Friday, February 9, 2024

Movie - Table - Snow/Rain

Shalimar, FL  (Hi 69   Lo 62)

I've added something to do on Sunday's with another easier hand and foot card game. It's going to be a challenge at times with getting 4 people, but we'll cancel if we have to.  It's so busy here gals have a hard time keeping up.

Monday was a typical day with Wii bowling, cards in the evening and GBM support group late evening. 

Tuesday was a bit of a change up. I do Tiktok every Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  At noon I went with one of the gals to see the movie "The Chosen". It's getting great reviews and the show is on TV, but season four was started at the theater. It was full price which took us by surprise. It was good and the actors were excellent. It's worth watching if you haven't seen the first 3 seasons on TV watch them first. 

Wednesday morning I got my refinished table back. One of the managers does refinishing as a hobby and we were both happy to find each other. I wanted my table done and she wanted to do one. Mine was given to me when Jim died and I didn't have anything for the apartment. It's real wood and is very old. I love it. The color matches everything else in the living room. The before and after pictures. 

I love it when something like this falls into place. 
I had Wii bowling in the afternoon then got a bite to eat and played cards (hand knee and foot) till 4:00 got something to eat then to the normal every night cards. Busy day!

Thursday after the Tiktok assistance, I went to crochet group and we had a birthday party for a couple gals. Both in mid to late 80's. What a great group.  We had a good time and I have out of the ordinary order for crochet project. Stay tuned, I'll have it on the next blog, hopefully. 

Friday I was reminded by someone  on our nightly chat about oil change in the car. I thought about it beginning of January, but forgot when I should get one and since I seldom drive it, I figured I had time. I was told that when a car sits long periods of time like mine I should change oil every six months or 3,000 miles whichever comes first. I got it done today so that's over for while. My Hellofresh meals came in, so got that sorted and ready to make. I'm also making meals for another gal here. This should be fun. 

Saturday, A totally me day. I wanted to work on diamond art, and a few computer projects plus sorting out safety eyes for my critters, crochet and play guitar. 

I did watch storm chasers in the mountains helping people out of snow drifts and bad road conditions, then to Illinois and Wisconsin with tornadoes. It's going to be active this weekend, so I'll be watching closely with all the severe storms that may be brewing. That's what happens with El Nino. The rains in California will help with the drought, but sure is havoc in the meantime. I have my tickets for the June NASCAR race in  Madison, IL.  I'll be with older and younger son all in one trip. See ya next week. 

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