Saturday, April 28, 2018

Quiet Week - A New Toy

Auburndale, FL  (Hi  81  Lo 60)

The weather lately has been perfect. The community is almost to the summer residents only. It's quiet during the summer and we catch up on repairs and cleaning up the community. The schedule is a lot less and it's not crowded on the shuffleboard courts. Darts are also fun and more competitive, even Jim has joined us. It won't be long the summer rains will start and the humidity will go up. It's all part of summer.

I'm going to craft shows to get ideas for ours in November. There was one this week that was quite interesting having huge baskets loaded with items for certain topics. There was one for all men with golf, men's shaving articles and books. There was one with all kinds of wine, toppers, and shakers. There were a lot of them. You buy tickets and drop the ticket in the container that you're interested in winning.

The whole area is smaller than ours.

The visitor this week was a blue heron and he acted like he owned the boat that's really owned by the neighbors. 

We got a new toy that makes us real Floridians. We found a golf cart. It was delivered yesterday and needed charging, but we did get enough charge to get around the community and parked it in the carport. When we tried to charge it, nothing happened so we called the company. They came back out to check it over and bring another charger. It wouldn't even start up. They had to reload it on the truck and take it back to the company. I guess we'll get it back next week when they find the problem. It's the same color as our car. It has the rain shields, a back seat and keys that are to our cart only and not for every cart in the community. I guess it was just a teaser. I do a lot of things at night and hate to rely on someone else to take me or drive the car and not have a place to park. Now I can take my turn in taking people to events.

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