Saturday, December 9, 2023

Craft Show - Holiday Events - Symphony

 Shalimar, Fl  (Hi  75   Lo 60)

Hang onto your hats, this blog is photo loaded.  There was a lot going on this week. I'll do day by day, it's easier. 

Sunday: We had a craft show but I didn't have things ready this year. I will next year. They may have a show for just the residents in August or September which will be nice. There were several tables and the prices a bit high. I did buy a phone holder so I can do zoom easier with the phone. (Click on the photos to enlarge). 

Phone holder has beans and a lip to hold the phone. 

I did take a picture in front of the general store that was done. It's just half the village this person owns. It's gorgeous. The whole window then the right and left sides up close. 

The lunchroom were filled with tables.  

The commons area (main building) has a competition for door decorations.
This is the activities door, so clever.  
This one is the social worker's door. 
Monday: I started with WII bowling. In the early afternoon I had massage and chiropractor appointment. I try to do one every month, sometimes twice a month. I had cards in the evening then the GBM zoom group. 

Tuesday:  Diamond art is so neat. Several of us bought diamond art pictures and we're meeting weekly to work on them. It's fun and we get to catch up with each other. I went from there to get some lunch then to meditation. I had a zoom meeting in the evening. 

Wednesday: The RB Christian School performed for us. They had a band and choral group. 
There were several people that attended, but should be more to support the schools. 
I had some lunch then went to another village to play hand, knee and foot. I'm making that a regular Wednesday fun time. I had just enough time to get dinner then to the regular cards I play every evening. 

Thursday: The Jazz band and choral group from Pryor school came and did a great job with their performance.   The band  then the choral.

When this performance was over we had grilled brats and potato salad with cupcake for lunch. I was all over that,. I love grilled brats and I don't get them very often. At 3:00 we had the monthly activities meeting setting up for January. It's great knowing the new year is so close.  Again in the evening, I played cards, by the way the game is called 31, for those that have been asking. 

Friday: I actually got up early to help the activities gals polish silverware for the big party coming up. I could only help for half hour because the next group of school kids came in. This one was the Longwood elementary school with 110 kids. They sang three songs then came around to all of those attending to give hugs. It was SO cute!  

They all lined up and went out the door. They only had to walk basically across the street. 
I did something different for Friday night. I was invited to go to the Pops Symphony at Mattie Kelly Arts Center. That's the Northwest Florida State College in Niceville. It was the holiday concert and it was great. Mary is one of the village residents and she was in the chorus. They did a short performance before the symphony. Mary is in the middle. 
They were lined up on the stairs in the concert hall. 

There were six of us from the village. Stacie, Lois, Cathy, Debbie, and Jim. 
These two guys did a great duo, but a third one was doing something inside the piano. I never did figure it out. 
This is Swon Brothers as guests. They were on the Voice and played country music with the symphony. It was a great!!
The choir and everyone at the end. 
It was a fabulous concert with friends from the village. Thank you all. 

Saturday:  I had a full day planned but it all fell apart. In my earlier days I would have been quite upset, but today I just shrugged and moved on. I still have crochet orders to get out. In fact in between everything above. I got this set done. One more to go. I'll make a bunch ahead of time for next year.  
Next week is almost as busy. Stay tuned. 

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