Saturday, August 24, 2019

Alligator and Bird -

Auburndale, FL  (Hi 92  Lo 76)  HOT and HUMID but it's Florida in August.

Our retention pond has higher water then normal. I heard a bird really squawking which is a sign it's seeing something that isn't suppose to be around. I'm thinking it was another snake that we see from time to time in or near the pond. This time it was the baby alligator in the pond. He's about three feet and the bird would get close, squawk then run. The alligator would go under water and come up beside the bird, as if to play. They never did get really close to each but for over a couple hours they'd go back and forth. Their baby birds didn't realize what was going on but I think the dad/mom was protecting them. It's fun watching nature. (Click on the pictures to enlarge).
It's a little blurry but the bird is on the right and the alligator (head) is on the left. 

 He/she kept swimming close to the bird then to the other side of the pond.
 I wondered if the egret even knew the alligator was close.
 Late afternoon it rained on the south side of the house but not on the north. It does that a lot around here.

This week was fairly quiet.  I did get a haircut so I look decent for the trip next week. The usual hospice Monday and Friday and cards on Wednesday.

Next week there's a lot going on, I'll post daily like the old days in the RV. We're going  on the road visiting family and hoping to catch up with some friends. Depends on timing.
Continue to watch for new posts. It's great knowing someone is reading.

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