Saturday, November 16, 2019

Veterans Day - Colonoscopy

Auburndale, FL (Hi 66  Lo  52)  It's finally getting cooler

Monday was Veterans Day. Hospice had a great ceremony with the volunteers and anyone else that wanted to participate. They played military songs of each branch of service and the raising of the new flag. It was very emotional.
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Four of our volunteers receiving certificates, pins and other items.

Flag ceremony

This is a yearly ceremony and I hope to go next year. Thank you to everyone that's been or still in the military.

After the ceremony we had our monthly volunteers meeting. We had a catered lunch and talked about the upcoming schedule for the holidays.

A volunteer plays the violin and also the harp. She uses music that's written out and makes it easy for families or patients to play.

Sunday was knockers bingo game at the clubhouse. The snowbirds are coming in so there were a lot of people this week.

Other things going on this week, health wise, my foot is better. The knee appointment is next week so we'll get more answers but rehab did help a lot. Thursday Jim's colonoscopy was in the morning and for the first time he had no polyps. He's set to go for another five years.

A lady at the craft fair does quilting and I gave her all the embroidery and crochet items that mom and I made when I was real young. This is the quilt she made for me.  I was around nine or ten when I learned to embroidery. There's also doilies that mom had made.

Around the lake we had a big blue heron stand in one position for several minutes then it would dive in the water for a bit of food. I love watching those birds.

We were worried about the manager taking our alligators. I noticed this little one in the canal this week. I'm glad he's still around it's fun to watch.

We're getting set for a very busy next week, stay tuned.

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Resting Up - More Rehab - Crochet

Auburndale, FL (Hi  86 Lo 79)

It took a few days to rest up from the craft fair last weekend. I also had to go back to the doctor for a foot check on the badly pulled tendon. I overdid it over the weekend but I knew that would happen. I stayed off the foot almost all week and put ice on it and took IBProfen. It's getting better so just have to be careful on how much I walk for the next week.

I'm still in rehab from the replacement knee back in 2016. It seems to be worse then first evaluated. I have ACL Lexity, Postive Anterior for those that know knees. I'm waiting to hear from the surgeon to see what I should do with rehab. At the moment today was my last day. I still have the compound creme to use with my tens machine. Whew, it's NOT the golden years, that's for sure.

Since I couldn't do anything else, I crocheted, a lot. I'm doing orders from people from the craft fair.

Dog for our neighbor, looks just like their dog Sophie.

This little guy is very popular.

I did work at hospice on Monday and Friday. There's been less patients so I worked on computer stuff learning some new procedures. I'm going to add a day or two at the beginning of the year.

Saturday, November 2, 2019

Answers to Health Problems - 2019 Craft Bazaar

Auburndale, FL (Hi   88   Lo  62)
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Monday I started the week with rehab on the knee and learned a lot about why I'm having so many problems with the replacement. I have scar tissue on one side and calcium buildup on the other side. I'm doing exercises and they're using ultrasound to break up both issues. It's going to be four weeks of rehab then see how far I'm progressing. I have rehab three days a week. When I work with knee it  puts pressure on the right foot which is very painful.

Tuesday I had a doctors appointment for the pain in the right foot. I have a bruised stretched tendon. I must have twisted the foot when I got up from the lounge chair. I have to keep ice on it as much as possible and taking steroids to take care of the pain. Now that has it's own side effects, but sure does the trick for letting me sleep with no pain.

Friday was setup at the clubhouse for the craft bazaar. This is my fourth year organizing the fair and it is an all day process. I had all but one vendor come so it was a good day. I love it when everyone comes that requested a table. There were  21 vendors with 33 tables in total.   Here's some pictures of some of the items being sold on Saturday.

Lots of signs along 559.

We had breakfast and lunch available to everyone.  Our kitchen help

Betty takes the money for food.

We had a bake sale which is always a hit.  I didn't get Joyce's picture, but she was chairman.

We had a raffle with baskets of goodies and vendors items.  Sandi and Donna were chairpersons.

I'm posting just a portion of what people made, not all that was there. Some had three tables and quite a few had two tables.

My setup. I sold all but 6 items. I'm very happy and I have orders enough to keep me busy till after Christmas.

Other items.

Pictures called paint by beads. They're all done in little beads, very time consuming.

Tye-dye shirts and other items for refrigerator.

Painted ornaments

Refrigerator magnets

These are beautiful Palm Fronds.

Three tables of wood articles which are very handy to have in the house.

Wood block angels

These lights were made with plastic cups stapled together. They were beautiful.

Golf cart seat covers

Over all at the highest point of sales.

It was a great year. I'm pleased with how it turned out. The weather couldn't be any better. I'm not going to be chairman anymore, but will be helping anyone that wants to take it over. It's a good money maker for the HOA of Lake Juliana Landings.

To end the day it's all put back to the way it was before we started on Friday morning.