Saturday, August 8, 2020

No Changes - Special Visit - Amazon Building

 Auburndale, FL  (Hi 96  Lo 78)

There's no change on what or where we can go because of the Covid19 virus. I hope when we read this post 10 years from now we'll laugh at all the stuff we couldn't do. I'm still making meals at night and going out for meals are very seldom. We're not using very much gas, because we don't go anywhere for days. We still can't meet at the clubhouse for games, or see people in the community unless it's six feet apart. But it's all good. 

Monday I finally got my crown on the tooth that was going bad five weeks ago. It takes awhile for the mold to be sent to Texas, they make it and then ship it back and wait for another opening to get into the dentist to have it put in place. It was good to get that done and it's fitting.  Jim's not having any problem with his tooth. I'm set to go till December when the cleaning is due. I'm done with doctors till December for the six month blood tests. 

Tuesday and Friday I volunteered at Hospice. I'm still working at least two days and sometimes more if I can. I'm with no hospice patients, just staying in the computer room in another section of the building. I'm glad to help out where I can. 

Wednesday we went to Zephyrhills to meet with Mike and Terry. We knew them while we were fulltime in the RV. They're still fulltime and came to Florida for awhile, at least till the virus if over. They'll travel from the home base when they can, but finding parks can be iffy at the moment. 

Terri and Mike

Thursday I had my much needed massage and chiropractor appointment. It was great after the massage my headache went away and when the chiropractor was done, my back was in place. Thursday night I played Hand and Foot game with cards with three other gals in the park. 

We've been watching the Amazon Distribution building for quite a few months. When we went by it this week we took a picture. It's so huge it's impossible to get it in one picture. 

It should be operating in the next couple months. There's going to be a lot of trucks going in and out both bringing in goods and then deliveries. We're one mile away. There's going to be a lot more traffic on I 4. 

I'll leave you with the sunset of the week. Red skies at night sailors delight.


Meandering Maddi said...

Glad you guys got a chance to meet. Take care and stay safe! Judy

owensontheroad said...

How nice to meet up with Mike & Terri. Keeping in touch with them is nice. Those Amazon DCs are huge aren't they! Maybe they'll hire workampers eventually. We had a nice sunset last night here in Salinas. Love them!

Mike and Terri said...

Well I'm only about three weeks late with a comment, sorry about that. We both really enjoyed our visit with the two of you! Hopefully we can get together again soon.