Friday, June 21, 2024

Appointments - Crochet Gnomes

 Shalimar, FL   (Hi 94   Lo 76)

June is my birthday month and like a lot of people I make all my yearly appointment if possible in June. This week was the beginning and Monday was my physical. I shouldn't call it physical because nothing gets checks anymore except maybe hear the heart. I wanted to try something the past three months to see just how much food is the cause of so many things in the body. I ate anything I wanted, as much and when I wanted. My A1C was something of concern,  I have been at 6.1 a long time and this month it was 7.2. Doc checked the other blood readings and said nothing was so far out of whack to continue what I'm doing, being so close to 80 nothing to worry about. I'm off and running for a fun life of eating moderately. I won't have to feel hungry all the time. I'll be careful and not go overboard, but if I want some ice cream, I'll have it.  Monday was also another class for dementia. This one was great on how the brain looks from two people at 70 with a normal brain and one with Alzheimer's. To watch a series on dementia click here or search Teepa Snow.

The hurricane season has started and it looks like it may be a dozy. On that note Frank, our older son is on the way to Cozumel this weekend. Alberto is already a named storm and stirring up the waters.  I can't wait to hear from him about the trip.  

Tuesday: Is a normal day. I went to diamond art group still working on the book and tree. I'll post when done, maybe another couple weeks. Meditation is right behind the class so I stay in the same room. 

Wednesday: It was Juneteeth, a Federal holiday, no mail. There were so many people going to the mailbox not knowing there would be no mail. They were blaming the mailman again. I played all afternoon hand, knee and foot card game. We had a lot playing this week, so it was a lot of fun hearing all the things going on with everyone. 

Thursday: Another appointment, this time eyes. I have dry itchy eyes, but she said it was mostly allergies but told me to get drops at the drug store. She dilated my eyes and I made it back home, but sure wasn't easy. I'm glad the doctor is only a couple miles away. Since I couldn't see very well I just watched TV till card playing about 5:30. At least I could see the cards. 

Friday: I was thinking I didn't have anything going on except get the eye drops. I got up in time to get a  knock on the door which was the honey doers from the base. I needed help with yard cleanup and two guys did a great job. I'm sure happy to have them. We fill out a sheet for what we need and once a month they usually come out. My yard is spiffy again. The main thing is bark from the trees. It blows off and goes everywhere, plus lots of weeds to pull in front and in back. I'm very thankful the guys are willing to help us.

I have finished all the graduate gnomes. Here's the group of them ready to sell August 17, Saturday from 8:00 to 4:00. The date is now set. I'm so excited, 

I have two of the New Year's eve gnomes done and working on six more. 

Thanks for coming in. I didn't have many pictures this week. 


Phyllis said...

Juneteenth! I saw that our county offices would be closed. We got up, drove to the senior center. Opps! County run. Never thought of that. Now I know.

Dave said...

So glad to hear you are doing well.

Dave Tomlinson

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