Friday, May 13, 2022

Mother's Day - More Storm Chasers - Art Festival

 Shiloh, IL (Hi 87  Lo 71)

Sunday was Mother's Day.  We celebrated on Saturday, less people at restaurants.  I went to a bar and grill in Belleville with Frank, Angie and Kendall. I love bar and grills they have the best food. We visited awhile then I settled in for the evening. Frank and I with the sun beam, Jim saying hi?    (Click on the photos to enlarge). 

Frank strumming on my guitar
I've been doing a lot of watching storm chasers in the northern states, South Dakota, North Dakota, Iowa and some in Wisconsin following severe storms on Youtube. It's amazing how a storm can be so threatening and not do anything except powerful straight line winds. It's been fun to watch the different cloud formations and learning the background of what can produce a tornado. I'm not afraid of them like I used to be, it's a very low percentage that they'll hit right where you live, but be cautious and ready when they do. This is a view from Brandon Copic while chasing on Sunday. That's getting close. 
I'm not sure how I passed the week, but this week flew by. I'm not doing much, but it did finally get to 92 and I did a mile walk for the past three days. The weather is perfect. I'm glad I can walk better and not hurt from being cold. 

Rick and Jack went to Miami for the Formula One race in honor of Jim. He wanted to go to that race so bad. I know he was with them. I'm  glad he was able to go even if it's in spirit. Seeing the palm trees brings back home to me. 

Everyday I go to the kitchen window when I get up and see an Egret. It's a bird we had everyday in Florida and it's always alone. 
Wednesday I didn't see it. Later in the morning this baby bird came out of no where and started squawking, loudly to get my attention. It sat on the back of the patio chair for a long time. It fell off the chair so I went out to see if it was ok and guided it to the grass. I didn't see it anymore. Thank you Jim for the visit. It had a blue chest and down like feathers, so not sure what it was. But it brought me comfort. 
Friday evening  I went to the downtown Belleville Art Festival with Ruth. It thought it would be mostly photos but it wasn't. There were all kinds of jewelry and digital photos, different statues, glass bowls and knick knacks, and baskets I can't even name everything but if you're in the area of Belleville, IL this time of year it's one and two in the nation for best art show. People come near and far to be in it, The prices start around $200 and is as high as $7000. Yep you saw that right. Click here for more info
These photos were from a storm chaser that actually took phots with Reed Timmer the chaser I've been watching for a week. This guys name is David Mayhew. 

We stayed two hours then came back home. It was a warm 88 degrees and wonderful. There's going to be a lot more adventures coming up with Ruth. This is going to be fun. 

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Jim and Sandie said...

The sunbeam must have been sent by Jim. Beautiful.