Saturday, May 18, 2024

Visitor - Residential Counsel - Grandson Graduation

 Shalimar, FL   (Hi  76   Lo  69)

Monday I went to my first class for yoga. I didn't realize it's all from youtube. I thought someone was teaching it in person.  It was also all seated. I'm really out of shape even in sit down yoga I couldn't do some of the moves, especially when it comes to using the knees. I was also sore the next morning. Oh brother. I'll be doing more of the yoga at home and watching youtube.  We had tornado warning while in class and the management moved us all in the hall way. I was watching radar and grabbed a few photos of the rain.  No tornadoes were reported in the area, but sure looked like there was one around if you depended on radar.  This is overlooking the pool area. 

The other side of the building. Dark and lots of rain. 

This is our river on the sidewalk every times it rains. That's slick by the way. 

I picked up Ruth, my friend from Illinois, at the airport at 5:30, she was only half hour later then scheduled. The pilot went around the storm system and it quit raining by the time she got here. (nice)

Tuesday, it rained and stormed most of the night but cleared part of the day so the only thing we did was go out to lunch at AJ's restaurant. We sat outside by the water and it was really windy. It seems there's always a strong wind along by bayou. 

Wednesday, We're so active I can't keep up. Doing what? Playing games on our phones. lol We both love bubbles and words with friends so we sat all morning and played. Talk about relaxing. I'm also crocheting gnomes so I go back and forth. In the afternoon I had my first residential counsel meeting. It went great and several people were there.  We turn in questions and management tells everyone the answers at the meeting. It's going to be fun and informing job for two years. 

Thursday, it's the last day for Ruth's visit, so we took off for Okaloosa Island to Stewby's restaurant. We both want as much seafood as we can get. I really like Stewby's and should go more often but it's on Oklaoosa Island with lots of traffic. It wasn't real bad today, but we lucked out. We also went shopping, Ruth needed some light weight pants, hard to find in Illinois. We came back home and played cards.

Friday morning we were up early. The flight was 9:00 and we weren't sure how long it would take to get thru the boarding. When Ruth was going in the shower there was a huge spider. Neither of us deal with spiders. With her help and her shoe, I got it, but it was so big it wouldn't go down the drain. I looked it up and it may have been a wolf spider. I didn't have shoes on so didn't take the time to get the camera. I just hope there's no mate. 

I came back home and thought about going back to bed but instead I got my air bed back in the bag, cleaned the floors, did the laundry, got some paperwork done for the neighbor for the next council meeting. I tackled the shelves of thread and put in cardboard separators. I reorganized the linen closet. I haven't done that since I moved in, so it was really needed. I was on the NC zoom like every Friday. 

Saturday, rain and storms kept me awake most of the night. It was pouring when I got. It's a good day for ducks and stay in to get more organizing done. I worked on the craft cabinet. It took a few hours but it's nice and neat now. All done with organizing. 

Our grandson graduated from high school today so I watched on Youtube a special website. Jack Walter got Summa cum laude award and was one the first to graduate out of 705 students. They did it really neat with two lines of kids. A gal would call a name from each side and kept it going very smoothly. Impressive. 
Click photo to enlarge.  This is what it looked like on the website. Two lines.
Jack getting diploma. He's the last of the grandkids graduating from high school.  Now there will be two more graduations in the future both from college.
I'm a proud grandma with all three doing very well in school and on to colleges. 
This week will be back to normal. Stay tuned. 

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