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St. Patrick's Day - Council Meeting - Concert

 Shalimar, FL   (Hi  63  Lo 47)    I'VE BEEN ASKED THAT THE FONT IT TOO SMALL. JUST DO A CONTROL +  AND IT WILL ENLARGE. CONTROL   -(minus)  to make smaller.

Sunday seems like months away, but it started out this week with a party for St. Patrick's Day!  One of our gals makes great corn beef and cabbage. It was wonderful. The village pitched in with desserts and sides. (Click on photos to enlarge).

I found out I like this drink. It's like licorice.
We got to the lounge 12:30 and left at 8:15pm. 

Monday was Wii bowling, then dementia class. This class is to inform how to react to those with dementia without causing aggressive reactions. Youtube has a gal that teaches what to watch for and how to react. Teepa Snow is her name. I played cards by 5:00 along with GBM zoom at 7:30. 

Tuesday after the craft class and meditation I had my massage and chiropractor appointment. I'm having trouble with my neck because I pulled a muscle in my neck. How I have no idea how,  but woke up with a stiff neck that I couldn't move left or right. I went back to chiropractor on Thursday for more help, it's finally moving a little more, but will take awhile to get full movement.

Wednesday Wii Bowling and resident council. We heard a lot of info on what's coming up for the village in upgrades and more buildings in the future. Lots of red tape and plans to be done. They also recognized two very important people in our village. Sharon is our social worker and first responder in our villages. She's amazing with answers and assistance in anything we need. She's been here ten years.
                                            Brooks, Sharon, and Bobbie Jo
Volunteer of the year is Hilga. She has helped in the office and has been here many areas in the village. She will go to Orlando for the SE conference leading age volunteer. Congrats to Hilga.

                                                        Brooks, Hilga, and Bobbie Jo
Thursday was dentist appointment. Another cleaning, which is progressing well from six months ago. I guess another age thing with teeth, the gums get weak. I'll keep up with the cleaning so I can keep the teeth. 

Friday we're supposed to get rain this weekend, but the military still held a car wash in our village. The pollen has been really bad so I took the car over for a good cleaning. They do such a great job. I couldn't get out of the car but thought I'd take a couple pictures from inside. 

The rest of Friday was time at home. I had a zoom with the friends from North Carolina but nothing else except getting my weekly meals, making one of them and crocheting or working with the puzzle. 

To catch you up on the little things. One of the residents got a frog for our little flower garden. It's so cute. 
This picture is from one of the chatters on a train in NY. Six guys after a basketball game went up in the luggage racks for their rid home. Three on each side.  Of course they're all on their phones. 
I am trying to make gnomes and several other little things for the August 17 craft fair here on campus. Here's what I've made so far. I'm working on different holidays or months. St. Patrick's day is first with the beer mug and shamrocks.
This is May, but more to come with different colors heads and tiny lady bug or butterfly on top.
Easter bunnies with different heads.
There's a lot more to be made.  

Saturday I made a couple meals, did some housework and went to a concert.    

I went with my neighbor Anne and it was great.
A bunch of old guys doing fantastic singing from the 60 and 70's with an audience of the same age. They were doing a benefit for the kids that are placed in foster homes.  
There were several from the Villages that we knew. Anyone could dance in front of the stage. 
I'll see you next week. Thank you for reading.

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