 16, 2023

Beginning the Week with OOOps - A Mess - New Idea

 Shalimar, FL (Hi 88   Lo 75)

This week started not so good. I did laundry and grabbed all the stuff to put in washer. I remembered before putting it all in the dryer that I didn't take out my billfold and keys to the car before loading the washer. UT OH, I hoped the key fob worked so tried that first. It's ok, but slower then normal in opening the door, so traded my key for Jim's key which I got batteries for both a couple months ago. The charge card worked at least in the ATM, I haven't used one yet in a store, that's next. My billfold has seen it's last days. Jim had wanted me to get a new one for years. Well. I now have a new one. 

                                                                    Nice new one
Monday: The maintenance crew has a policy to spray everyone's apartments once a year for bugs so mine was done today. It didn't take long and if I happen to see bugs, I'm to call them. Another good thing to have done.

The day started with WII Bowling which I did a lot better and my pro score is back. I had 15 minutes to get to rehab. We worked more on core strength. I do a lot of homework  along with working at the gym with the gal. I always have sore muscles when I'm done, so guess it's all ok. I'm never supposed to be in real pain, but a side step on my right foot gave me a lot of pain that kept me up all night. I finally got to sleep after wrapping the foot in ice. I'll not do that side step anymore. 

Tuesday: I took my neighbor to the airport. She's going to be gone a few weeks. There's several of the gals in our village that is gone or going somewhere in the next month. It's great to just leave and not worry about animals or things with the apartment.  I had crafts when I got back. I'm still working on the diamond painting. I had meditation a couple hours after working on the art, so decided to get lunch. It was scalloped potatoes, ham, peas and a big roll. It was really good.  One of the gals had hands of her hubby and herself made into plaster and it was really neat. It was done by putting their hands together in "goop" and then filled with plaster. It was for their 61st anniversary. 

Wednesday: The second league WII bowling. We were missing one of the gals, she's in the hospital. I had the system setup for four and when I found out she wasn't coming, we had to start the whole process over in setting up for three people. I'm getting good practice on setting up the game.  I had rehab after that was over then back home for the last class on triggers on zoom. 

Thursday:  At noon I went to the crochet group in the village six clubhouse. One of the gals finished her shawl, it's a C2C pattern for those that understand crochet.  It's really nice, her own design. 
 There were a couple more gals than the past two weeks. I brought the orders of a llama and puffin. 
The craft for this month was for a door hanging stencil. There were several to chose from so I put two different ones together to make this one. They provided the paint we bought the board.  I loved doing it, again, meeting more people. We also got to meet the new coordinator that was her first day with us. 

The next door neighbor put up a bird feeder. It's high up, so hopefully the bear won't get to it. This little hummer stayed for quite some time sleeping. It's good to see they're around. 
I finally got around to taking a picture of the wreath I started a few months ago. I have several little critters on it and plan on several more. I want to put on a blue bird, some butterflies, and Koala bear. I'll think of a few more but for now it's on the door.  (click on the photo to enlarge)
Most of us have one complaint. The grounds people do quite a bad job on cutting grass and seldom trim bushes. I've been here six months and they've only trimmed bushes one time. This week they cut the grass and didn't clean up the mess. I track that grass in the apartment. It doesn't take that long to blow it off the patio, they used to do it but not lately.  There's not the work ethic that it used to be, and I'm sure the village is paying a good penny. This week we'll let it be known at the council meeting, but who knows if complaining will do anything. It hasn't so far.  When I get a couple hours this week, I'll work on the cleanup and the gnome garden. 

Friday: I had my blood pressure checked (monthly) and it's really low for me 138/78. I guess I'm in the right place. Next was rehab then darts. We had three people playing today and I won a game. I need to start practicing the triple and double scores. 

It was mentioned to me that the Air Force Armament Museum Foundation just a couple miles from me, needs help in the office. I can set my own hours. I'm thinking of dropping a couple things here and see what I can do. I'll have to wait till after rehab, but I'll check into it. 
Thank you for reading. I'll see what I can get into for next week. 

