Saturday, October 9, 2021

Trying to Move On - Last Time with Sister - Cancelling Accounts - Bond Movie

 Shiloh, IL (Hi  81  Lo 60)

It's been really hard trying to move on. It's only a month that Jim died, so I have to remember to give myself time. I'm on a couple zoom chats and the gals with the same problem, losing a husband with brain tumor say it takes awhile to recoup. I'll get there, I just need time. I want to thank everyone that's sent emails, texts and cards. This is when it's very important to know people and have friends. A sincere thank you to all. 

I spent last weekend with my sister, Doris and her hubby Herm. They're getting packed up to go back to Florida for the winter in a couple weeks. If the weather stays decent I may go down during the holidays but don't want to get stuck in airports because of ice and snow going or coming back.  We had a good visit and even tried to do some garage sales that was going on in her town. We got rained out and decided that best place to be was at home. 

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Sis has a big dog and she loves her big bed it even has a pillow. 

She also sits on the couch with sis with her stuffed bone. It's like a pacifier to her. 
Sis loves to play with recipes, and she found a delicious meatball sandwich. Very good. I'm going to make it for the kids on Monday night. 
I went back home on Sunday afternoon. I had to get some calls made to cancel more accounts. I got up early on Monday to work on it and it took 5 hours to get 8 calls made. I had to wait to get hold of a real person, or fight with the automatic systems to get what I needed done. The one that I heard was really hard to work with was Verizon and I was dreading it, but one of the people in the zoom told me about a special number found on their  website. It took 15 minutes wait time, but the gal cancelled the phone line with no problems. She gave me a total of the future payments and I was done in five minutes. I'm still waiting to hear from the military and the social security. I think everything else is done. I hope. There's always something that pops up. I was getting charged $5 a month for something that I had to track down on Roku, I looked it up on Google and it gave me the Harmony Symphony HD, got that cancelled in no time. The reason I'm giving out the details, because so many people are getting charged and some of those apps start for no reason. Jim didn't do it and neither did I.  Please watch your bills closely. 

I'm walking around the path almost every night, not long but enough to keep my hips and knees from hurting. There's a cool apartment all decked out with Halloween decor. It's really neat. 

Just another view from across the pond to our building. It looked like it was going to rain, but never did. 
While I was walking the other day,  a guy with two Weiner dogs came up beside me. I'm scared of dogs and for a good reason. I stood real still and one of them got away from the guy and grabbed my shorts and hung on. He had to get the dog to let go. I have a hole in my shorts but luckily it didn't grab my leg. That's the fourth time that's happened in my life just walking past dogs. When I was three a dog attacked and bit my stomach. I've been afraid of them ever since. They must know the fear. From here on I'm going to walk far away off the path from dogs. 

Friday night Frank, Kyle and I went to see the James Bond movie. It was a tribute to Jim, he loved anything to do with Bond. When we were on cruises and they did the Bond questions he's win every time. He knew every movie's "Bond girl" and details about each movie. I'm sure he saw it from Heaven. It was good and I'm so glad I went with the boys. No spoilers. 
                                            Frank, Kyle and Dee. 
There were 7 of us by the time the movie started. I can't believe the seats were empty. 

                                            We did have a gorgeous sunset!
Would you buy this for Halloween?


Phyllis said...

Love meatball sandwiches and those look mighty fine.

Our Beagle is loving and friendly to everyone. Our mail carrier delivered a package this week. Biscuit ran to greet her. As she petted Biscuit she said she wished every dog was like him. She showed me her hand that was bit last week. I can understand your fear.

I don't know how theater's stay open. We saw Cry Macho recently. It was not as empty as your recent experience but it was far, far from full.

Of course you are having a difficult time. Your whole life has changed. You miss the most important person in your life. Try not to put pressure on yourself. No one would expect you to always put on a happy face. Take care

Arrowhead Gramma said...

Please carry a walking stick with you that you can raise if this were to happen again. I live in the mountains and have always carried a walking stick - sometimes one my husband had made from a tree branch. Even a ski pole will work, which in winter is great with ice and snow on the ground. Take care.

KarenInTheWoods said...

So nice to be with the boys and go see the Bond movie. that less than 20 minutes and sure Jim was there, his love filling the empty seats all around you.