Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Midwest Travel Day 2

Shepherdsville, KY (Hi 85  Lo 60)   It's great weather, warm and very little humidity.  Love it!

We had a wonderful nights sleep. We like the beds and can sleep sound. We may just have to change our bed at home, something to think about. We took our time in leaving, no hurry today. It was great weather, no rain.

Our first destination was my favorite winery in Shepherdsville, KY, Forest Ridge.  I love pomegranate wine and it's hard to find. We've stopped here a couple other times while we were full time RV'ers.

When we left we went to one of the campgrounds we liked in this area. Grandma's RV Park. There were several RV's there and the flea market is still on the same property. Nothing has changed going thru there. It all brings back so many memories. We went to another Holiday Inn Express, which we  reserved online and again got a great price.

The Tumbleweed restaurant is across the street. We ate there one other time while here. We barely remember the building but the food is good. It's a Mexican place.

This was just an appetizer.

We're watching the hurricane that's formed in southern Atlantic. We're hoping it doesn't come into Florida. Hurricanes are so unpredictable.  It was a great traveling day. Tomorrow we're visiting a friend and then to our son's place.

Our info
Left at 9:30
Arrived at 4:00
Miles 502

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smdrm said...

We still stay at Grandma's most of the time when we go back to Louisville area to visit family. I know right where you stayed. Haven't eaten at that Tumbleweed.....need to work that in when we're there.
We're definitely watching Darion also. One daughter lives at Neptune Beach, near Mayport. This weekend she with her two sisters and their families and friends have houses rented at Ft. Morgan,AL on the coast, so I hope they get their stay completed there. Where we go in the winter north of Tampa are preparing their summer residents to get ready for possible high winds and heavy rain. Prayers for all of you!
Have safe travels and enjoy your visits with family and friends.