Sunday, August 14, 2022

Trip 4 - Parties - Dog Sitting

 Aurora, IL (Hi 76  Lo 61)

My fourth summer trip started on Tuesday to our son Rick in Aurora, IL. It's a four and half hour trip straight north. It was a perfect day and not as many trucks on the road so it was smooth and refreshing to getting back on the road. I left at 9:00 and arrived 1:30. A perfect time to still have the rest of the afternoon to visit. Rick is working from home so in-between meetings we would catch up. 

Wednesday we went to Tammy's (Rick's girlfriend) for the day to take care of the new puppy she got recently. Puppy is about four months old Goldendoodle and his name is Ramsey. He's very smart and very soft fur. He's into everything just like a baby. We played outside a lot, the weather is perfect. 

(Click on the photos to enlarge). 



Wednesday night we had a birthday party for grandson Jack. Rick, Dee, Kendra (Jack's mom) Tom, Jack and Alexa. 

                                            Rick, Dee and Jack
                                                  Kendra (Jack's mom)  and Jack   
                                                                        Jack and Alexa
 Kendra made the best dessert I've had,  Ice creme cake  with cookies, cool whip, carmel etc. I'm not sure what was all in it, but it was mouth watering.  
Rick has an assortment of Bourbon. Jim loved his Bourbon and Rick follows in his footsteps. Some of these have specific dates on them which makes it even more important. 
He's also a Lego fan and is always working on a project. I've had pictures in previous blogs. This is my favorite. It's a huge  replica of the Titanic. He's now working on another big car. 

The red one will go in the case with these two he's already done. 
Thursday we had some extra time before dark and went to Napersville downtown. They were having parties at bars and most were outside. There was a lot of people and so neat to see. We had Rick's Mustang  was going around town with the top down. Ahhhhhh yes!!!!
We're at the neatest candy store and I got Rick buying us a few pieces of candy and a tiny carrot cake sample. 

                                            I loved this water ball. 
 A neat covered bridge going over the DuPage river. 
Our "yes I was here"  picture on the bridge, Rick and Dee. 
Looking from the left and right from the bridge

We got back just after dark and waited for Tammy to get home from her business trip. We went back to Rick's and to bed before midnight. 

Friday I worked on the computer while Rick was working during the day. In the evening we went to Tammy's and we had another birthday celebration for Jack with just Tammy, her kids Evan and Luke, myself and Rick. 

                                                                      Dee and Ramsey
                                            Tammy, Rick and Jack
Saturday morning we got up by 9 and out the door by 9:30. We grabbed some breakfast on the way to scrimmage football that Evan was in for the first time. He missed two weeks of practice because he was on vacation. Rick was watching for him on the field. There's were a lot of teams with different games going on. 
We had a delicious pizza for dinner and watched the movie Cars2 before coming back to Rick's and crashing. My week is done with Rick but before going home is still a couple more days. I'll tell you the next stop and who we saw in next week's blog. Stay tuned.                                       

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