Thursday, August 29, 2019

Midwest Travel Day 3 - Surprise - A Visit - Destination One

Aurora, IL (Hi 85  Lo  74)  Absolutely Perfect weather

We didn't have to hurry today. Our destination was to be at our son Rick's in Aurora by 6:30. We didn't leave till 9:30 from the motel (Holiday Inn Express).

We like Cracker Barrel and there seems to be one around a Holiday Inn Express.  I went in the restroom and a gal was coming out, I knew I knew her but quick thinking I'm in Indiana and she was in Florida so I passed thinking nah, it can't be, it's just someone that looks like her. She turned around and said "Dee?"  Wow, no matter where you are you can see someone that knows you. Polly was in the area with the Corvette group. They had a gorgeous blue Vet outside which we got to see. We knew her from Adelaide Shore, Avon Park, Fl where we spent every winter while in the RV. That was a surprise. The story about Corvettes, we had 15 of them pass us on the road and everywhere we looked there were more. There is a Corvette museum that had an event bringing everyone together for a showing in Bowling Green, KY.

The traffic wasn't bad going thru Louisville, then on to Indianapolis, which was even faster all the way thru town. I guess everyone was already at work, we were concerned about wrecks but there weren't any and we made good time. We had lots of trucks but I let them go wherever they wanted and didn't get in the way. It seems like the roads haven't been paved since we were on the road four years ago, still rough and makes your teeth chatter.  We had a couple hours to spare so we stopped to see Donna at her son's place outside Indy. They are out in the country and it was so nice, with a great breeze and no humidity. Thanks Donna.

We made our way thru Indiana into Illinois on I-80/94 to Aurora to our son's place. He was meeting us after work at 6:30 so we stopped ahead of time at Portillo's for some dinner then went to his place. After he arrived we went to pick up our grandson and went to 64 Wine Bar. This is a great place to taste wine. I wish there were more around the country. (Click on the pictures to enlarge).

I'll call this a wine kiosk. You have a card and put in in the machine, pick the wine you want to taste, either 1 oz, 6 oz or full glass by pressing the button for the one you want. Hold a glass under the spout and it will dispense the amount. There's tasting notes on cards above to tell what it is and where it's from. There's several countries and some locals.

The prices are for the ounces, and it adds up as you go along. This is the card.

Jim is trying to figure out which one would be good. Most are dry wines, which I'm not fond of, but I did find a couple that were really good.

They also have a few foods to choose from. I love brussel spouts, this one exceptional, it had walnuts with a sauce.

We took Jack back home and went to Rick's; then to bed. It's been a long day with heavy traffic. Here's Rick at his computer which he built himself.  So much more coming up this week. Stay tuned.

Our notes:
Left at 9:25
10 min thru Louisville
1 1/2 hours with Donna
Arrived 4:30
350 Miles
(34 to Donna's)

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