Saturday, April 3, 2021

Visit with Sis - Crafters Visit - Volcano -Bunny

 Auburndale, FL (Hi 73  Lo 52)

I want to say thank you to anyone that comments on the blog. It's great knowing someone is reading. 

This week was busy. Monday and Friday  I worked at hospice. I'm still helping with the computer work verifying the info is online. There's lots to do. I'll be busy for several more months at least. 

Tuesday: Every two weeks I've been going to massage and chiropractor. It's been a help for arthritis. 

Wednesday:  My sis is ready to head north for the summer months to Missouri. It's been stormy through the midwest so they're taking their time. In the meantime we met in Sebring for lunch for the last time before she leaves. She brought another friend so we had a great afternoon at Faded Bistro. It's an outdoor and indoor restaurant that keeps you cool in the heat with fans and mist. I didn't get pictures, but the website has photos of the place. 

Thursday: I went to Cracker Barrel in Lakeland to meet with crafters that was at the craft fairs I used to do in our community. We have been staying in touch and both gals buy my "crochet critters" so I took the box of animals they ordered. We had a great lunch then promised to do it again later. 

Saturday I got caught up on household stuff and also finished another puzzle. 

The past couple weeks I've been following a chat and  web cams from the volcano that has erupted in Iceland. They gave it the name BOB. It's different than most volcanos. It's not exploding with ash it's just a "gusher". At night it's beautiful. It's taking different shapes and great to watch with background music on the TV.  It doesn't take much to impress me. I noticed a few months back all the earthquakes happening. Not just 25 or so a day but more then 50. Their getting stronger around the world. Now there's more volcanos happening. Mother Nature at her best. 
There's two cams and both have chats talking about it. 
Sunday: It's Easter and we had a special guest come to the door. The Easter Bunny was passing out candy. They're from next door. 


Tom and Deb said...

I am behind but then I always am. First of all Happy Belated 51st Wedding Anniversary how wonderful to be able to celebrate 51 years of marriage! That volcano sounds interesting will have to take a look. Stay safe and Happy Easter!

Barb in FL said...

I'm still reading Dee. Belated Happy Anniversary from me too! I've been watching "Bob" livestream also. Did you check out the video that is a time-lapse of the whole thing? Pretty cool to see it all in under seven minutes. I agree - at night it is as mesmerizing as a camp fire or more. Glad they are 4 hours ahead so dark comes sooner for us to enjoy earlier.

Rick and Kathy Rousseau said...

First we'd like to wish you both a Safe and Happy Easter.
Hoping your sister has a Safe journey north.
I continually follow everyone on our Sidebar but sometimes I'm so busy that it takes a while to catch up.

It's about time.