Saturday, January 20, 2018

Wine Tasting - Reunion of RV'ers - Casino Cruise and More

Auburndale, Fl  (Hi 69  Lo 53)

A few busy days all in a row. There will be a lot of pictures, just click on a picture to make them larger.
Saturday morning in a cold wind, we took down all the Christmas decorations in the park. There were several of us packing them up and getting lights in the tubs.

Saturday afternoon was the first wine tasting at the clubhouse. While we were in Adelaide Shores RV park they had a wine tasting that worked so well so thought I'd try it in our park. People would sign up from their home state up north or Florida and the only entry fee is a bottle of wine. We had people show up that didn't sign up but we had a table setup for them. One person would stay at the table with the wine to tell if it was sweet or dry and where the winery was located. Then they would switch off and the other one would pour and give the info on  the wine. There were some that decorated their tables with state decorations.   Patti's daughter made the state signs (take a close look).
Bob and Patti

Sign up table.  Heard it through the grapevine.

Art and Molly

Judy and Jerry

Bob and Susan

Phil and Jan

Ray and Sue

Cindy and Bob


Bringing a map where the wine was from was a good idea.

Lots of snacks to clean the palate. This is a good picture of one of the signs.


Alice and Pam

Jim is picky with wine, he likes bourbon. He even tried a few wines.

Wines that I like or Jim likes. This one is Jim's it's a got a bite to it.

This is from England.

My top favorite.

There were a few of us that stayed after the main party. There was left over wine to drink why take it home. We stayed long enough to order pizza and had many laughs. I think it will be done again next year. (Maybe).

Sunday Harry and Jessica came up from Adelaide Shores and we went to Tarpon Springs to meet up with some RV'ers that are in Florida for the winter. It feels like winter, we have had some colder temperatures so it was on the cooler side then we would have liked it. We were in a park and it had a lot of trees. The pavilion was too cold so we put out our chairs and kept moving to follow the sun. We had a wonderful time learning where people are going what they're doing for the summers and just visiting. We were all bundled up except one person. I didn't get everyone's name. Karen Phillips setup the meeting. We try to meet once a year while in Florida.

The park is on the Gulf of Mexico and there were a couple people kite surfing.

We got home just before dark.

Monday was a different activity. We went on a casino cruise from Port Canaveral. The bus ride over was one hour and half. We got there in plenty of time to board the boat. The bus was loaded with our park and another Sun Community.
Our boat.

We heard the winds were 21 mph so it was going to be rough in the ocean. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be but not good either. It was quite smokey with cigarettes and a couple cigar smokers and I can't be around smoke so it was difficult staying inside. We sat outside a couple hours and moved from side to side of the boat deck to stay out of the wind. We did have a good lunch, veggies,, potatoes, rice, salmon, beef and chicken with either pie or cake for dessert. The first part of the trip was choppy it was rocking  and rolling from side by side. Everyone walked like they were drunk. The longer we were out the rougher it got. The swaying became more pronounced. A couple people fell off the stools while they were playing. The people with the walkers were safer and had a better chance staying upright. A few were sick and laying down on the few benches they had around the boat. Most of us were glad to get back to shore at 4:00. We didn't hear of anyone that won anything, maybe a few dollars.

RV park along the way out of the port. We would have liked to stay there. It's called Jetty Park.

Trish and Allan

A great view (three miles away) of the launch pads at Cape Canaveral.

Jim and Dee

This tug pushed in and out from the pier.

They were dredging just past the shoreline.

 Before we left we could get drinks and had a guy with guitar singing. He was quite good.

Tuesday we had a down day. We're getting older and notice the fast paced lifestyle is becoming a little too much. If you get exhausted there's more risk of getting sick.

Wednesday, the morning meeting was full of people. It was surprising because of the low temperatures, but guess everyone needed that donut and coffee. We left early evening for the basketball game to see a seminar on how referees work the games. There were only seven of us and was taught by a ref that had been refereeing for fifteen years. While we were there Nick Anderson came in to say hi and talk a little bit about the games. He played for Illinois in 1989.
Jim and Nick

We learned a lot in the class and glad we went. The game was great. We lost to the Cavaliers but only by a couple points. It was one of the those that went back and forth and fast. Next game is Tuesday night.

Friday night we saw another launch from Cape Canaveral.  We got a few of the neighbors together to watch it.

It was bright and lasted a few minutes till the different stages fell.

It's been a very fun week, still have things at the clubhouse to attend so we'll see you next week.

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