Saturday, August 1, 2020

Storm Season - Village Setup - Mars Launch

Auburndale, FL (H  90  Lo 78)

Welcome to August. I hope it's better then July. 

It's the calm before the storm as I'm writing this blog. We have blue skies high heat (feels like 99) and no wind, that's not the case by tomorrow evening with hurricane Isaias on the way.  Storms are common in Florida this time of year, usually around 3:00 we have a quick and sometimes mighty storm go thru. We lose electricity almost daily so we bought a UPS system to connect the WIFI and the desk top computer. The day Jim hooked it up we had two outages, it's already well worth it. One small thing we've noticed because of high temperatures, is the water heater isn't used much, if you want cool water you need to add ice. Showers are without turning on the hot water heater, it's not needed. 

I finished another puzzle in three days. It's usually 10 hours a day or sometimes 8 hours for a days work. This one was really fun and it was beautiful when it was done. I'll start another one this afternoon. (Click on the pictures to make them larger). 

I wanted to get my Christmas village all put together and waited for all the accessories to come in (Thank you Amazon) before changing it. I had a layout done on paper and bought an electric styrofoam cutter and watched a lot of youtube how to cut our designs on stryofoam this past week. Yesterday I put it all together.  Here's the whole setup. 

                                            Night time with lights. The background is done with inPixio 10. 

Day time
Close up of the buildings and figurines. 

I'm really pleased on how it turned out. Now I can move the figurines around and play with the train. (It sounds like I'm a kid). 

This is what we saw with the Mars launch. It was directly in the east at 7:50am with the sun. All we saw was the trail.  

We're still getting together with our friends in NC on Zoom. It's great to keep up with people and how they're dealing with the "shutdown". NC is a little more open especially with restaurants then we are so far. 
                                            Cyndi and Gary, Dee, Jerry, Jim and Jeff
 UPDATE: Jim's tooth was a dry socket and had to go back to have it filled again. He's now on the mend and waiting for three weeks to get the bridge. 

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