Saturday, November 19, 2016

Movie - Checkups - Canada Visitors

(Auburndale, FL)  Hi 80 Lo 55 --   We are gearing up the movie watching through the winter. This week was the movie Arrival. It's an alien movie, but different then most you see. We both loved it, but it's also the type of movie you have to see twice when you see the end of it, so we'll be watching it again, (on TV). We give it two thumbs up.

Jim had an eye appointment with a new doctor in this area. We both like him, so another doctor found for our future. I'll go when I'm all done with the eye doctor in Sebring for cataract surgery. I should only have one more appointment. We have all doctors in place now, unless we change again for the dentist. I met with the new primary doctor since the other one left for Lakeland. We want to stay with someone closer in town. This one is old school and love it. No pill pusher like a lot of the doctors. In fact my blood work was so good that I don't need to go back for six months. That's great news, 2017, might be a good year.

I'm now in a group of gals that plays Bunco once a month in a home. You have a group of 12 once a month and go to a home to play. It's fun and you get to know the people better.  Every Wednesday I go to Hand and Foot card game at the clubhouse. I'm getting the schedule down now for the winter.

We had guests here from Canada the last couple days. Lorne and Sue are friends in the chat room. They're in the south for the winter and stopped by to meet us.

Lorne, Sue and Charlie

They're fulltime this past summer and traveling between USA and Canada.

Anna met with us at Lazy Days Cracker Barrel for lunch.

We had to take a tour of some of the RV's that's at Lazy Days. Lots of ideas and quite a few used RV's for sale. Maybe in our future?????

Bus by Wonderlodge, which our friend Lessie has one similar to it.

This is a See Ya, MH, with quite a different layout. The slides come in both sides. The end of the middle section is a washer and dryer. It's quite unique.

I went with another gal today to another craft show. It was in a large church and very nice. I'm getting names of vendors so I can call them for ours next year.

I'm working on orders for the critters, but this one turned out so cute.
A skunk, I'm changing the tail to all black.

The Nativity set turned out perfect.  I'll have to get a bunch made for our next craft fair, it's popular.

We met Rob in Kissimmee for lunch. He's back in town. He's also from the chatroom and we've met up with him whenever we can. He's fulltime in a fifthwheel and works while on the road.


See you next week

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