Friday, April 12, 2024

Eclipse - Storms - Volunteer Dinner - Taxes - Painted Patio

 Shalimar, FL  (Hi  78   Lo 54)  

Monday and Tuesday were the same as normal with Wii bowling, cards, and GBM zoom, diamond art and meditation.  I was going to crochet but helped neighbors with phones and made meals in between events.

Wednesday  started with the eclipse. We had 80% coverage and it was noticeable. I sat outside in front yard for the beginning of the eclipse with Anne and Judy. 

While sitting outside, a black snake went in front of me into the bushes. It's not going to bother us, we need them around for bugs and mice. I've never seen a mouse, guess that's the reason. 

I moved to the lounge patio to join another group for the rest of the afternoon. 
I couldn't get pictures and I'm sure there's a ton of them from the area on the internet. I did get one from Rick, our son in Chicago which was total. 
We had a good time with snacks and wine. The storms started moving in later in the afternoon. We were warned from the managers to bring in everything from the yard due to high winds. They closed the schools and we all took cover. We had tornado watch but in our area no warnings. The town next to us had damage and it was said to be a small tornado, but it wasn't verified by the local media. Besides torrential rains and winds, there was no damage except a few little branches down. 

Thursday was the volunteer dinner which was cancelled yesterday because of the storms. I did go to crochet group and played shuffleboard before going to the dinner. It was a dress up affair, Sunday best. The dining room was decorated so pretty and elegant yet simple. 

We had a piano player, Pam. She played the whole time we were eating.
This is the latest that was accomplished with the puzzles. They're up on the wall. I had Ryan Hall on youtube with the storms that I watch every time there's storms and he's telling where the tornado warnings are located and to take cover. The wolves are watching and I love it.
The 1000 piece puzzle now on the wall.
One big problem, it's the 13th (before sending out the blog) and I got a letter from the IRS that says  there's a problem with the filing of the taxes. It's due the 15th. I had already worked with taxes on a free site online, but since there was a question about HOW to file being single I let AARP do it at the office here. Seems something went wrong, so I went back to the online preparation and sent in the bank info for payment. It didn't go thru because the email was used from another source. I had a friend check it and found the error that was done here on campus and the website to resend it. After two hours I finally got it to accept the new entry.  Now I wait to see if it went thru and hopefully nothing else will be done.  Next year I'll know how to do it and will work with the online, It's very easy. 

Saturday I worked 3 1/2 hours on the patio. It turned out great!  I'm not as young as I used to be. I'm sore and there's muscles that are yelling at me, Here's the before and after,

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