Sunday, June 9, 2024

Time with Sons - My Birthday - Graduation Party

 Aurora, IL  (Hi 77  Lo  56)   Range of temps this week 85 high 55 low

I'm not doing the blog by days this time!  One reason the days have all run together and it's been a whirlwind of fun and learning. 

I'm with the younger son, Rick and he's a computer consultant so he's been working this week on an upgrade to the computer systems for work. Yes, that means long hours and of course an upgrade is never what you expect would go right the first time through, so a couple days were very hectic. I knew that so was prepared for downtime learning more from him on my own computer. Setting up for my future of getting older was in the works. 

We did go for some sushi for dinner one night. That's quite a different experience. I loved some of it and not so much on the others, but there were a lot of choices. (Click on the photos to enlarge)

Rick and son Jack
Appetizers Squid and veggie strips
Grab lagoon
And the main entrée, lots of good sushi

Back at Tammy's, Ramsey was waiting for us.

He gives lots of kisses to Jack
I did a lot of cleaning up my computer files and organization. I also worked on diamond art which I brought with me. The time has flown by, the weather has been perfect. It was supposed to rain but hasn't so far. 

I'm now a year older, getting closer to 80. Jim loved to celebrate my birthday and for many years we always got a lobster for my birthday. Rick is carrying on the tradition. He got me flowers and later we went for lobster dinner with Tammy, his girlfriend.
This is year is 32 years that I've had a lobster for my birthday. Jim started the tradition and all but a couple times (Covid for one) I've stuck to it. It's usually at Red Lobster and there was one in town so we headed that way. I ordered a one pound and half lobster the waitress came back later and said they ran out and I'd be getting a three pound and half for same price. ALL RIGHT! It took 45 minutes to eat and it was done very well. This one was a monster. (Click on the photo to enlarge)
Thank you Tammy and Rick for a wonderful dinner.
Jack's graduation party was a huge success. I took several pictures but I'll put only the overall pictures.
The party was at the clubhouse near where Rick and Tammy live. We went early to decorate. Kendra Jack's mom did a wonderful job on picking the decorations and putting them out. We all pitched in to get it done before noon. 
There were fun type games on each table.
Sports that Jack was involved in high school.
It's all about the food

75 people were invited and there were only a few that didn't show.
Kendal, Kyle, and Holly were telling Jack about college life. Jack just put up his hands as I took the picture as if to say, "you've got to be kidding". 
It poured rain the only time of my visit when we were ready to leave the party. We got wet putting things in the cars and clear out the clubhouse. Frank, Angie and Kendall came up for the graduation and I went back with them to their place to catch the plane back home on Sunday.  We took family photos before we left. 

                                  All three grandsons. Kyle, Dee, Jack and Kendall
The whole family. Frank and Angie, Kyle and Holly, Jack, Dee, Kendall, Tammy and Rick
                                                                        Tammy's son Luke 
                                                                    And Evan with Rick
Some last views of the family time.  Rick and Ramsey
                            Tammy's shoes are something to post about.  I love the butterflies. 
Rick did the Eiffel Tower in Lego's. It's got different lights and is beautiful.
and underneath it
I'm now back home. I'm tired but it was one great visit. Thank you to all. I did see a huge brush fire just before landing. If it's something out of the ordinary I hope to find out tomorrow. Thanks for following.

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Anonymous said...

A busy vacation and so nice you could celebrate your birthday with family and see your grandson graduate.

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