Friday, June 24, 2022

Trip to Pennsylvania Part 3 and Final

Shiloh, IL (Hi  90  Lo  69)

Monday we weren't sure if the courthouse would be open downtown Greensburg but it was and that's where Ruth looked up the land deeds of the family. It's a good way to find out who bought land after coming to the states. Her family was from Ireland which she found out from family members and who wanted to know about her past family. We were told where to go and meandered thru the halls to the deed room. There's rows and rows of cabinet drawers. I didn't take pictures of  the whole room, but very interesting that records go back to 1500's. 

We went from the courthouse to Hanna's  town. Great history on this town and small fort. 

                            Ruth wants to put this picture in the O'Fallon newspaper.. I'm holding O'Fallon's newspaper and they take a photo with your picture and the location. 
I saw there's a campground nearby with cabins. I wanted to check them out. They're totally furnished. An RV'er friend told me to maybe go to campgrounds with cabins rather then motels while traveling. This one is Keystone State park  There's big ones for big parties/families and smaller ones for four people. 

We drove around a bit getting back to the hotel. It's neat to turn the wrong way or miss a road, somethings the neat stuff are  off the beaten path. 
                                        This row of houses reminded me of San Francisco. 
            There's a church on every corner (or seems like it). A lot of Presbyterian. This one if Methodist. 
We got back to the motel and crashed. We're eating in all the meals looks like we have our own grocery store. We're doing really well. 

Tuesday, We went back to the Butler library where we were on Friday. There was a lot more to look up that we didn't have time to find. I looked up old maps of the world to see differences from now and then. The differences from 1400 to 1560 in the two maps. 

After we left the library we decided to find Buttermilk Falls. It showed on the website to be gorgeous and you can walk behind them. Since there hasn't been much rain around here we were kinda worried it would be nothing to see. We found it with many turns and it ended up being a trickle but it's a really pretty area. The falls are part of the Mr Rogers (Mr Roger's Neighborhood) story of his life so we also found him on a bench in Latrope.

                                                        Just a trickle

                                    Mr. Roger's museum. We didn't go in, we didn't have time. 

                                            Some of the views today. 

We have loved being here. We learned a lot about the area and about the wars that happened around this area. (Wars are men with ego problems)  I had to add that, it's my take on wars. I've never heard of women starting a war. 

We left early on Wednesday morning. If you want to see more pictures I have a shared album.  Click here. 

Back at the apartment all was fine, but the electric had gone out at some point, so had to reset all the clocks. I volunteered on Thursday at hospice, got groceries and a hair cut. I'm set now till middle of July till my next trip. It was a great week, I'm so glad I went. Thank you Ruth for the invite. 

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