Saturday, October 10, 2020

Cabin Fever - No Cruises - Another Major Hurricane

 Auburndale, FL (Hi 90 Lo 80)

The heat and humidity is still with us. I wish it would cool down a bit to prove it's fall. 

We're getting a bad case of cabin fever like everyone else in the world. We're keeping busy but want to get out and go someplace. The cruises are still on shut down and still a lot of restaurants aren't serving in house. We miss Taco Bell so this week we went and picked up lunch and ate in the car across the street. We could take it home but it's just not the same. It cools down too much and just doesn't taste good. We also went to Walmart for our months worth of groceries. We were out of everything. 

We're thinking of just taking a small trip to somewhere for an overnighter to be out and away, just not sure where. We're still cautious.  The cruising has cancelled again so that's out of the question. It will probably be another year before we get on a ship. We still have the river boat cruise in May of 2021, but that's also up in the air, no one can visit other countries from America. 

I'm crocheting everyday on orders for Christmas. I'm glad to have the extra time. The clubhouse is partially open but we'll see how that goes for social distancing. Maybe things will be opening totally before long. I hope 2021 will be a lot better year as I'm sure everyone is hoping. 

Another hurricane named Delta made landfall in Creole, Louisiana near the same area that Laura went through six weeks ago. We've had a lot of hurricanes this year and we've been spared so far. This one landed as Cat 3. I mention it for history purposes. We look up storms and big events on the blog quite frequently. 

Several people are leaving the community and going back north to live closer to families. Today  one of our friends had a free table of stuff that they're not taking with them. I got to see some other neighbors for the first time in months. It's good to catch up. 

I had another week volunteering at Hospice and crocheting. I'm trying to stay out of trouble. It won't be long we'll be getting Christmas shopping done. 

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Phyllis said...

I so agree. This year can not end soon enough. Len's family all live in the Lake Charles, LA to Orange TX area. They have been hit hard. One nephew lost his house. Others had damage, some major others just trees.

Most restaurants here in north Alabama are open with seating spaced out. They require marks when entering and exiting.

As they say, This Too Shall Pass.