Saturday, July 4, 2020

Painting Bathrooms - Holiday - Clam Dinner - Moon - Fireworks

Auburndale, FL  (Hi  93  Lo 79)

8:30 to 11:30pm  eastern time daily

Another week, no place to go except we did get some groceries.  I'm hoping we don't have to buy anything for a month except milk and bread. We're pretty stocked. No hurricanes in the coming month so decided to get quite a bit of food. Covid19 is ramping up in the county and Florida, Texas and California are also having increases. It's just a wait and see when it passes. 

I worked on the computer scanning at hospice on Monday and Thursday this week. Wednesday was followup on doctor, all good don't go back for six months. Cholesterol is up but eating comfort food (potato chips and chocolate pretzels) are my lifeline. The doctor laughed and said we'll bypass the totals. I'm usually pretty good on what not to eat and good news I've lost another couple pounds. Staying home helps with that. I'm the opposite then most people, I eat less if I'm not doing anything. 

I have been wanting to paint both bathroom cabinets since we moved in five years ago. This was a great weekend to get it done since we couldn't go anywhere and nothing at all going on. I knew it would take at least one day and it did, plus another three hours. Both bathroom cupboards were the 80's type yellow. It looked bad, so I painted everything white. What a huge difference. The pictures don't show the color yellow but once painted there's quite a contrast. 

I even painted the frame around the mirror. It's all white and really looks great. I wish the pictures showed the true colors. 
Jim had an  idea for dinner this week. Get a can of clams, white clam sauce and for two people you'll need 1/2 bag of noodles heat and serve. Add a salad and fruit and you have a very quick dinner. 
It's a full moon now but when we saw it it looked like a trail of clouds making look like it had a tail. Our first thought was a rocket launch since it was in that direction. But there wasn't one that went up.
Every year the lake is filled with fire works for the 4th of July. We were wondering if it would be bigger this year since no one can go out. We weren't disappointed. There were at least 9 areas shooting off rockets. I like to see if there are any new types, or colors people choose. This year there were more sparkles in the big ones. I took this video sitting in the living room looking out our window.

I hope everyone had a great weekend. I'm so glad we have freedom. I just hope America comes together and has more happiness.

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Phyllis said...

Great on the new bathroom colors. We look back and wonder "what were we thinking" with the 70s and 80s colors. Orange shag carpet. Avocado appliances. And those wallpaper borders. All the rage back then.