Saturday, February 17, 2018

Spaghetti Dinner - NC Visiting - Movie - Beach Boys

Auburndale, FL (Hi  85  Lo 60)

This week was a little quieter, but we still kept busy. This is the time of year we have fog every morning. Seven years ago we had a balloon ride in the fog over Disney. 

Saturday we had a great spaghetti dinner. One of the residents has been making spaghetti for years. He brought in pictures of past years dinners.

There were 180 people and all served in 25 minutes.

The kitchen help. There were four lines at a time served.

The highlight was Darin, our maintenance man, who played his guitar. He did some great sounds that we've never heard anyone do. It was like the song of the whale type playing. We really enjoyed it.

Sunday we met with our friends from North Carolina. They come every year to Florida for the Hamvention in Orlando (ham radio). We enjoyed our time with them at Logans Steakhouse in Kissimmee. We're hoping we see them again this summer.

Jim, Dee, Gary, Hank and Selene

Monday we decided to see the movie The Shape of Water. It's up for an award, but we can't figure out why. It's a strange movie. We give it half thumbs up. It's worth seeing but maybe more so when it comes out on video.

Tuesday we headed to Clearwater for the Beach Boys concert.  We've seen them in the 80's, but it was great seeing them again. Mike Love the main singer now has a son that sings along with him. The best part of the group is John Stamos has joined the group. He's a great guitarist and drummer. He can also sing. A guy with many talents, for those that remember he got his start with General Hospital as Blackie and in other TV shows. He got married last week, so his wife is with him as he travels.

John on the drums.

John on the guitar.

When you take pictures in a concert, the lights are so bright it's hard to get a clear picture. Flash on cameras aren't allowed.  They played two and half hours. The place was a sell out and it mostly our age group. We got home just before midnight. It was a great concert. The sound system could have been better but that's not their fault, it's the theater that it was held, Ruth Eckerd Hall.

We have Wednesday morning with coffee and donuts for the residents. It's packed every week during the winter months.
The time in between going places is shuffleboard, darts, cards (hand and foot) and crocheting. Now we're enjoying the Olympics. We're both love curling. We had a Canadian explain the scoring and what to watch for which makes it even more enjoyable. There's not a whole lot we don't like on the Olympics so we're staying in a little more this week to watch it.

Shuffle board yesterday was interesting. We had 21 playing and no one sits out. There were six people to a court. This picture was our opposing team waiting for us to play. It's abnormal for three people sitting at a time. It was cute.

And my team won. It's the highest score ever for me.

The one of many pretty sunsets this week.

See you next week.

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