Friday, August 9, 2019

Movie and Weather

Auburndale, FL (Hi 90  Lo 77)

This week was a quiet one. I didn't do much except play computer games, crocheted, and did the normal card playing with people in the community. It's so hot there's no way I get out very often. I did get the golf cart cleaned up but was soaked from humidity in the half hour I was out. Just a typical summer in Florida. We have a couple more months of high heat and humidity. There's rain and storms daily, the lake is filling up and the alligators and turtles are loving it.

On Tuesday we went to see the movie Hobbs and Shaw, the Fast and Furious main characters. It's way over the top in explosions and fun stuff.  It's not for families but sure is a fun movie to see.
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I took pictures of the clouds that were unique this week to our storms. It's hard to get a picture of falling rain and bright sun but that happens a lot. Lightning is really bad and if you hear thunder get inside. The reflection is from the car window.

Rain ahead. It was actually sunny where I was located.

Sun to the right, lightning and rain to the left.

The white line is reflection from the car window.

This is the retention pond flowing back in the lake. It's getting really high this summer. If we have a hurricane we'll really have a lake full. See the flow in front of the egret?

Next week a lot will be going on.

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