Saturday, July 11, 2020

Staying Busy

Auburndale, FL (Hi 90 Lo 85) Feels like 105

It's been hot and sticky, it's Florida. No relief till end of September. I stay in it's too hard to breathe outside. I'm actually staying busy. I have been ordering puzzles. I ordered a Vintage puzzle from Boston general Store. They have all kinds of "older" items. This one is National Parks and it came in a round box and in a bag like the olden days.

 I have a crochet order for a couple of elephants which I finished last night.

  I'm still working a couple days at hospice so it's been a great week.
We're watching old shows on TV, my two favorite is The Day the Earth Stand Still and Ghost. I still have Matrix to watch to round out all the ones I want to see. There's no new shows yet and it might be awhile till the actors/actresses get back to work. In Florida, the Covid19 is on the rise, so won't be going out anytime soon.

We're still watching the lake with storms and gorgeous clouds, alligator and Sandhill cranes. The Spoonbill has been here all week.

Sandhill Cranes

I thought this was a tornado with first glance. No biggy, just rain.

This is short blog, but since we can't go anywhere or see people, we're making it with just staying in and staying quiet. Sunday we were suppose to go to the Rolling Stones concert. I wonder if that will ever happen or when we'll get reimbursed.

Interesting show on TV called Food Factory is mind opening on the fake foods we eat. They were making TG Friday's potato skins. It's nothing to do with potatoes, it's crushed corn with salt and sugar. Go figure!

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