Saturday, May 5, 2018

Flea Market - Boat Ride on Lake - Golfcart Update

Auburndale, FL  (Hi 89  Lo 65)

Saturday we went to the flea market. Jim is playing darts with me and wanted his own set. There's a place that has a board to practice different weights of darts. He found a set he liked and tried them out on Monday night. He loves them. He's set now to play and beat the rest of us.  We love the flea market this time of year. It's not crowded and all the vendors are there. In about a month there won't be nearly as many vendors. It's really hot and not many buyers.

The update on the golf cart from last week. We got it back on Monday, it was a corroded cable. It's been running great and so handy to go all over the  community without taking the car. I could walk to everything I do but mosquitoes are so bad here after dark there wouldn't be anything left of me to get back home.

Our neighbor has a pontoon boat. He's taken us around the lake a couple times. We had another couple neighbors and we went out again this week for a sunset cruise around the lake. Here's a few pictures.

Our resident alligator was watching us before we left.

A bunch of buzzards having dinner at the far the side of the lake.

I love dead trees. Both of these were fine before hurricane Irma.

The house we see from our place that's still waiting for roofers from the hurricane Irma.
Looking toward our place on the canal.

We were invited John and Shirley's house for a party  to meet their grandson, Aaron from England. It was a fun time and while we were there one of the guests brought in a quilt that someone made for him. John and Shirley are holding it up.

 The quilt belongs to Vern, he's 97 next month.  Molly and Kathy are beside him.

Art, Linda, Aaron and Jan

Dan, Sandi and Donna

Besides the normal weekly activities I'm still crocheting orders for people.

The back patio is already getting hot. There's still no high humidity but that's coming soon.

It's been another great week. What will we get into for next week?

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