Saturday, October 17, 2020

Movies - Uber Eats - The Mind

 Auburndale, Fl  (Hi 86  Lo  76)

We decided to watch a couple classic movies, the Exorcist 1973 this week since nothing good is on TV. 

And The shining 1980


That brought back memories and was better then the TV that has gone downhill since the pandemic. 

Jim found a special going on with Uber eats for $30 off meals that they deliver, we took advantage. of Red Lobster meal. It was excellent. We were worried about the steam from the meals in the containers  when you get them home would be soggy, but what we ordered (soup and spaghetti) was super even the biscuits were ok. Speaking of meals carried out, has anyone else got take out and get home and it's missing something or the order isn't right?  I love Wendy's apple pecan salad. The salad dressing is great but when I got it home today, there was no salad dressing. I checked to be sure I got the salad but didn't think about the dressing and the pecans. The last time they didn't have our fries but I hadn't checked. The sandwiches are seldom right. One of us has usually has something wrong. I'm going to start checking every little item and hold up people behind me. I'm tired of not getting what we ordered. 

 The week was normal with two days volunteering at hospice and crocheting.

I've been thinking lately on all the people that  have come in our lives over the years. 

We were full time in an RV for almost seven years and met so many people. Thanks to Facebook we keep up with a lot of them, but others I wonder what happened to them. There's always someone that knows someone else while on the road. You meet up with them along the way. I found out this week that the couple that started us on our way in the RV living. He died last week. It takes your breath away, knowing someone that changed your life isn't around any longer. 

I got a tablet in June and it has already died, so I broke it open to see what it looks like. The camera is tiny and I looked up on on how you can take the camera out and set it up for other uses. Just think where you could put it for spying.  

I got my new glasses today and they're not quite right. I'll give them another couple days but when I move around a lot like cooking I get light headed and feel like I'm falling. Not sure what it is, but need to have it rechecked. I'm glad I have the old ones to fall back on. I'm fine sitting and crocheting but not moving around. 

Next week a lot going on so please come back next Sunday for tales of the Walter household. 


Rick and Kathy Rousseau said...

Glad you are doing well as many we know are not.
We do the Drive-Thru and always check before pulling forward.
If the prescription is correct in your glasses that should not be happening. Take them back to have them checked.
Years ago I had a pair of glasses made where the reversed the Right and Left focal strength.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It's about time.

Phyllis said...

I see ads for Uber and other meal delivery services. But the closest restaurant to us is about 10 miles. Pizza about 12. I doubt if they deliver from that far away.

I well understand the frustration of not getting an order right. Happens far too often.