Saturday, May 23, 2020

Storm Season - New App - Boredom

Auburndale, FL (Hi 95  Lo 72)

Monday started off with a severe storm. We've already had a threat from Arthur the first named storm of the season, and it's a few weeks before hurricane season starts. This could be a long summer with hurricanes, we'll see how that pans out. It's the time of year we get a storm or rain every day about the same time, 3:00pm. Some are so fast it drops rain then moves on. There's been times it can be sunny, drop a burst of rain while you're grocery shopping and sunny when you come out to load the car. It can also be sunny and rain at the same time, it's just Florida weather.

I worked at hospice on Tuesday, the rest of the week we were busy with yearly doctor appointments. We do all our physical stuff around my birthday in June. This year is quite different with wearing masks and no one else besides you in the doctors office. We both had our dermatology appointments, they check your temperature and ask a bunch of questions on where we've been and who we've been around if they've had the Covid 19 etc. We both failed in getting some skin frozen or biopsy done. Jim's eye appointment was Friday. I couldn't go or if I did I'd have to stay in the car which is too hot. He went alone and made it back with dilated eyes. I hope two people can go into the office in July when I have my appointment. I can't see to drive when I get my eyes dilated.

Friday was video chat with two different sessions. I talked to friends that we met in the RV'ing time of our lives. We had five of us on messenger video chat. It's so great hearing about everyone's life outside of the RV. We're all bored and ready to get out and about. Most of Florida is opening, but not some other states where the other people on video were located. We also did another video with our NC friends. It's our weekly meeting with everyone.

I did find something interesting and it's going to take awhile to get it done. I found a great app to take inventory of my thread. I have lots of thread and it's hard to know when I need more or what colors I need to buy. This app has everything. I need to do the input of each color but I can add and delete as I use it. That's going to be very useful. It's called stock and inventory. I can even add a picture and do a scan for the labels.

No pictures today, that's so unusual for me. I enjoy reading blogs and facebook updates from people we've known thru the years in the RV world. A lot of them have bought houses, but still post something. Thanks to everyone that does that, good to keep up and gives us something to do these days.

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Phyllis said...

That last paragraph is me. Been in a house over 3 years, still blogging. I sometimes wonder why. But when I don't for a while someone will contact me saying that enjoy the blog and why haven't I written one for a while Who Knew!

I agree with your comments about Florida rain. We were at Disney. Stayed at Fort Wilderness. Mid afternoon the sky opened. From the boat that transports campers back and forth between park and campground to the shuttle that goes around the campground is a walk. From shuttle stop to our campsite an even longer one. We were all soaked. Next morning..... rented a golf cart. We learned fast.