Friday, October 22, 2021

Craft Fair - Special Gift - Postage Increase - Eyes - Potatoes

 Shiloh, IL (Hi 60  Lo 42)

It's getting cooler and staying that way. We're still in danger of severe storms this time of year, but so far so good. 

This has been a very busy week. Last Saturday I went to a church craft fair. They had several tables of crafters and was laid out basically the way I did mine for five years in Florida. I signed up for next October. 

I have a couple chances to move back to Florida, but with my mind running hundreds of miles per hour and just changing everything to apartment address I'm staying here for at least a year. I've had many tell me not to make decisions for a year and it's best to just wait it out. I may be surprised on how the winter will be, but I have heat and roof over my head for a cold winter. Our son is close-by and if I move to Florida I may not get the help I'll really need for health problems.  It's one moment at a time. 

My sister ordered a super blanket that says it all. I put it in the chair and the way the picture is laid out it's like Jim is sitting beside me. It's been helpful at night. (Click on the photos to enlarge). 

I also got Jim's memorial section done with all the pictures and awards. 

 This week I got my eyes checked and dreaded driving with my eyes dilated. The doctor had a new machine that checks the back of the eye and around the sides. I'm fine and no problems with diabetes. I'm so glad to hear that there's no dilation anymore. I do have to have new lenses but at least there's no other problems. One other thing that's good I've lost a lot of weight since May. I'm happy about that too. 

 Thursday I helped with a church function slicing potatoes. It was for Oktoberfest they were having that afternoon. I've never seen so many potatoes in one place. I think it was 500 pounds to be made into mashed potatoes. They also had green beans and sauerkraut. There were a lot of people getting potatoes prepared and it was fun to talk.

The big bag of potatoes one of many are in front of the table in this picture. 

This was my station of cutting. (left)
A couple others cutting. 
Laughing and peeling.
The apartment clubhouse sponsored a get together for everyone on Thursday night. I met a few younger gals and they were all from different states. It was great hearing about their jobs and how much they work because of short staffed employees in their line of work. I had a great time with them and hopefully see them again maybe while walking. 

Things are coming together, still not easy but at least the shock is over and I know I have to move on with a "new normal". 


anonymous said...

Staying there and being near your son sounds like the right thing to do,may God grant you continual wisdom,peace and comfort.

owensontheroad said...

Glad you are waiting for a year to make further decisions. Always a good thing to do. Nice memorial section for Jim, and I love the blanket!

joyce k said...

You are correct about not doing anything drastic for a year. You have to heal first.

Meandering Maddi said...

I enjoy reading your blogs Dee! Praying for you!

Phyllis said...

Oh my, looks like you and the others are on KP duty!

What did all you ladies do wrong?

DreamCatcher said...

What a beautiful blanket and such a thoughtful gift.
Good to see you are getting out and meeting new people.
That's a LOT of potatoes!!