Friday, November 25, 2016

2016 Thanksgiving in NC

(Havelock, NC) Hi 60 Lo 45 --  We went to NC last year for Thanksgiving. I'm glad we had the blog to check on where we stayed and when we came back.

We left Florida on Tuesday. The traffic was heavy but on the move except around Orlando, it was stop and go. We had an eight and half hour day which brought us to Florence, SC. I like Red Roof Inn's because the beds are comfortable and we found one in Florence. There was even a Western Sizzler next door so we didn't have to move the car for dinner.

We got up early Wednesday for the five hour drive  to Havelock, NC. We didn't know there would be a bypass around Goldsboro so we made good time and got to the Cherry Point Marine base by 1:00. We signed in and then went to Jim's sisters. We had 14 people come by,  so it was the beginning  of who would be there for Thanksgiving. There was food everywhere. Jim's brother and wife, Johnny and Cheryl came in from Texas the beginning of the week.

Johnny brought some oysters from Marshalberg (downeast),  so the rest of the afternoon they steamed and ate oysters.


Johnny, Sharon and Jim.

A small crab was in the oyster.

Thursday the cooking of the turkeys started midday.

There were two turkeys, one in the oven and one for the deep fryer.

Jimmy, Jim, and Johnny watching the fryer.

While the family gathered in the kitchen and living room.

Robin and Sharon, chasing everyone out of the kitchen.

Jimmy slicing one of the turkeys.

Then eating. This was only one table.  There were 25 people spread out in the house and outside.

The Walter family from left to right, Sharon, Alberta, Robin, Johnny (left) Jim (right) in back.

Friday night we wanted something else for a meal, so we had fish and shrimp.
Sharon fixing the fish.

Robin was fixing the shrimp.

We'll be leaving Monday. I'll post the weekend and the trip home in next weeks blog.


Judy Maddox said...

Glad all of you were able to get together for Thanksgiving this year. Family is the most important thing to be thankful for. Praying for safe trip back for all.

Laurel Owen said...

What a big family! Glad you had a good Thanksgiving.