Saturday, January 21, 2023

Weekend with Sis - Several Hours in ER - Goodbye to Friends

 Shiloh, IL   (Hi 43   Lo 31)  Tornadoes and rain south and east, snow west and north

Sunday:  I stayed with sis another day because I was working with them on a stairway railing. 

I also wanted to share a cherry pie with Herm. Doris doesn't like cherry and I can't eat a pie all by myself. It was so worth it the stay of an extra day. In the meantime my volcano gallbladder did not like something I did or I did something to make it mad. I started hard sharp pains on Sunday afternoon and most of the night. I left Monday morning to go home and had Ruth take me to ER by 1:00. They did all kinds of tests. I was there from 1:00 to 8:30pm. Nothing out of the ordinary was found, no stones, no sludge, no  backup all was clear. By the time I left and they had given me a bag of Selene, (I call it food),  I wasn't in any pain. Nothing in the tummy so guess it calmed down the gallbladder. Now I need to see my regular doctor and have a Hida scan ordered to see if the gallbladder is malfunctioning. This week I have to record everything I eat and the reactions. It's not totally over, but since I know I'm not going to "blowup" I'll get to Florida without thinking I'll have to be in a hospital along the way. I'll let you know next week how it turns out. 

 I've been packing a little at a time. I'm getting rid of things I haven't touched since I've been here, sixteen months. The boxes are starting to stack up and all the thread is packed except what I'm using for orders. It's becoming real, not a dream to get back to Florida. 

Saturday:  I met with friends that I went to see this past summer, Ken and Cindy. They were in my area so we had lunch together today. We caught up on what's going on and their plans for the future. They were RVer's and we talked about where some of the RVer's are now. I'm hoping they come visit when I'm in Florida. We'll stay in touch. 

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