Saturday, September 12, 2020

First Doctor Appointment on Zoom - Rain Bands - Invasion

Auburndale, FL (Hi  90  Lo 76)      

 It was a three day weekend last week so we didn't get out at all. I crocheted and have almost the full set for an aquarium done. 

Stingray, crab and coral

The whole group with clownfish and jellyfish

Jim had a doctor's appointment with VA this week and did it on zoom. It was smooth got all the info he needed. It was very convenient and maybe more of that will be done in the future. If you're not needed to see a doctor but go over meds or ask questions, it's a good thing. 

We're getting rain bands from tropical storm Sally. We'll get rain then sun back then  to rain etc. 

In-between bands we saw a big double rainbow. It's in the west and the rains are coming in from the east. 

Here's a good one. We all need a laugh. We had soup and sandwiches last night and Jim puts crackers in tomato soup. He crunched them all up and noticed ants in the soup. We checked the crackers and sure enough there were tons of ants in the package. He looked at the soup and said "Protein", and ate it anyway. We saw a show on Survivor, eating ants for protein so Jim figured he'd be the strong guy and eat it too. We got a big laugh out of it. We've been having problems off and on with tons of ants in the kitchen so going thru the cupboards we found a whole lot more. I got the little sweeper to get them all. I took everything out of the cabinets and counters and sprayed really well. I cleaned it up this morning, put back the boxes and found more ants in the second bathroom. We're calling the bug guys on Monday. This is getting overwhelming. I have used all kinds of bait but so far nothing has worked, so it's time for the big guns and get some help.


Budd said...

Have you tried the Terro liquid drops? That became our goto in the RV. I never had any success with the enclosed baits and containers. Its like the ants just didn't go there but the Terro Drops put on a few little pieces of small box cardboard placed in their tracks have always eliminated them for us.

IT really does kill the nest where they are trekking back to from the counters and such.

Rick and Kathy Rousseau said...

Nice job on the Critters.
Also nice to have On-line doctors appointments.
Anything that was non-perishable in boxes we switched them over to Rubber-Maid Containers to eliminate the bugs getting in the food. We brought the Containers into the Apartment where there were Ants but they never got in the food. Now there are no more ants (no Protein) but we still put things in sealable containers.
Be Safe and Enjoy the Rainbows.

It's about time.