Friday, October 15, 2021

Crocheting - Friends - Time for Me - Still Waiting

 Shiloh, IL  (Hi 63  Lo 43)

I'm still crocheting orders for people due before Christmas.   Since the mail system is so slow, I'm trying to get it all done by Nov 1. People need ti  send them out for their gifts. I'm so glad to have the work, to keep me busy and mind active. This was on Facebook and I have four orders for one. It's so cute. (Click on pictures to enlarge). 

I have been out with friends and dinner with the kids. They came over for dinner one night for meatball sandwiches. It's one thing my sis made and they loved them.     

I finally started thinking time for me. In June, I usually make my appointments for eyes, teeth and physical. I got the physical done, but the other stuff went by the wayside because I didn't want to leave Jim.  (Read previous blogs for why). I got a dentist appointment this week and found out I needed a couple fillings redone that have gone bad over the years. I also got a cleaning. I must say this is the first time I didn't have any pain with the shot and it was for a front tooth. I didn't have pain after it woke up either. They've changed  how to avoid pain, not sure what, but so glad it's all over and will go back in six months. I have an eye appointment next week and dermatology in a couple weeks. I'll be set for another year.

I'm still waiting for the military pay error to be corrected. I'm also waiting to hear from the social security for the new pay. I've had to fight a couple companies to change the amount of bills that no longer are in service and the one TV station I get that should be less because they're charging a higher price in taxes. I'm also waiting for monies from the long term life insurance. Nothing is fast, they sure can take it quickly but getting refunds is very difficult. I can't wait till it's all paid up. I hope that's by January. 

I have a very busy week ahead. Please stay tuned for next Saturday. 

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