Sunday, March 29, 2020


Okeechobee, FL (Hi  88  Lo  72)

The Corona Virus (Corvid 19) changed our 50th anniversary yesterday, It wasn't what we had planned about six months ago. Our PLANS were to go to Tampa stay in a hotel, go to a wine tasting across the street then to Texas de Brazil restaurant in the same area. My sister, Doris and hubby, Herm were to come up by Amtrak from Okeechobee and spend Friday night in the hotel.  As the time got closer the more it looked like it was going to be cancelled and it was about one week before our date they cancelled Amtrak, the restaurant and the wine store.

Now it was time to make another set of plans. All restaurants are closed, except for take out. Doris and I got together and decided to go to her place and have dinner.  We left at 8 am yesterday. It was a great trip down to her place, it usually takes a little over two hours but with very little traffic we made it in  hour and half. It was like driving on a race track, people were driving fast. We only saw a few trucks and even fewer cars. The tolls were open, pay later on the signs. It was odd seeing all the stores closed and big malls with no one in the parking lots. When we arrived in Okeechobee it was bustling with people and even the flea market was open. It was all "normal" and nothing out of place. Okeechobee has no reported virus, not sure if it's because of no testing, or no one has gone in for symptoms. It was quite a change.
Doris with the walking stick in front of her place.

We had a great meal and visited all afternoon.

The cake was awesome. Chocolate with great frosting.

Our boys sent a Lobstergram on Friday. It came in a big box with dry ice. It was quite a surprise. We'll get it all ready for tonight's meal.

There's also a full booklet 36 pages  on how to prepare the meal.

We stressed all day about how to make the meal. We didn't want to mess it up. We both did the youtube videos to see how it's done. We have no idea how meals get done in restaurants with so many time restraints of getting things cooked at same time. Jim had certain time and I did too, with steak and lobster. I was too busy to get a picture Jim at the grill but I got the lobster boiling.

 Steak you cut with a fork.

The very last piece

All the shells, the lobster came out very fast and clean.

OH MY!  That was so good. If you'd like to order, just order from

Friday, March 27, 2020

Isolation - Life Changes Very Fast

Auburndale, FL  (Hi 92  Lo 63)

Life has changed really fast all over the world from the Covid 19 virus. It may never get back to normal, or at least not as we knew it. The same was said when 9-1-1 happened. We have never boarded a plane the same way before that happened.

We both have stayed to ourselves. Jim went to get a meal from Olive Garden, by driving up and picking it up. I went out to our local grocery for a few things but called ahead to be sure they had milk and eggs. There were people there, but not many and we all kept a distance. The shelves weren't full, but I got what I needed. The only other place I've gone is playing cards with 3 other gals, that's it. We're checking delivery from local restaurants and have found a few so we're going to use them once in awhile. It's hard to tell how long we'll be under house quarantine, but it's not mandatory, "yet". We're at the age we have to be more aware on what's going on in the world and in Florida.

There has been a lot of activity on the lake over the past weekend. It's fun watching the people on the skidoos.

We've stayed busy. Actually we're not doing anything different  then we ever have since we've moved here. On March 26, 2016 we moved into the house from our RV. It was quite a change and it felt like a mansion. It still feels big when I start doing a full clean.

I don't have many pictures for this blog, but here's a couple of our little alligator which has been hanging around. Today we add four Sandhill cranes and the alligator.

They showed a neat view of Tampa on TV. I had to get the picture. They're talking about the corona virus in the area and how hard it's been hit. It's also another area with a cruise ship port. 
Sunday I'll be posting something very special, Stay tuned. 

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Life has Changed for the Whole World

Auburndale, FL (Hi 86  Lo 65)

We're at a standstill in Florida.  We're watching the Coronavirus updates for the state and world. I'm not putting any stats in the blog, it keeps going up hourly.

