Saturday, February 4, 2023

Teaching - Hida Scan - Dance

 Shiloh, IL (Hi 40  Lo 35)   Cold in teens

I have to admit, I'm tired of the cold and in 26 days I shouldn't have to see or feel any more colder temperatures below 30, hopefully. As of Friday the apartment is mine in Florida, but I'm waiting for both boys to have free time for a road trip down  there. I'll be leaving Illinois March 2, if all goes well. 

I had a busy week, but not much to show for it. I'm still crocheting and now back to learning the guitar. I haven't touched it much since October because I was spending all my time on crocheting orders. I figured out what I really want to do with the type of playing. I like the "picking" sound with chords and single notes in songs. This type of music playing is my goal.   (click on the blue link)

I made some cute crochet items this week but the best thing, I'm teaching a gal that I met at hospice how to crochet. She's picking it up quite well and already doing pot holders and the last class with how to make an animal like I do. It's been fun chatting with her and teaching something I love doing. (Click on the photos to enlarge).

The biggest thing this week was the Hida Scan. I mentioned all about it on the last weeks blog. The scan was Thursday. I wasn't looking forward to it, but read all about it on the internet so I knew what to expect, but of course it wasn't all like it said. I didn't have to put on a gown and I stayed dressed even with shoes. The radiologist covered me in nice warm blankets and it was only two hours total.  I was in a machine like an MRI but open on the sides. I had to lay still but I was totally comfortable. He put in a solution of radioactive stuff in my arm (port) and I didn't feel it at all, after the prick of needle. I had a scanner monitor to watch what was going on and in 10 minutes I could see the gallbladder. It was fascinating watching it. The first hour was to get it all on the digital monitor, the second hour after I drank some "Ensure" which was chocolate which was actually really good he started the machine back up to see what reaction the gallbladder would have with the "drink". I usually hurt with any kind of fats, which this drink was to mimic. Nope, nothing, it didn't even quiver like I feel most of the time. So to put it bluntly the scan was a failure and nothing is wrong with the gallbladder. I had the scan results back in a couple hours. I'm still keeping the surgeon appointment on February 14, to discuss what the next step is if there is anything that might be going on with that area. 

I'm not in pain all the time. It's only at times eating something like pork chops, or something greasy like hamburger which I haven't eaten that in years. Anything with high fat, like Pringles potato chips with 27% fat, but 7% fat in Ruffles doesn't bother me.  It feels like a spasm and when it hits it's a stabbing pain. It's becoming more often and harder pain. I do have extra strength Tylenol if it's really bad, but luckily it's only for a few minutes.  So that's my story of this week. I don't normally get into details, but this may help someone else. Is it all in my mind, nope, I'm not that type of person. That's why I had an appendix burst, I wouldn't do anything about it when I first was having trouble with pain. 

Saturday was a day with Ruth and seeing her granddaughter at the dance competition in Highland, IL. I went to Springfield last year to a competition, so this year I went to Highland. It was a good time watching all the schools compete. We got there about 11 and left by 5. We stayed for the rewards. O'Fallon came in second. Here's some of the routines O'Fallon did. 

They also had what was called production routines. I thought this one was interesting. A takeoff of the TV show about witches. 

This was the pom competition for O'Fallon. 

At the end of the competition they all gathered on the floor to wait for the results. They all were dancing which was neat looking. Click here for video.

On the way home we stopped at Blue Springs Cafe. It's family style eating and wonderful food. They're famous for their mile high pies.   

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owensontheroad said...

I sure hope they get to the bottom of what or where your pain is coming from! Frustrating I'm sure.

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