Sunday, June 19, 2022

Trip to Pennsylvania Part 2

 Greensburg, PA (Hi 73  Lo  54)   Click on the photos to enlarge. 

This morning we got up had breakfast and out the door by 10:00. Ruth wanted go the church of her family 172 years ago. It's of course not the same building but rebuilt at the same place with the cemetery across the street where the family is buried. She was elated to be able to do that part of the genealogy. The church is very small but so cool. 

                                            View from the cemetery.
Dee and Ruth
    This church has tables and very comfortable seats. 

Ruth and Janet checking out the grave stone. 
From there we went to Seton University and had lunch. (Which we brought with us). 
                                            Tunnel by the University
                                            Seton University at the top of the hill
                               Where we ate lunch and could see them playing baseball. 
                                            View to going up the hill to the university.
That was a nice ride, again over high hills and blind curves. It's always an excitement to meet cars on a very sharp curve. 

The next place was Ft. Ligonier. It was found without knowledge of where it was so happy we found it. 

It was quite an interesting find. All the buildings are in the same position of the time it was built. It gets remade as they did back in it's day if something needs replacing, all cut wood by hand. The two gals working there were very helpful in answering questions. 

We wanted something different to eat and it was so nice out so we stopped at Latrobe, PA for some tacos at Starkey's Bar. It was a 30 minute wait if you didn't eat at the bar.  We stayed and had a good time watching the gal in the bar making some really good looking drinks.  

If you're interested in a lot more pictures of the day please click here

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Debbie V. said...

I'm jealous ;) To be able to travel to genealogy sites from my tree would be excellent.
Ft Ligonier - so glad to see places like this exist and are so well taken care of. Even it was a British fort - haha - happy Independence Day :)