Saturday, September 9, 2023

Getting into Daily Routine - Rehab - Memories

 Shalimar, FL  (Hi 91  Lo 74) Still not cooling down much

When I wake up in the mornings I have to check the calendar. There's barely enough time to eat all day, and I'm loving it. I'm getting into a routine, not that it's a good thing, but at least it's something to do daily and I'm getting comfortable in doing stuff I like. I've picked up new activities and dropped a couple in the past six months. It's all good. 

Monday was  the busiest. I went to WII bowling and wasn't as good as last week. It was Labor Day but that didn't stop the rehab gal. She had several of us with appointments. She's now taking videos of me doing the exercise and talks about how long and how to do it. She's got them all in Rehab folder in Google photos. Smart idea. I now have homework to do and can go by the videos on which ones to do.

When I left rehab, I grabbed a sandwich and went to our village ice cream social. A lot of the other villages didn't celebrate. We had a great turnout. I forgot to get a picture of the ice cream toppings. They thought of everything. I played cards then did zoom with the GBM gals. We always have laughs and fun time. (GBM is brain cancer and all the gals in the zoom have lost their husbands). 

Tuesday: The first thing was the diamond art craft. There's still a few that work on the pictures we started. It's great to talk and do something creative. I'm not sure I'll continue making them. I'd much rather crochet. 

Meditation was next. The topic was joy and what brings us joy. I'm trying to learn to not be so serious and have more joy so it was a good topic for me.  I had a couple hours before playing cards so watched some videos and got a decent dinner. I sat out with the gals till dark.  

Wednesday: I'm in two leagues of WII bowling and this one was a little better then Monday. I have to get more consistent. I had half hour after leaving that to get to my massage and chiropractor appointment. I'm not as out of shape as last time. I still have neck tightness and a couple vertebrae's that don't stay in place, but I was all back in shape when I left. 

I got home in time for the zoom class on triggers. I love that class and only have one more to go. When the class was over I had three minutes to get to chimes practice. I made it! I've timed it before so I knew I could do it. It's a fast walk across the parking lot. 

When that was over, I beelined it back to our village for card playing. I'm doing well in walking so far. The rehab is for NOT walking but falling, or if I did fall I can get back up on my own.  I sat outside till dark. 

Thursday: Ut oh, I messed up and put two things at the same time. I wanted to go to activities meeting, which I did for 15 minutes, but then had to leave to do the rehab. I didn't get the meeting on the schedule and didn't want to change the time and mess up the gal that does rehab. When I was done with her I got in the car and went to the other village for crochet time with a bunch of gals. Some don't live here yet, they're on the waiting list.  I made a llama for one of the gals and got 3 more orders. Yeah!!  I wanted to learn tatting, so one of the gals knows how to do it and showed me. That's going to be challenging.  When that was over I finally got something to eat and went to cards, then outside.

Friday:  I woke up at 1:30am. I hadn't been asleep very long. Two years ago Jim passed at 1:30am. Needless to say I didn't get back to sleep. It was a rough morning, but I had rehab and thankful I had something to go and do at 10am.  At 1:00 I went to the Hawthorn House for the chimes concert.

Our songs were from Disney so we had mouse ears on. This is the chimers. From front to back: Cindy, Mary, Dee, Donna, Josie, Donna, Rae, Kelly our leader. 

I talked to one of the ladies that just moved in from our village and she loves it. They have assisted care with lots of activities and three meals a day. She looks so good. I think just eating right is a huge plus. I'm glad she's doing so well.  I didn't play cards but was on my regular zoom with the North Carolina friends. We're still continuing our time together even if we don't live by each other. 

As you see I'm getting into a regular routine. I didn't get many pictures this time, but did get a few of the sky. It's so much prettier in real life. but I'll leave this weeks blog with the skies. 

Saturday, September 2, 2023

All Eyes on Hurricane - WII Bowling - A New Group

 Shalimar, Fl  (Hi  85  Lo 74)  Cooled down a bit  Another "I" storm

This was a very busy week, which I really enjoy. The beginning of the week was all eyes on the hurricane Idalia. I took precaution getting water and extra snacks, but otherwise waited it out to see how far west it would travel. As it got to the middle of Florida I knew it wasn't going to effect us. There was NO rain or wind, so we got lucky. 

