Saturday, September 19, 2020

Finally Some Sun - Surprise Intruder

 Auburndale, FL (Hi 89  Lo 76)

We had rain from Sally most of the week. Some of the bands going thru were heavy but we didn't have any leaky windows, looks like the problem is fixed for the time being. Our lake is really high. You can see the dock across from us is almost under water. Our retaining pond hasn't gone down much either. It's higher now then when we had the hurricane go thru a couple years ago.  (Click on the pictures to enlarge).  

The last couple of days we finally have sun. It's still humid but no rain. We're suppose to have some drier air coming in this week. 

I worked three days this week at Hospice. I'm still getting files scanned into the computer. It's a great job and I'm loving it. It's quieter lately because we can't be around each other without masks. I miss the laughter and fun we had in the past. I hope that changes over time. 

I'm still working on crocheting but need some projects to do. I'm asking if anyone wants a Christmas present for someone (or yourself) or a Christmas stocking stuffer, let me know. I can try to make anything "critter" that you have in mind. If you have a dog, send me a pic and I'll try to make one like it. Almost all my critters are $5.  Some of the bigger items are $10 or less. Here's pictures of what I've made in the past. They're cuter in person than a photo. lol  Most shipping is $4.35. I hate making something and have it sitting around.  Here's the pictures. 

We had a surprise going to bed Friday night. I saw something black on the night stand by the bed and as I got closer the "object" went to my pillow then Jim's pillow, then on the blind on the window. It was a big frog. How or when he got in I have no idea. Jim, my hero caught it and put it outside. Jim had a frog jump on his head while in the RV years ago. We're glad we saw it ahead of time before getting to sleep and have it jump on us. 

Budd suggested on last weeks blog to use Terro drops for ants. We got it and now watching them eat and go. I hope it works we're tired of the little critters. So, we've had "water bugs, or roaches", lots of blind mosquitoes, a lizard, ants and a frog and that's inside the house. Outside is the alligators, more frogs, big and baby ones and spiders,  and lots of lizards. The joy of living in Florida. 

Jim wanted the St. Louis stadium puzzle and it took six weeks to get it done. I didn't work on it all the time like normal since I got vertigo for two weeks and the movement of the eyes would put me in a tail spin.  The puzzle is going up on the wall in our second bedroom. I had to work on it sideways, it didn't fit my table. 
The rest of the week wasn't anything to write about. We'll see what's ahead for the next week.


Cheri (Blackledge) Peine said...

My daughter did the same puzzle. It was on her kitchen table (large table) at one end for months - many, many months - before she finally completed it. 6 weeks is great!

Rick and Kathy Rousseau said...

Glad to read that you are not getting severely hit by the Hurricanes.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It's about time.

owensontheroad said...

We used Terro bait in the RV and it worked great. Just have to remember to not be tempted to spray them or kill them. They take the bait to their nest outside and it kills the rest :)

Phyllis said...

We folks that live near a pond have the joys of frogs for visitors. We have a lot that congregate in shrubs near the house and some that jump into the pond when I walk out there. Never one in the house (that I know of).