Saturday, November 18, 2023

Wine - Insurance - Windows - Dentist

 Shalimar, FL    (Hi   77  Lo  49)   Big temp swings all week

I have crochet orders to complete before Christmas so I've stayed home a bit more this week.  There's just some things that needs to get done, like house cleaning once in awhile, the deep kind of cleaning you do every so often. I ordered some wine racks and they came in this week. I had the hall closet packed with stuff and mainly boxes of wine, plus a couple in the bedroom. I never knew what I had or what they were because I brought them from the Auburndale house and most were bought while in the RV traveling. 

I put together the wine racks and  loaded them and now I have less boxes around. It's the little things that bothers me. 
Monday was the day after a holiday. I knew never to call companies after a holiday but I needed to get a dental insurance cancelled since I hadn't used it for two years and didn't catch the date for "cancelling". I stayed on the phone for 45 minutes but finally got it done and there was no hassle. That saves me some money thru the year.  I had WII bowling first thing then 15 minutes to get something to eat and on to get my monthly massage and chiropractor appointment. It's been chilly and my neck and back were really needing some attention. I got that all taken care of then had some time before cards. After cards was the zoom meeting with the GBM gals. We didn't have anyone new this week but got on a subject that was of interest to a few of the women. How to date after losing a husband. It's not easy and a lot of the gals are having a hard time. It seems men just want women for money and it's very obvious very early in the dating life. It's a crazy world and dating is the hardest.

Tuesday: I went to craft group which is working on the diamond art. I'm starting a brand new gnome picture. I still have two more to do so I'll be working on them awhile. I stayed in the room because meditation was next. This week we worked on how to ground ourselves to relax better when someone or something makes us upset. There's techniques and we learned from each other how we do it. Very interesting.  I did a zoom call with one of the GBM gals in the late afternoon and after getting dinner, I played cards. 

Wednesday: WII bowling at 10am. I'm so glad to be in two different groups. It's fun and we have some laughs. I went from there to the other building to play hand and foot. I was with a different team this time. I'm catching on pretty good, at least there were a lot fewer corrections on what I did. I came home, and played cards named 31 as I do almost every night. 

Thursday: Today was a bit different. I normally go to crochet, this time I stayed home till about 1:30 and went to the follow up dental appointment. I have inflamed gums, not gingivitis, but around a few of the crowns they're inflamed. The lady did another cleaning and said they look a lot better then the last time when I was in three months ago. I go back again in four months. When I got back home I called Carol which was here to look at the village area that I'm in instead of the towers with two bedrooms. They're fulltime RV'ers and still live in the RV but also had a house. They close on the house next week and on the waiting list for our villages. We'll see how long that takes. We went out to dinner at The Shack, my favorite place so far and they loved it too. (It's the one with fried green tomatoes). We said our goodbye's and see ya later. John and Carol
Friday: I couldn't sleep most of the night and out of a sound sleep at 8:30 there's a knock on the door. When the door is shut no one is to knock, so I figured it wasn't someone in the village. It was two gals from Eglin AFB helping out our village with tasks, like washing windows. I let them in and they washed my windows. I have to say they looked great. The guys were out back taking the leaves out of the eaves which was a lot so that's done. It was worth answering the door. Since I was up I stayed up and crocheted. I had darts at 1:00 and played till 2:00. I crocheted some more till time for the North Carolina "gang" to come on zoom. Then a call from one of the RV'ers that lost her husband a month ago had questions so I helped her out. 

Saturday was just for crocheting and lunch out with a a couple from another village. I do crocheting with her and also card playing. We went to Pedro's Mexican restaurant, great food. I went to social hour at the lounge which is always a good time and laugh. The guard came in to tell us there's been two bears roaming around. I thought I had seen one, but it was down the road and I didn't have a good look, he verified it was a bear at the time I saw it. One of these days I'll see it and get a picture. I actually watched USA Challenge on Paramount + all evening. 

We have a fun thing going on around the villages. There's tiny little ducks being placed in all kinds of places. We have a bunch but every once in awhile we'll spread them around too. People pick them up and move them somewhere else. It's a lot of fun going to each room or window sill  to find them. They're in all villages and we try not to get caught placing them. 
I got this picture from the internet somewhere. It's gorgeous. 

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Phyllis said...

You deep clean? What's that! Guess I've got to learn. But I am thinking both our eyes aren't what they used to be. So who sees the dirt!!!!

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