Sunday:  My first game of the season was WII bowling. I had a first time high score of 223. My goal is to get a 300 and then hold that score.  I also bowled on Wednesday with a different group and had a high score of 213. I need to be a lot more consistent.  I've got till December to get it done. 

Monday: I went to lunch with one of the gals and yhen played cards. Today I actually did laundry and cleaned the apartment. It was a down day. I'll be bowling on Monday's from here on, but this week a couple gals had appointments so we switched days. 

Tuesday: I started early, at 10:00 was the diamond painting to work on our pictures. There were only about five of us, but we have a great time gabbing. I had my first rehab with Kelly a couple hours later. I'm trying to gain strength in my knees and legs for more support before the age of "falling" and I'm trying not to have a rollator (walking cart). We're working on what I can and can't do without pain and still get strength. I also saw her on Wednesday and Friday. I'll be going three days a week for a few weeks. At 1:00 was meditation. This week the topic was Glimmer. It's the opposite of trigger. You think of the good things that glimmer to make you relaxed and have feel good moments. It's a way to think positive and not negative in everyday life.  I had time to get some dinner then played cards and sat outside till dark. I had the regular chat for the rest of the evening. 

 Thursday: I'm picking up the afternoon with a group of gals in another building for crochet. I'm hoping to learn more and also meet another group of gals. One gal is coming that doesn't live here yet. She's getting to know people in the complex and hoping to move in before long. That's another project I'll be doing at least thru the winter months. I had another zoom class then played cards and sat outside. 

Friday: I caught up with sis for an hour then had rehab. While I was at the commons area I stayed around and played darts with a couple people. I love that game too. It's all about socializing. I had the afternoon to get a few things done and crocheted. I got an order while at the crocheting group yesterday, so will get it done and give it to the gal next week. 

Saturday:  Our village one had our monthly meeting starting the winter season and making plans for the Labor day on Monday with an ice cream social. We brought up Christmas ideas for our lounge Christmas tree in our village which will be fun to make ornaments for it. 

When a group of us were sitting outside we had a red centipede go past us (there's a peanut shell in front of it). That's the first time in many years I've seen one. 

                I made a gnome for Christmas

I'm staying busy that's the main thing. I have now been here for six months on the third. It's gone fast and I'm loving it as much as I did the first week. We have more storms to keep an eye on, and I have an exit plan if I do have to leave. The gals all say we'll be fine, just plan for no electricity for awhile. Thank you for reading and see you next week.  

Friday, August 25, 2023

VFW Breakfast - Senior Appreciation - Therapy - Visitors

 Shalimar, FL  (Hi 99  Lo  79)  No rain Index between 105 and 112 

This was a busy week! I love it, everyday is a little different and the heat isn't bothering me at all. 

Sunday: I did something totally different. I went to the VFW for breakfast with a few of the gals. I was so hungry for waffles and they didn't let me down. It was really good. We had a good visit while eating and got back before it got too hot. I had chimes practice in the afternoon getting ready for next months concert at the Hawthorn House, here on campus. We play monthly. 

 Monday: The senior appreciation day was lunch with the performer  Bobby D, local guy at the VFW and a few other places. They grilled hamburgers and hot dogs with sides of potato salad and potato chips, and a big chocolate chip cookie. I don't eat red meat, so I had the potato salad, chips and cookie. Junk food, yeah, it doesn't get any better then that for a lunch.  Bobby D was excellent and we're hoping to get him again. He plays guitar and sings the "early songs" suited for our age groups. Big turnout for lunch.   Bobby D


When that was over I went to dementia class. These classes are so good, not for what we can learn about ourselves but what to see in others around us and how to react.  I have so much info and if anyone reading would like to know too, just go to and look up Teepa Snow dementia.  You'll get the same info and there's a lot of videos with her teaching groups of people. Later in the evening I played cards then was on the GBM zoom group. 