I worked at hospice on Monday, but had a feeling it would be my last day for awhile. It's not mandatory for me to be there and I'm high risk so I'm not going. The bereavement camp was cancelled.  Tuesday I had already scheduled a massage and chiropractor appointment and I kept them. I also got a badly needed haircut and it's short. It will be long again by the time this is all over.

Traffic is light. We can get anywhere in half the time. It's not because the snowbirds are leaving but all the restaurants are closed, so are the bars but will do takeouts. The grocery stores are filling orders and bringing it to the car for pick up. All schools are closed and colleges. It's bad timing, the seniors may not get to celebrate with a graduation ceremony.

The people in our park are doing more running up and down the streets in their golfcarts. Ours was taken to the shop, it's not holding charge. It's most likely the batteries.

Thursday I did play cards with a couple other gals. It's a weekly ritual. All the events are cancelled at the clubhouse even the pool is closed. It's serious business, especially if being over 60 years old.

I have been crocheting. Here's a few of my "critters".

I did get all my t-shirts sorted by color and state. I have 78 shirts and a lot are from each state we traveled thru while in the RV fulltime. I put the ones I don't wear much in a big tub and the rest are still in the closet. I just feel more comfortable in them. The ones I got rid of will be made into a quilt. I already have one quilt made with several of them.

I have plenty to keep me busy, at least for awhile.

Saturday, March 14, 2020

School Mate Visit - Hospice Appreciation Luncheon - COVID-19

Auburndale, FL (Hi 88  Lo 62)

Saturday,  Melba and Ed came for a visit. Melba is a classmate from high school and comes to see us every year while they travel in the winter. We went to our favorite Chinese restaurant. We had a wonderful visit and said our goodbye's till next year later in the evening. Thank you guys for coming to see us. (Click on the photos to enlarge).

Dee, Jim, Melba and Ed

I worked at hospice all week, about six hours a day. I have no idea how I worked 8 to 10 hour days and also a second job most of my life. I guess that's why you retire at 65 or 70. On Friday we had Volunteer Appreciation day which the theme was OSCAR day. Some of us dressed up for the occasion. The venue was decorated so nice.

We had the best lunch, chicken, veggies, mash potatoes, roll and lemon cake or chocolate cake with a strawberry on top for dessert.

There were several people that received an OSCAR and I happened to be one of them. This is the reason.

Needless to say I was really surprised. I do data entry and proofread items. I guess it paid off. I also received the one year certificate along with others in my hospice class last year. I went to hospice to work on the camp entries until 5:00. There's been talk about cancelling it, but it's in April and they're going to wait and see.

I wasn't going to write about the Coronavirus but it's at a serious level. Our son found a great website that updates regularly.

The only place we go is for groceries and I go to hospice. Schools are closed, all sports have cancelled and we're just hanging tight. We're not going anywhere. Toilet paper seems to be the hot item. People are afraid of being shut in the house for 14 days which is required if you think you have the virus. I guess toilet paper is the only thing they're worried about not having enough, (my thing would be wine).  Sanitizing lotions are the other thing that's being taken from the stores. Someone crocheted a tiny roll of toilet paper.

On a lighter note:
We have google home mini which we've attached a couple lights to it. In the evenings Jim tells it to turn on the light. It goes something like this.
Jim:  Hey Google, turn on the light
Google: I don't understand that.
Jim: Harsh loud words.  HEY GOOGLE, TURN ON THE LIGHT
Google finally turns on the light.
Jim:  You don't give me any lip.

It doesn't happen often, but Jim seems to have a handle on getting her to turn on the light.

Saturday, March 7, 2020

Pig Roast - Sister's Visit - Coronavirus

Auburndale, FL (Hi  77  Lo 45)

Saturday we started with a pig roast at the clubhouse. It was well attended and lots of good food. The entertainment was also excellent with Crystal Gage and husband Bryan. The play country music.  They're a couple that just had twins last year and tell tales on the kids and tease each other.  Bryan plays the fiddle which is outstanding. (Click on the photos to enlarge).
These are some photos of the fun night.

