Saturday, November 16, 2019

Veterans Day - Colonoscopy

Auburndale, FL (Hi 66  Lo  52)  It's finally getting cooler

Monday was Veterans Day. Hospice had a great ceremony with the volunteers and anyone else that wanted to participate. They played military songs of each branch of service and the raising of the new flag. It was very emotional.
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Four of our volunteers receiving certificates, pins and other items.

Flag ceremony

This is a yearly ceremony and I hope to go next year. Thank you to everyone that's been or still in the military.

After the ceremony we had our monthly volunteers meeting. We had a catered lunch and talked about the upcoming schedule for the holidays.

A volunteer plays the violin and also the harp. She uses music that's written out and makes it easy for families or patients to play.

Sunday was knockers bingo game at the clubhouse. The snowbirds are coming in so there were a lot of people this week.

Other things going on this week, health wise, my foot is better. The knee appointment is next week so we'll get more answers but rehab did help a lot. Thursday Jim's colonoscopy was in the morning and for the first time he had no polyps. He's set to go for another five years.

A lady at the craft fair does quilting and I gave her all the embroidery and crochet items that mom and I made when I was real young. This is the quilt she made for me.  I was around nine or ten when I learned to embroidery. There's also doilies that mom had made.

Around the lake we had a big blue heron stand in one position for several minutes then it would dive in the water for a bit of food. I love watching those birds.

We were worried about the manager taking our alligators. I noticed this little one in the canal this week. I'm glad he's still around it's fun to watch.

We're getting set for a very busy next week, stay tuned.

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