Saturday, May 12, 2018

Cinco de Mayo - Lunch with Friends - Military Mats

Auburndale, FL  (Hi  93  Lo 66)

Saturday was Cinco de Mayo and we had a party at the clubhouse. Marty and his wife Jean were chairman and did a wonderful job on tacos with all the trimmings plus Mexican cookies.


Cindy talking with the tickets takers, Sandy and Dan

They even did a Mexican hat dance.

We had a great time and thanks to Marty for being chairman.

Sunday we had lunch with RV'ing friends Harry and Jessica from Avon Park. We go down to see them every once awhile and this time they came up to us.

We went to a pub that you get flight of six drinks. We tried different ones. We also had wings which were excellent. We'd like to go back on a Friday night to have exotic meats, like kangroo, or Elk etc.

We visited most of the afternoon and said our goodbye's till next fall when they're done with summer travels. They have a fifth wheel.

I don't normally tell anything that bothers me with some political things. This topic is dear to me and I feel there's no publicity on the subject. We were in the military 26 years and it's sad to see how the military is being treated.

We make grocery bag mats to send to the military. We found a lady that makes boxes of supplies for the military that don't have access to the base exchanges. They're not even given soap, deodorant, socks, nothing. It's up the the families or friends to get supplies to them of any kind. They do get food but that's it.  Kathy started a group that gets donations from companies and packs the essentials for our military. Any military person can sign up and get a box. If you'd like to help or know more about this wonderful organization please click here.  

We are making mats to send overseas. They're used in foxholes, beside their beds, in showers, sandy areas in Afghanistan or where ever needed to stay cleaner. Our community helped with mats, toiletries, and some money.

Linda, Donna and Dee with  a couple mats.

Linda with Kathy

Listening to Kathy on what's going on with the military.

We went out to lunch then to the Christmas Store in Altamonte Springs.

This store is like Bed Bath and Beyond except a lot better prices and more selections. We left and got into the Orlando traffic. It was a grand day and thanks Donna and Linda for going with me. We learned a lot.

This weekend is Mother's Day. There's another busy week coming up so stayed tuned. Please think of what you can do to help our military. 

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