Tuesday: Started at 10:00 for the second part of crafts which was working more on the diamond painting with the beads. I still want to know who thought anyone would want to put tiny little beads in a tiny little square and make a picture? We're now going to meet every Tuesday at 10:00 to work on the pictures. 

After I went home for a bite to eat, I went back for the meditation class. We have a wonderful group and we learn to relax and take things in stride. I've been working on that since Jim died but every time I go I get better at settling down.  I love the energy of the group. It's my favorite thing to do during the week. The leader has a topic every week and we work on it. Later in the evening was playing cards and sitting outside. 

Wednesday:  I'm starting therapy at the very early stages of loss of balance and less strength in the knees. The rehab gal, Kelly, came for full evaluation to see just where I need the most help. I want to prevent falls, I'm tall and it's a long way to the floor if I go down. There's been several falls this week and the gals end up in the hospital. I start the actual rehab work next week. In the afternoon I had an appointment for massage and chiropractor. Every month I have trouble turning my neck (arthritis) and both sessions I can walk out and feel so much better for a few days. Starting next month I'm going for twice a month for awhile to get more relief on the neck and hips. Just another precaution for future. In the evening I have classes for "triggers from grief". It's really a great class that's been helping coping of being alone. Then cards and outside visiting. 

This is the temperature in the car when I went to the appointment. 

Thursday:   I got a call from an RV'er that was coming to take a tour of the place. I showed her my apartment and then thru the complex. Kathy was with her daughter, Cindy,  and getting a tour also at the Hawthorn House on Friday. We had a great visit, talking about our rv'ing days.  Dee and Kathy

                                            Dee, Kathy, Cindy  Someday I'll get perfect selfies. 
We had a birthday party for Rosie at 4:00, one of our village gals. It was great with pizza, wings, cake and chocolate chip cookie.  I have to say, the wine was good too. This is Rosie.
              This is double decker cookie with frosting in the middle with lots of chocolate chips. 

We sat outside when it cooled down. We're usually home by 8 or 8:30 so I'm still on the chat that was started in 2007 with the RV'ers. I hope that never ends. 

Friday:  Kathy and Cindy came back after their tour and talked about future plans. I'll see them again on Monday for lunch. When they left I played darts. I'm getting pretty good at it. I can usually get the number I need for a final  score. The more I play the better it is, oh, guess that's the whole idea. I really love darts and I'm glad I have a great competitor.  

Saturday:  The plans are always in pencil, but all that's going on is Happy hour in our village lounge. I have a zoom video to watch and a couple gals coming over, but I like getting the blog out on Saturday mornings. This next week starts the WII bowling and I'm on two teams. The calendar is full and I'm loving every minute. Thank you for reading. I'll try to keep it interesting, but if you want to know what retired people can do, I try to tell ya. 

Saturday, August 19, 2023

Dentist - Balance and Strength - New Craft

 Shalimar, FL (Hi 95  Lo 78)

Sunday: The only thing I did outside of the apartment was chimes practice. I'm doing better with each practice with two chimes and changing to a third when needed. It's all coming back from my years in band. 

Monday: My last doctor appointment with everyone I need (for now). The dentist appointment took a couple months to get. I'm pleased with the office crew and the dentist I saw briefly, but I do have to vent and if anyone reading this blog knows what's going on, please let me know. They took a full head xray, a new way then I've had before, but I have had a couple in the past. They show the nasal area along with the teeth. The dentist didn't say one thing about the teeth, he talked about how my nasal passage was small for breathing. I already knew that with problems when I was young. He talked about sleep apnea and getting a CPAP, what?   The price is $50 for a sleep study, (remember he's a dentist). I passed on the whole idea. The dentist made it clear he can't order a CPAP, only do the sleep study with a finger ring you wear for a couple nights. Any ideas why that would be a dentist project besides putting money in his pocket?

Every night I played cards and sat outside with quite a few people. 

Tuesday: I went to meditation and talking with the gals was the only thing I did all day. I'm crocheting still and play a lot of games on the computer. I'm also still learning the guitar.  I have plenty of things I can do, but just don't want to. I use days of nothing else to do the housework, that still continues no matter what else comes up. 

