Saturday, May 16, 2020

Mother's Day - Scavenger Hunt

Auburndale, FL (Hi  87  Lo  73)

The week goes from Sunday to Saturday and last Sunday was Mother's Day. We didn't do anything special, we had gone out to eat on Saturday night. The kids called and we talked awhile. Most of the day I spent working on my third 1000 piece puzzle.

Monday and Tuesday I worked at hospice. I'm now ahead with scanning and some computer entry to let the other person catch up. Tuesday I also had a massage. I have a back spasm that keeps hurting so the extra massage was great to get it loosened up. The massage therapist is beside a great little diner. They have the best BBQ which I had and Jim had the Cheesesteak sandwich.

Wednesday was a fun day. We needed a bunch of groceries that the pickup said they didn't have so back to Walmart. I found almost everything and got two boxes of things I can't get most of the time, like brown rice. The shelves were almost empty. They stock every day, but most of the restaurants aren't open yet so people are still cooking at home. You can tell the comfort foods, macaroni, spaghetti sauce, all the carb foods. I still need a couple things but doesn't effect what I want to use for meals. We got the car washed which had tons of love bugs on it. Then to the Keel and Curley winery to pick up some more wine. I couldn't do any wine tasting, but still stocked up on wine.

Friday we had another video call from our friends in NC. It's great staying in contact with them.

Saturday the community had a scavenger hunt. We got cards with addresses and we marked the little flags outside the houses that you could see from the street without getting off your golfcarts or out of cars. They did Easter the same way only it was stuffed animals. It was so fun. We got to say hi to everyone passing each other and still be outside awhile.

This is our hiding place for the flag.

At 4:00 we all met to see who were the winners. We came in second, judged on the time spent and amount of flags found.

Our prize was a bag, catsup, pickle relish, mustard, paper plates and napkins, hot dogs and buns. We're ready to party.

The sunset for this week was so pretty, just wish photos would capture the real thing better.


Phyllis said...

Congrats on the win. I would have never thought to put together a prize like that. Sure will keep it in mind should the need ever arise.

Rick and Kathy Rousseau said...

A very interesting Scavenger Hunt that helped everyone just get out of their homes and have fun. Nice Prize.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It's about time.