Saturday, June 15, 2024

Back to Normal - Guitar

 Shalimar, FL  (Hi  92  Lo 73) ahhhh that's better

This week has been a whirlwind!  I chilled out on Monday, unpacking and catching up on what's going on in the community. There were two that passed in Village one and another of our gals lost a daughter in another state. Don't tell me things don't run in threes. Condolences to the families. 

Tuesday: I went to diamond art group. It's not a class but a gab session with others doing the same thing. I love it. There's something in common with all the groups I'm in. I now have two pictures started and working on them both on Tuesdays. I still have four to do, so I'm not ordering any more for awhile. I stayed another hour to join the meditation group. Another favorite group I love attending.

Wednesday: Hand, knee and foot card game. We had three tables this time. Lots of people to talk to and be with. It's usually 3:30 or later, then I have enough time to eat and get to the nightly card game of 31. We've been sitting outside nightly till the bugs get too aggressive. There's been a sighting of a cub bear since I was gone but not seeing mamma bear. She's around if the cub is, that's for sure. I haven't seen any animals lately.

Thursday:  I practiced WII bowling with another gal. I'm glad it wasn't a real game. It was a bad three games. I think we'll do a practice weekly. 

Friday: I worked with one of the gals on their PC. She had a thumb drive with lots of pictures and I moved them to photos in the cloud. I also did a clean disk and her PC now is so much faster. I love helping with computer stuff. I'm still learning as I go finding out how to do something that someone needs. It hasn't been anything major.

The Luau was tonight. They decorated the dining area and it's really pretty. I didn't sign up. I can't dance (bad knees) so I didn't want to go. 

Saturday morning I practiced the guitar. Frank went to the music store while I was there and I got finger tip protectors. I can't play the guitar with sore fingers because crocheting is impossible if sore. I don't get rid of the soreness for a few days. I played over and hour and fingers are fine. That's a game changer. I hope to practice daily maybe I can eventually remember what I've done and learn the strings.

One of the people on nightly chat had this on the screen background. It's so cute. I changed out E key on my keyboard. It had a whole in it I do so much typing. The E is the most used. 

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