Saturday, January 27, 2018

Yancey - Weeki Wachee

Auburndale, FL  (Hi 75   Lo  55)

We've been having more fun this week. There was a little more down time and another successful doctors appointment for Jim's eye from the cataract surgery. All is fine. The events at the clubhouse are still going on till April. Last weekend was Will Yancey and Cal.  It was country music both new and old songs. He did a great job and we had a great time. (Click on pictures to enlarge). 
Lots of dancing. 

Tuesday night was the basketball game. It was family night and a lot going on. They had all kinds of freebies for the younger kids.  The SEU (Southeastern University) drum line played at half time was pretty good. The drums had red lights on them which was a neat effect. 
SEU mascot was getting pictures with a child. 
The dock is still broken from hurricane IRMA. There's been some birds that's taken up residency. They know no one will be on the dock and it's safe. They make lots of noise. 

Thursday afternoon my sister Doris, and friend Sandy came from Okeechobee. 
They wanted to be here for an early morning departure for Weeki Wachee north of Tampa. Jim was raised in Florida and had heard about Weeki Wachee since he was a kid, but never had the chance to get there. We didn't go while we lived here in the military so we made a specific date to go the hour and half to get there. It's a place that's been open since 1947.  We had a wonderful time. 

We were the only ones there when we arrived, but before long people started coming in. We went to see the animal show first. I bet this place is hopping in the summer. 
Jim and Doris
The arena where they bring out different animals. 

A young lady brought out a King snake and described what it eats, not poisonous and it's good to have around. It was a pretty green and yellow. The picture doesn't show the true color.  
Next was a very young alligator. This is the size the alligator in our canal last spring. Hint: they grow up fast. 
The third was a tortoise. She explained a turtle lives in water a tortoise lives on land. We learned a lot. 
Next was the mermaid show. On the way there we saw several peacocks.

Manatees in the water outside the theatre. The water stays 74.4 degrees year round. 
Looking into the bay. 
We were 14 feet under water in an auditorium that holds 500 people. These are the mermaids. 

Fish and turtles were around the girls. 
Between songs there was a layer of bubbles in front of the glass. 
This is the side looking toward the theater. 
After the show, we went on a 20 minute boat ride down the river. It's our first time seeing spring water. It's so clear and clean they say you can drink it. The fish are seen so clearly. We enjoyed the ride. 

Lots of kayaks. 
We're hoping to do a day trip once or twice a month. This one was so much fun. On our way home we stopped at the Bulk Nation to get some food and candy. We love that store. 
Doris and Sandy headed home and we rested up the rest of the evening. We have another week planned for some activities, see you next Saturday. 

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