Saturday, June 27, 2020

Father's Day

Auburndale, FL  (Hi  98  Lo 75)               

8:30 to 11:30pm  eastern time daily

Sunday was Father's Day.  We had to find something open with good steaks. Longhorn in Lakeland was open for seating. We decided to go before the rush so arrived at 4:00 (old people's time). There were cars everywhere but seating was spread out. The meal for both of us was outstanding. We'll be going there more often.

Monday and Wednesday I worked at hospice. I'm on a new project which will last several months, so I'll be busy. I'm still working with scanning in files so they can go paperless. I'm in an office alone so no need for mask. The Covid19 is increasing in a few states and ours is one of them. It seems the bars are the biggest thing with kids going and not distancing, so they've closed them again. 

Friday I had a prep for a crown. It's on the lower side so no shot in the roof of the mouth. On Saturday the temporary crown came off, so back to dentist on Monday to have it re-glued. I did put it back on so have to be careful in eating till Monday. 

I've been working on another puzzle, playing games on the computer and watching a lot of TV to pass the time. I did get my bus for the village. 
I finished my all time favorite puzzle. I bought it while we were fulltime rv'ing in a car show place somewhere in the midwest. I love what it represents. In our travels we've been to several of these places, a few places on the puzzle I wish we did see but this may help someone that wants to take a vacation to see "roadside" articles. Click the picture to enlarge for details. It's really neat. It took three days at 7 to 8 hours a day average.
Full view puzzle
Closer up for different areas

It's been a slow week. Like everyone else, I'm tired of not going anywhere or not having stores open. 

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Rick and Kathy Rousseau said...

This shutdown is having ill effects on all of us even if we don't have the Virus. Glad you are keeping busy.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It's about time.