Saturday, June 4, 2022

Memorial Day - PC Battery - Misc - Dance Recital

Shiloh, IL (Hi  82  Lo  65)

Sunday. I went with a friend to see Top Gun for the second time. It's even better the second time, you can pick up stuff you don't see the first time and it's great a movie. I also watched Top Gun original Sunday Night and filled in the gaps I forgot. 

Monday was Memorial Day, I didn't go or do anything. It rained at the beginning of the week and was nice the end of the week. I'm finally getting out walking almost every day. I wish it was 80 with no humidity all year round. It's been perfect sitting on the patio with lunch, dinner and a happy hour (or two hours).  I watch people walking their dogs. I do a lot of youtube videos and crochet. That was most of this week. 

The battery on my PC was only going to half charge so took it to Geeks Squad at Best Buy, they helped me get a battery and they installed once it was came arrived, which was three days. It's better to get new battery then to get a new computer. I'm happy with it and it's all fixed good now. The battery lost a cell so wasn't charging fully.

I made a cute Santa Claus gnome this week. I think I'll make a couple more for the craft fair in October. 

A couple Canada geese had a baby and was proudly showing it off this week. There's so many baby ducks, geese, and turtles in the ponds. 
Saturday I went to a dance recital with Ruth to see her granddaughter. It was ages 3 to 17 (seniors) who take dance lessons at a dance studio. It was enjoyable watching the little ones try to stay together. How those kids know which routine to do amazes me and the older ones that stand on their toes is very special, Oh, to be young again. (but I wouldn't be dancing).  lol 
                                    This is everyone that participated, it was almost three hours long. 
Ruth (friend) and Paige with me in background. I have proof I was there. 
I'll have a big blog next week there's a whole lot coming up including my birthday.  Stay tuned. 

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