Saturday, September 16, 2023

Beginning the Week with OOOps - A Mess - New Idea

 Shalimar, FL (Hi 88   Lo 75)

This week started not so good. I did laundry and grabbed all the stuff to put in washer. I remembered before putting it all in the dryer that I didn't take out my billfold and keys to the car before loading the washer. UT OH, I hoped the key fob worked so tried that first. It's ok, but slower then normal in opening the door, so traded my key for Jim's key which I got batteries for both a couple months ago. The charge card worked at least in the ATM, I haven't used one yet in a store, that's next. My billfold has seen it's last days. Jim had wanted me to get a new one for years. Well. I now have a new one. 

                                                                    Nice new one
Monday: The maintenance crew has a policy to spray everyone's apartments once a year for bugs so mine was done today. It didn't take long and if I happen to see bugs, I'm to call them. Another good thing to have done.

The day started with WII Bowling which I did a lot better and my pro score is back. I had 15 minutes to get to rehab. We worked more on core strength. I do a lot of homework  along with working at the gym with the gal. I always have sore muscles when I'm done, so guess it's all ok. I'm never supposed to be in real pain, but a side step on my right foot gave me a lot of pain that kept me up all night. I finally got to sleep after wrapping the foot in ice. I'll not do that side step anymore. 

Tuesday: I took my neighbor to the airport. She's going to be gone a few weeks. There's several of the gals in our village that is gone or going somewhere in the next month. It's great to just leave and not worry about animals or things with the apartment.  I had crafts when I got back. I'm still working on the diamond painting. I had meditation a couple hours after working on the art, so decided to get lunch. It was scalloped potatoes, ham, peas and a big roll. It was really good.  One of the gals had hands of her hubby and herself made into plaster and it was really neat. It was done by putting their hands together in "goop" and then filled with plaster. It was for their 61st anniversary. 

Wednesday: The second league WII bowling. We were missing one of the gals, she's in the hospital. I had the system setup for four and when I found out she wasn't coming, we had to start the whole process over in setting up for three people. I'm getting good practice on setting up the game.  I had rehab after that was over then back home for the last class on triggers on zoom. 

Thursday:  At noon I went to the crochet group in the village six clubhouse. One of the gals finished her shawl, it's a C2C pattern for those that understand crochet.  It's really nice, her own design. 
 There were a couple more gals than the past two weeks. I brought the orders of a llama and puffin. 
The craft for this month was for a door hanging stencil. There were several to chose from so I put two different ones together to make this one. They provided the paint we bought the board.  I loved doing it, again, meeting more people. We also got to meet the new coordinator that was her first day with us. 

The next door neighbor put up a bird feeder. It's high up, so hopefully the bear won't get to it. This little hummer stayed for quite some time sleeping. It's good to see they're around. 
I finally got around to taking a picture of the wreath I started a few months ago. I have several little critters on it and plan on several more. I want to put on a blue bird, some butterflies, and Koala bear. I'll think of a few more but for now it's on the door.  (click on the photo to enlarge)
Most of us have one complaint. The grounds people do quite a bad job on cutting grass and seldom trim bushes. I've been here six months and they've only trimmed bushes one time. This week they cut the grass and didn't clean up the mess. I track that grass in the apartment. It doesn't take that long to blow it off the patio, they used to do it but not lately.  There's not the work ethic that it used to be, and I'm sure the village is paying a good penny. This week we'll let it be known at the council meeting, but who knows if complaining will do anything. It hasn't so far.  When I get a couple hours this week, I'll work on the cleanup and the gnome garden. 

Friday: I had my blood pressure checked (monthly) and it's really low for me 138/78. I guess I'm in the right place. Next was rehab then darts. We had three people playing today and I won a game. I need to start practicing the triple and double scores. 

It was mentioned to me that the Air Force Armament Museum Foundation just a couple miles from me, needs help in the office. I can set my own hours. I'm thinking of dropping a couple things here and see what I can do. I'll have to wait till after rehab, but I'll check into it. 
Thank you for reading. I'll see what I can get into for next week. 

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Phyllis said...

Reminds me of the time I forgot. I often leave tissues in my pockets causing a bit of a mess. But not like one time. I opened the dryer to tissue paper everywhere. I cleaned out the vent. Dried some more. Clean out the vent. Dried some more. Still tissue paper. Then I remembered. I was getting the clothes to be washed from our walk-in closet. I keep a laundry basket in there where we toss the dirty clothes. On way out I remembered the 2nd bathroom needed a roll of toilet paper. I tossed it into the basket. AND FORGOT IT.

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