Wednesday: The rehab gal, Kelly, did a special check on anyone that was interested to do a balance and strength test for walking. There's been several falls the past couple weeks so I think that's what gave her the idea. She checks strength in the legs by sitting on a chair arms folded and eyes open then stand and sit for 30 seconds. Then again with eyes closed. I didn't do one. My knees won't let me get up without severe pain. I can do it with help from arms, but not just getting up. FAIL. The second test was standing with eyes open, 30 seconds, I'm good. Standing on a foam mat with eyes closed I lasted 10 seconds without being wobbly. FAIL  Now I'm scheduled for rehab to see if I can get the pain out of the knees and to stand better without being "off balance". 

A little later I went to a class on diamond painting. It's tiny beads that you put on a numbered spot on a picture. I picked gnomes and will have that to work on during the down times of nothing else going on with the crocheting. It's a time to meet new gals and we'll meet to work on the pictures next week. You can see the tiny beads along the top and bottom that I've finished, well almost finished. 

                        Rae has been doing these for awhile. She has a special setup. 

Thursday: It was another no planned anything day. I got a text late morning that one of the gals wanted to play shuffleboard so I went with her to play for an hour or so. That broke up the afternoon. I decided to work on the Peace plant and get it downsized. I hope it doesn't die, but I watched the flower shop on how to do it in Illinois so gave it a try. 

Friday: Twice a month they do blood pressure checks. I've been slacking off and forgetting to go but marked it on the calendar for today.  It's the same as it was in May so no worries. It's been a lot lower since I moved back to Florida.   

Darts has been cancelled from the schedule but one guy is very good and he's a competitor and so am I. I beat him twice today. We were going to quit, but decided to still play on Friday afternoons. 

I'll close this week with a rainbow.  

Friday, August 11, 2023

Making Life Easier - Grandson's Birthday

 Shalimar, FL ( Hi 97 Lo 80)   Hot and humid even for here (109 heat index)

I've had more time to sit and think this week. It's one of those weeks that was not quite as hectic. It's hot and humid and very few people out and about. I'm doing a lot of crocheting and youtube watching with the storm chasers. Severe weather has also been active this summer. I also took some time to go thru my facebook friends. Some I still stay in close contact, some are deceased so I deleted, and others I wish I knew where they are. When Jim died there's several that I've lost contact with, but what would I say to them? It's funny how people come and go in your life. 

I did the usual activities, chimes practice, meditation and playing cards in the evening. I started another six week class on "triggers and how to control them". Thursday were three events at the same time, so I gave up the shuffleboard. The concert of the Emerald band quartet was here along with an ice cream social.  The four guys that were in the national quartet competition were 77th out of 100 in the states. 

                                             The four in front were the main quartet 

                                          This is the full group. 
They are very good and they'll be back in one of the villages on Sunday. 

I have a lot of thread and I'm usually trying to find the color I need by opening a tub or in a shelving unit but I can't see every color at once. I bought an industrial shelving unit that's very handy and hold almost all the thread. I love it.  It came in pieces, of course, and took me awhile to figure out why it didn't work the way the instructions said it would, but when I turned the shelves upside down (from how I had it) it went together really nice. 
These are the little clips to put around each post to separate the shelves, 40 of them. 
                                                        Now the thread are all in order. 
                                                  I have empty boxes now, so I put my winter stuff in them. 
Friday was our concert at the Hawthorn House assisted living, which is on campus. We play every month for them. I came home and finished another critter for the wreath. I'm hoping next week I'll hae a picture ready for you.  I chatted with the North Carolina group in zoom for an hour than sat outside with a few of the gals before going to chat which is nightly.  That's another wrap on this week. 

Tidbits:  Our youngest grandson is a senior this year and our son sent me the pictures. Here's Jack he turned 18 this week. (I can't believe I'm that old). He's played soccer and tennis ball in high school. 

                                                He's now 18, the car is his. 
                                               And a whiz in computer gaming. 

Beginning the Week with OOOps - A Mess - New Idea

 Shalimar, FL (Hi 88   Lo 75) This week started not so good. I did laundry and grabbed all the stuff to put in washer. I remembered before p...