Saturday, November 12, 2016

Movie - HOA - Animal Races

(Auburndale FL) Hi 78 Lo 59 -- We got to another movie this week, Doctor Strange. It's really good and the new special effects are mind boggling. It's like seeing Matrix on steroids. We give it thumbs up and it was even better in the Dolby Cinema. We went to Orlando to see it. (Click on the pictures to enlarge.)

Our first HOA meeting was this week. There was a good attendance. It was great seeing how well organized the meeting went. We're happy with how it's all being run. I'll put in for a place on the board next year.

 Another thing that's quite interesting is the animal races. There's six animals that one of the residents made from wood. Six squares of tape are across the room and six wide. Six people hold the animals and when six dice are thrown the numbers that come up will move the animal one square. You buy tickets for 50 cents each on what animal may win. It's strictly by chance.  If three dice says a number one, the person in square one moves three spaces.  There's also an auction that you auction different named horses that makes the stakes a lot higher. One person won an auction at bidding $30 and won $180. If you're a gambler it's a very popular game here.

Friday afternoon there was a Veterans luncheon. I helped with the decorations and the food preparation. There were 72 in attendance and not sure how many vets, but it was a real nice luncheon.

Friday night we went to the Orlando Magic basketball game. Jim found a Groupon for $9. He also got a parking pass and we left by 5:00 because the traffic would be bad that time of night. He was right, there were two slow downs and one was 13 minutes. If you drive I-4, leave yourself plenty of time. It's been voted the worst highway in America.  We're hoping they'll get the train line built in our lifetime to take advantage of going to Orlando and Tampa. The game was defensive so the score was very low for a professional team. We'll be going again, that's a great stadium.


Looking down the third floor.

Our seats. The best way to watch was on the big screen.

With all the craft things going on, I met someone that has a super collection of magnets and shot glasses. This is amazing,

I had 150 shot glasses before going on the road. This person has 1200. That's quite a collection.

I didn't sell very many of the critters at the craft show last weekend. This weekend we went to an outdoor craft show that had over 100 vendors. It's amazing what people are making. The thing we see the most is the big wreaths. One of the gals in the park is thinking of making one, if she does she'll sell it to me and I'll put my critters on it for next years craft bazaar. Good idea?

This is plates and four forks to match. They have beads around the plates and end of the forks.

 This is different type of yarn and string to make necklaces. Very different from the normal "ladder" necklaces, but that's the basic start for them.

One the vendors had these at our craft show. It's a cloth turtle, made with terry cloth or cleaning type material. You put your foot on it and pick up dirt or something spilled without bending over. It's a great idea. When it's dirty just throw it in the washer. (Like spilled wine or milk?)

Rows and rows of tents with vendors all around the park in Winter Haven park.

We took two hours and may have missed a few places, but it was jammed with people and getting hot.  I'd like to go again next year.

Now I'm getting a few orders made and will take orders to make what people want. It's fun to see what animal/bird people like. I've been told everyone has a favorite and it's like the Harry Potter movie with the owls and other critters that the kids had as their "side-kick".

Here's what I have left from the craft bazaar. If you want to order a critter, let me know. It's a hobby not a living. Just email me and I'll tell you how long it will take and price.

See ya next week.

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Melinda Strain said...

Looks like a great Thanksgiving spent with your loved ones! Loving the finds from the craft show, thanks for the share.