Saturday, May 21, 2022

Blood Moon Full Eclipse - Severe Storms and Special Guests

 Shiloh, IL (Hi 85  Lo 60)

The beginning of the week was the Blood Moon full eclipse and we got to see the totality. We have had storms and rain off and on and when I went out at 8:30 at the beginning, there was a thick cloud coverage. By 9:30 the moon was in and out, then it was visible  at 2am it was full white again and very beautiful. 

And at 2am it was back to normal
Tuesday I had my monthly chiropractor and massage appointment. I needed both really bad this month. I have a hip that slips, not totally out of socket but enough to touch nerves and it keeps me awake at night and I can barely walk or sit especially without ice. Ice and I become very close friends. It's great not being able to walk in the office and come out perfectly able to walk or sit. Thank you to Dr. Keim. 

Thursday was my third week volunteering at hospice. I made copies and sent out mail. While I was there a strong storm went thru and it was like midnight with lots of rain, but no hail. We had another severe storm a few hours later with a tornado that was just NE of me. I finally got a whistle this week just in case I'm in the bathtub and the upper floors come down and pin me in due to a tornado. I can whistle for help. Go ahead and laugh, I'm also going to have a pan on my head, just like in the Florida hurricanes.  Don't be scared be prepared. 
I was a little concerned about this cloud. 

Friday I did some special shopping and waiting for our RVing friends They came in from NE on a train. The time was supposed to be 5:15, but then changed to 7:15. We (Ruth and I)  picked them up and got all the luggage then headed home. 

We stayed up visiting till midnight.  Saturday morning we had breakfast and Rick (son) came over to meet Lessie and Ed. 
It was about to rain but Rick put down the convertible top. That Mustang is the best! On his way home he rain rain the whole way to Chicago. The top wasn't down very long. 
We went to a downtown O'Fallon street festival. There were a lot of people but we got rained out. A storm came in with lots of rain, wind  and small hail. We made it to the car before the rain hit. Once we got home we settled in for the day. It dropped from 83 to 60 in just a few minutes. Lessie and I worked on a puzzle all afternoon while Ed read.  We'll play a game or two tonight. It's so great seeing them again. 

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