Saturday, July 20, 2019

Movies - Concert - What's Growing

Auburndale, FL  (Hi  91   Lo  83)                        CHAT ROOM  8:30 pm eastern 

Saturday: We have a monthly game of  Spinners with some friends in the park. It's always a good time and laughter.

Sunday: The monthly game of Knockers Bingo. There were 41 people from the community playing. It's another fun time and good to get out.

Monday and Friday: I worked at Hospice. I'm finishing up one of the projects along with visiting with the patients and their families. It's a great volunteer job. No pressure, no time clocks,  I come and go  when I'm done with what I want to accomplish. It's uplifting and well worth it.

Tuesday: Our car was serviced for it's 90,000 mile check. The battery may need to be changed before long. Florida heat ruins a battery really quick. I notice the water in the golf cart batteries go dry fast too. I need to put in water every few weeks and I don't run it very often. After the car service we went to see the movie Yesterday. It's about the Beatles if they never existed, and this guy was singing their songs. It's a  great movie. Something for the whole family and especially those that know the Beatles songs.

Wednesday: Is coffee day every week. Very few coming, but free donuts and coffee draw in a few people. They go over anything new for the week and introduce new residents. This week there were a few that were visiting.  At noon I played hand and foot with three other gals. I love that game so much that on Thursday  I played again.   Also on Thursday I had the doctors appointment followup for the cat-scan on the sinuses. I can't smell. I have no idea when it happened but I can cut up onions and not smell them. That's a plus. I've always had a stuffed up nose at times, but someone wanted me to smell something and I couldn't. My sinuses are fine, nothing to indicate anything wrong (as tumors and such). I'm fine, just can't smell.

Wednesday night we went to the clubhouse for the movie The Upside. It's about a paraplegic and a guy that takes a job to take care of him. It's great and a family type movie.

Friday: Jim went to the Pink Floyd tribute concert. Jim says it's a super show and he'll go again in a minute. The second half was louder then the first half, but well worth it. (Click on picture to enlarge).

I read that you can grow celery in water. I bought a stalk, cut off the end of it and put it in a plastic container. Look what I have!  I have to transfer to potting soil before long.

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