Sunday, we went to pick up my sister Doris in Sebring. While we were there we ate at the Blue Lagoon. It's a go to place and half way point from her winter home in  Okeechobee. We got back home about 4:30. We visited and relaxed the rest of the evening along with planning what we were going to do for the week.

Monday, we went to Tampa to check the downtown area and where we wanted to get a hotel close to the Texas de Brazil restaurant for our anniversary on March 28.  I'll write more on the location and what we'll do when I do end of the month blog. We drove down Bay Shore and Davis Island looking at the beautiful homes. It was a full day.

Tuesday, Sis and I were on our own. We went downtown Lakeland to the Subs and Such for Cuban, Meatball, Ruben, and Italian sandwiches. We ate one while there and brought the rest home for lunch the next day. We went to the Lakeside Village outdoor shopping area. We had a great time shopping for cruise and getting new tops for both of us. Some stores had very high prices and others had reasonable prices.   To top off the day we went to Parksdale  for the strawberry shortcake.

We also stopped for a few groceries. When we got home we unloaded a full car. The evening was watching Super Tuesday voting around the country. (Note: for later Biden won).

Wednesday, was a low key day. We weren't in any hurry to do much. I have hand and foot card game on Wednesdays so we both went over to play. It was a great afternoon. We also had the 15 week pizza party at 5:00. It's something the park does every year. Starting in October you pay $15 for a token with a number. Every Wednesday at coffee, they draw two numbers and you win $25. At the end of 15 weeks we have a pizza party and all the tokens are redrawn for another chance to win $25. It brings the community together for some food and a chance to win money.

Thursday, we took sis back to Sebring to Blue Lagoon. Her hubby drops her off and picks her up instead of us going two hours to Okeechobee and back we meet half way. Herm, her hubby suggested taking Amtrak. They're going to do that for our anniversary. If it works out we'll be going back and forth a lot more. I'll be sure to tell about it.

Friday, I worked at Hospice. They are getting ready for the kids camp for bereavement. I'm doing the data entry for participants so will be working more days and longer hours in the next couple weeks.  Jim went to the symphony in Tampa again and I'm catching up on TV shows.

We're watching the news on the Coronavirus.  I'm putting this in the blog for future reference. We use the blog a lot for info and the more important topics. There's more and more dying with the virus, but it seems to be the elderly and not younger people.

Saturday, February 29, 2020

Paint Class - Baseball Spring Training - Space Concert

Auburndale, FL (Hi 63  Lo 47)  Chilly this week

Saturday was the LJL (Lake Juliana Landings) painting class. We have it every year, last year we painted on canvas, this year we painted two wine glasses. Thank you Cindy for setting it up. We had a great time and lots of ideas. (Click on the photos to enlarge. )
This is our whole group.

These are my glasses. The first is 50 years for our upcoming anniversary next month.

And another one with spirals.

Pictures of the group painting.

Baseball spring training has started. Jim went to see his St Louis Cardinals play the Atlanta Braves at the Braves' new stadium in North Port, a couple hours away.

Jim's a huge Cardinals fan and he tries to see them play at least once every year.

Friday night we went to The Florida Symphony for a concert called "Out of this World". The music was about space, planets, and the moon. They had an astronaut that was on the space station and shuttle. She answered questions and was very informative of what she saw and how she felt while in space.
Here's a few pictures.

Just a couple tidbits.  The first is a 1/2 gallon drinking cup. I crochet a lot and don't get up to refill my small bottle. The gals at hospice have big ones for the same reason not refilling. So I found this one. I'll fill each morning and hope it's empty by bedtime. No refills.

We now have five alligators around the canal. They're here every day laying in the sun. This one was outside our window. The others are across the canal and hard to get pictures.

My sis will be here next year so we'll have a busy week. See you next Saturday.